Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26, 2009


So it is a new transfer, I don't know if I told you. And I think you know what that means. . . Potentially moving to a new area. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! So are you ready for it. The transfer call came last night, and. . . . I am staying. 6 more weeks in Lynbrook. I am very excited about that. I was really worried that I was going to be moving, and I really wanted to stay for just a little while longer. So I am very happy. A couple of the members here required me to let them know as soon as I knew, and they were all very excited to hear I was staying. It is really cool to build those kind of relationships and friendships, and it is always hard to leave them behind when you move to a new area. So that is about it for that. That means I will be in Lynbrook until the beginning of December for sure. Then I will probably leave.

It was a pretty crazy week, and I have a few stories to tell, but first I'll respond to everything in your email.

New York. What a place. In response to if I would live here, take friends on a trip, feel safe, get lost, nice people, etc.

When I started my mission I like New York, but I never thought I would love it. I can honestly say now that New York hold a special place in my heart. It is truly amazing. There is no other place like it. It is amazing. As for living here. . . Maybe a summer place. I could not live here all the time. The weather number one, is not my favorite. Just way too hot and then way too cold, all in a couple weeks span. Secondy, the stress level is way too high. Living here for a year I feel like I have aged 30, so living here full time would be lethel. But if I had like a summer home or apartment or whatever, and another one somewhere else, I would be down for that.

Take trip with friends, of course. There is tons of cool places to go and see. It would be way fun.

Feel Safe. I have been in some of the worst parts of New York, and felt just fine. I don't know if that goes away when the name tag comes off. But even the bad parts aren't that bad during the day, but I would't be going there at night.

Get lost. Depends on if it is New Area or not. I can get myself around pretty well and know where I am.

People nicer. Honestly, overall, no, but there are incredible people in New York that I love. You get to meet all sorts of new cultures and people that you wouldn't anywhere else, and that is amazing.

There is a branch party going on on Halloween that we should be going too. It is going to be a trunk or treat. It should be fun. We haven't carved pumpkins yet. Probably today.

Okay, so as for crazy things that have been happening to me. So you know how we had the black boxes in our cars, well, we were like a test mission for those, see how they worked and such, and so now the test is over, and they are making the decision on whether to use them worldwide on missions or not, so for the time being, they have taken them out of our cars. But something unexpected happened. On the Malibu's, which is what I drive, the black boxes when they were installed had been screwn into the gas tank, so when they removed them, it left a whole in the gas tank. So we had to drive a long way away to the Chevy dealership so they can replace the gas tank. That was last monday that we brought it in, and they had to order the tank and such, and we still don't have our car back. So we have been walking for the whole week. No so fun, since it takes us an hour to walk to our area, and then if we want to go anywhere else, it is longer. We have been walking at least a few hours every day. Luckily, the other Elders have been really nice, and when it doesn't interfer with there stuff, they give us rides. It usually turns out that we go everwhere, and then when times comes, they will give us a ride home. But it has just been crazy, lots of walking. Hopefully we get our car back today.

So something super funny happened yesterday. We were walking (yep) and we were at a light, waiting to cross, and this really nice, probably 69 Camaro drives through the light, and we are looking at it, and then from the other side, like the cross street, we hear this slamming on of brakes, and we look and it is a mini van that had almost ran the red light and hit the camaro. Then while looking at it, they roll down the window, and it is President Malinka, he is in the district presidency, and in our branch, and he says to us, "Never drive and look at your blackberry" and holds up his phone. Then the light turns green and he drives off. He must have been so embarassed. Then just a couple hours later, he calls us to ask us about some home teaching stuff, and while we are talking to him, he drives past us, again, and he was like, what the heck I run into you everywhere. It was so funny. So he just pulled over and we talked. So that was crazy.

So yesterday I got this package, and in it was a Spanish Bible! Thank you so much. It is the coolest thing ever. I am pretty sure I am just getting rid of my english scriptures now. Haha. But really, thank you so much. I am sure it is going to be put to good use. I have already been marking it up and such, and it has only been a day.

I should be sending a package home soon. Just some stuff I don't want to carry around for the next year. So some time, if you get a package from me, that will probably be what it is.

Well, I love you so much. I should probably get going. I will talk to you all next week. I will be missing the tacos on Halloween. :( But I will get them next year. I love you.

-Elder Miller

Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 19, 2009


Yeah, it was super nice to be able to go to the temple and enjoy some cool new experiences. I look forward to being able to do it in the future more.

Well, so I realized something strange happened this last week. I actually didn't realize it, but had another missionary tell me. I have now officially been in New York for over a year now. That is pretty crazy. It is going by so fast.

The weather has really started to cool down, and stay cool. The other day the high was 43 or something like that. But oh well, you just have to deal with it I guess. But I am planning and buying some sweaters today, they will be nice, try to keep warm.

Thank you so much for sending the box. I don't get mail on Mondays, I actually get them on Sunday, because an office couple comes to church out here, and brings them with them, so I probably won't get it until this Sunday, but oh well. Thank you, and i am excited to get it.

That is crazy to me that the Hanson's are already home, because, well, I was in the MTC with them. Haha. But that is how it goes. Probably my best friend in the mission, Sister Heininge, who started at the same time as me, only has one transfer left before she goes home. That is really strange to me, because I have so much time left. But I love it, so it doesn't matter.

I believe I sent the little thing for Flavia a couple weeks ago, I will look and try to send it again.

The fire wasn't a big fire or anything, they will just have to replace the stove and and maybe the kitchen floor, it is tile, and it looks like some damage was done. But they are an awesome family, and really cared more about caring for us. It really was amazing.

So, what can I tell you about this week. One really fun thing we got to do this week. We were over at a members and they asked if we could help them tape up the cieling in a room they were going to paint. We said of course, but then we asked them if we could help them paint it. They said that would be awesome. The only time we could make it work was in the morning on Saturday, and the mom was going to be at work, the Dad would be home. But the mom was going to do all of the painting. So it was really cool, because we went and got basically the whole thing done, just a couple things because we ran out of time, had an appointment, but basically the room was done by the time she got home from work. So that was pretty cool.

It was District Conference, so we got to hear some good speaker and such. The temple president, the district presidency, and the mission president spoke. It was really nice. Also a new move in, Bro. Anderson spoke. He did an awesome job. I really enjoyed it.

We have one investigator right now who just got diagnosed with Lupus, and is starting Chemo treatments and the whole nine yards. He is taking it pretty well, getting a little depressed, but is doing well. But his mom is very stressed. I was wondering if you could think of anything we could do for her, since you have been through similar situations, maybe you would know what would help. Something beyond the typical answer of just be there for her, because we can and have bene doing that, but something above and beyond that would really help. If you could come up with something, that would be great.

This week while doing service in the park, one of the missionaries that I live with got Poisin Ivy, while none of the other of us did, which is weird, because we were in the exact same places. I guess he is just more prone to it. But it has got pretty bad, to the point he can't even cross his arms without it bugging him. He is taking it well though, but is having a hard time getting rid of it. He has tried creams, rubs, but he just got some soap the other day that guaranteed to get rid of it in less than a week, and it already looks like it is getting better. So that is good. But just something out of the norm that happened.

I am excited for Halloween coming up. We might be buying pumpkins today and carving them. I think that will be fun. Since I am now living somewhere where you can do that. Haha.

Well, I better get going. I love you very much. Until next week.

-Elder Miller

Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009


I was able to make it to the temple. It was the coolest experience ever. We got there a little early, so we went and walked to Central Park and took a couple quick pictures, I will send some I forgot my camera today. THen we went back to the temple and there were tons of people there. It was our District Temple day, and they had a lot of people show up. I actually didn't baptize or be baptized, because I wanted to let others have the chance, but I did get to do a couple other things that were awesome. I got to be a witness, and I also got to spend a long time as the recorder which I thought was awesome. In Utah it is always a temple worker who does the recording, I didn't even know just a normal memeber could do it. BUt so I got to be the one who put the name on the screen, and who marked off that the baptism was done and valid. It was so sweet. I enjoyed it so much.

The weather is starting to really cold down. The highs are still decent, but the lows are getting lower. I am really enjoying it right now, but This kind of weather doesn't last for very long in New York, it goes from this to really cold really fast, and I am not really excited for the really cold, because of the humidity, it is nothing like Utah cold.

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the trailer.

I did not get with the pump lady, I will, and I will wait to contact the mission doctor until I have the license renewal. That way I know I am ready for him right then.

We had a pretty sweet week. On top of the temple, we had some good look ups, some good contacts, things just went pretty well.

We had an apointment last night with a man named Learie from Barbados I think he said, but he has lived in New York most of his life. He was a former investigator we looked up. He was amazing. Maybe the best I have ever felt in a lesson ever. It just felt good. He already calls us his family, after just knowing him for a couple hours. After we left the appointment my comp said, "That was great. You know, if they recorded that lesson and put it in the Preach My Gospel videos (the missionary training videos they show in the MTC) I would feel perfectly comfortable with that." It was sweet.

One other kind of crazy thing that happened, we were going over to a members that had invited us over for dinner, and when we got there they were all in the front yard playing. We went up, said Hi, and they said, well, we have some bad news. Turns out, while they were cooking dinner, there stove caught on fire, and the had to call the fire department and the whole bit. There wasn't much damage done, but mostly just a lot of sut. After all of that, they were just trying to figure out how to cook the rest of the food and such. Even after a fire in there own home they were trying to find a way to still feed us. I was taken aback. They are an awesome family.

Well, I better get going. I love you all very much.

-Elder Miller

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009


I am very exciting to be able to go to the temple more often. It looks like the rule is that we can go once a transfer, or once every 6 weeks. I am very excited. We might be going this week. I guess I will let you know next week.

I know I am a dork.

My companion is pretty competitive also, so we do try very hard when we are playing each other. It is always frustrating when it is a really close game and it comes down to losing by just one turn. That happened just the other day, he beat me, and if he wouldn't have that turn, I would have beat him the very next one, it was crazy. But we enjoy it a lot. We are both competetive, but we don't let it like heat us up.

I bought one sweater last week, it was about 30 bucks, and i might buy a couple more, but we will see.

I am still really good on supplies. Do I have to pick stuff up at the begining of the month from wal mart, or just when I need it, and that would be the soonest I can? Because I am still pretty good I think, let me know. I will send back the box soon.

As far as things I need go, I can't think of too much. Some foodish treats, other than that I don't know. You are the mom though, you always know whats best, so if you can think of anything, go ahead and send it, I won't complain. Haha.

Omni Pod rep will happen asap, I will let you know next monday how it went, or when it wil happen.

Send the form for sure and I will get it signed. My liscense doesn't expire for several years, but how it works is if I don't get that signed they will suspend it, and then if I do get pulled over, it says it isn't a valid liscense.

That is really exciting about the new trailer. I will be very excited to see pictures of it. I think that will be really fun.

Everything here is going well. The weather is starting to cool down a bit, hence the sweaters. The work is coming along, we have a lot of good things going on for us. So I hope it keeps going forward.

Conference was great to listen to. I have really grown in appreciation for it on my mission. My favorite talk was definately Tad R. Callister's. What an amazing man and an amazing spirit he brought.

Well, I have to get going soon, we are going to have a district BBQ today, and we have to go get ready for that. It should be really fun. We are going to play some tennis and handball, and have some hotdogs. It will be a nice little break, right before another week of great missionary work. I hope and pray all of you have a great week.

Love you all tons.

-Elder Miller