Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

Hello All,

I hope it is alright if I can just write e-mails for a while. My P-days have been crazy, and so I have no free time. In a couple weeks they should calm down a bit, and I will be able to get you a hand written letter. I hope this is alright. If it isn't, let me know.

So this week has been pretty good. Really crazy, tons of stuff going on. a lot of walking, a lot of not understanding spanish. Stuff like that. It has been great though. It has gone by so quick, it still seems like I got here yesterday.

Okay, so I have one of those super cool missionary experiences that you hear about all the time to tell you all. So the sisters has an investigator that they taught and that was baptized last saturday. I actually stood in on the confirmation, which was cool, that was the first time I had done that.

Anyways. Her son was really sick, he was having some rpoblems with his urinary tract. So we went over to his house with the sisters and we taught him about the priesthood. What it is, how it has been restored, etc. After we taught him about that we asked if he would like to recieve a blessing.

He said he would. My companion annointed him and then I blessed him. The next day at church we were talking to his mom and she said that he woke up today and was healed. All his pain was gone. All the problems were ceased.

He believes the priesthood is true and wants to learn more. So we are going to start teaching him and I bet he will be really receptive, since he basically already knows it is true. I will keep you updated on what happens.

So almost all of the weight that I put on in the MTC I have losed since I have been here. So that is good. I am getting fed well though. It is just from all of the walking. It has been crazy. It has been weird to try to get it all figured out with my blood sugar. I take almost no insulin for some meals. It is crazy.

Okay, here is for mom, you asked me stuff that I would like you to send. I know I am forgetting some stuff, but here is a basic list of what I have thought of.

1. CD Player, personal one.

2. Speakers for CD. Not expensive, but not cheap 3. CDs -RM Soundtrack - I have this, you could just burn a copy off of iTunes.

-Sons of Provo Soundtrack - I don't have this -Jon Schmidt - You can burn -Jim Brickman - Don't have. I don't know exactly that title of the CD, but the one with the song "Angel Eyes" on it.

-David Lanz - Can burn.

-Anything else you think is good. :)

4. Electric razor - It is a pain to shave every day with cream.

5. Pedemoter - I want to know how much I walk. haha.

6. A nice umbrella - Small, but strong, there was the biggest storm the other day, the most rain i have ever seen, and my umbrella broke to pieces, literally. I have pciture of me I will send you of me wet.

Well, my computer time is expering, If I can find time I will write a letter, i know this is short.

I love you all. You are always in my prayers.

-Elder Miller