Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26, 2009

Hey :)

Typing is kind of hard for me today. I cut my finger this morning, so I
have a bandaid on it. Haha. Don't worry, it is just a small paper cut,
nothing big.

It sounds like things are being rough for a lot of people. That is sad, but
one thing I have definately learned since I have been out on the mission it
that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

Speaking of which, this week was rough for us in that way. My whole
distrcit at one point in time got this virus thing. It was pretty pad. It
made you weak, tired, ears hurt, eyes hurt, throwing up, the whole bit. It
was bad. Luckily I never threw up, but the rest I got. Being sick on the
mission is no fun, because all you want to do is to go out and to work, but
you are so weak you can't do much. So it was an interesting week because of
that. I was sick Monday, Tuesday, Wendnesday, and started feeling better
Thrusday, and felt fine by yesterday. So it is nice to be feeling better
now. The sisters are still feeling a little weak, but they are doing a lot
better too.

So that made the week pretty slow, but we worked the best we could. Things
were slow, but it is amazing how perservering really blesses you. Sunday we
had the most amazing day. We taught a bunch of lessons, and found a bunch
of new investigators, so that was awesome.

So there wasn't really any amazing stories this week, but everything is
going great. THe work is really coming along. We have some potential
baptisimal commits coming up, so that will be exciting.

I will be at the mission office on Wednesday anyways, because we have Zone
Conference, so hopefully it gets there. If the strips don't last until
Wednesday, I will probably just buy some will my home card, so if you would
check that, that would be great.

Some dishcloths and scrubbies would be awesome, because, obviously, we have
to wash all our own dishes, and we don't have dishwashers, so those would
actually be great.

Okay, I know I make requests almost every week, but I have two more. Sorry.
Okay, Jon Schmidt CD with the song called Pachabello's Cannon Meets U2, or
something like that, and then some really nice hair clippers. THose would
be sweet. The hair clippers we have kind of just rip the hair, not cut,
haha, and some of the sizes are missing, so it is hard to work with some
time. But yeah, sorry for asking all the time, but I like to ask when it is
on my mind, or otherwise I know I would forget.

So today is the first day of Chinese New Year, in China Town, there is
suppost to be a big parade, but it is yet to be seen. It is suppose to be
down on Main Street, which I am on right now, and nothing has even been
blocked off yet, so maybe they cancelled it, because I think it is suppose
to start in like 10 minutes, but I don't know.

As just a regular update, because you always do that, haha, I am doing
great. I am really enjoying this transfer, the only thing that has gone a
little hard was being sick, but I can deal with sick. Things are just
awesome. One of the Zone Leaders was actually talking to me and my comp the
other day and talking about how there are lots of hard times and problems
going on in the zone, basically every companionship has a struggle, except
for our district, so he was really greatful, and asked us to try to keep it
that way. So things are awesome. It is crazy how when things are going
good times flies too. It seems like it was Christmas yesterday. At I was
home the day before that. So that is my update, things couldn't be better.
Oh yeah, I don't remember if I told you, but I finished the New Testament,
so now I am on to the Old, then I will be doing D&C, after that I think I
will try to do them all in Spanish.

Well, it looks like my time is up. Thanks for everything you do for me. I
love you very much.

-Elder Miller

Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19, 2009


So it is a Holiday, I don't even know if I know which one, Martin Luther?
Something like that. Haha. It is crazy how you really don't know about
anything as a missionary. So I am at an internet cafe because the libraries
are closed. So no free e-mail today. It cost me 2 dollars. Haha. Oh

Vanessa does a little update thing were we all send a little letter to her
and she puts it together and sends it out to everybody, so I hear from
everyone like that, and I have heard from a few of them directly a couple
times. Not a lot, but it is because missionaries don't have time to do
that. I totally understand. I don't have time to write them, haha, so it
all works out. I think today I got almost caught up in the letters I wanted
to write. There were some people I hadn't written back from like 3 months
ago. It is crazy being so busy all the time. I love looking back before
the mission and thinking of all the times I said, "I'm so busy, I have no
time, etc" Because now i look back and I had so much time. Now I have no
time. Haha. Anyways.

So far including the MTC I am up about 3 pounds I believe. I gained like 9
in the MTC, and lost about 6 since I have been here. I am hoping to get
back down to my high school weight by the time I get home, becase I put on
my Freshmen Fifteen (that is lingo for about 15 pounds most college freshmen
put on). So I want to get that off too.

I think I am good on pods for quite a bit, and I am fine on insulin. I will
make sure to give you an exact update of exactly what I have next week. So
test strips and alchohol swabs should be on the way?

My blood sugars have been really good, considering all the crazy activites I
do. They have been low a bit and high a bit, but nothing worse than when I
was at home.

Okay, as for the plane crash. There was a plane crash. That is about all I
can tell you. That is all I have heard. Haha. I really am so seperated
from the world I don't know anything. All I heard is that there was one,
the pilot if a hero, because he did everything perfect, and that everyone
lived. So you probably know more than me. Oh yeah, I also heard it was
because of segulls or some bird flying in both of the engines, and everybody
said that it is impossible for two birds to go in two sides at the same
time, so everyone jokes that they were Terrorist Segulls. Anyways, that's
all I know about it.

I really enjoyed everyone commenting in e-mails and letters one how cold it
has been in Utah. A low of like 15 right? And that is a dry cold. Oh how
I miss dry cold. Here it is a wet cold, and it is really windy. The wind
is the worst. The wind chill can take the temperature down 20 degrees or
more. Okay, so you have you dry cold, low of 15. Two days ago the high
was. . . . .. . . . 12. Haha. It is so cold here. When it is about 35
here it is about what 15 feels in Utah. It is crazy cold. So as for
undergarments, if you could send a few more pairs, the same size, i would
love them. They have been working great. The lowest it has been so far has
been like 6 or something like that, but February apparently is the coldest
month. And they are saying this will be the coldest winter in like 15
years. I miss Utah weather. Haha.

That is horrible about Justin, but it is good they caught it. It is better
to catch it early and start doing treatment then to not notice and have it
spread. I hope he is okay, and gets better.

Everybody seems to be doing pretty good. It makes me happy. That will be
funny when Heidee comes. It is just a train ride away.

So lets see, what has been going on it my life.


Oh yeah, yesterday, we had a baptism! Haha. It was awesome. Anthony got
baptized yesterday. It was last minute too. He was going to get baptized
this Sunday, because he could not get work off to save his life, he was
trying so hard. So we told him that was fine, and we could do it the next
week. Then he called us like Saturday night and said his boss finally gave
in to letting him have this week off too, and was wondering if we could do
it, and we said of course. It is amazing how much work he has put in to
getting baptized. He went from working every Sunday, to like once a month,
and I know he'll get it to the point where he doesn't at all. So yeah, the
baptism was great. He had the most awesome feelings after he was baptized,
I ask him how he felt, and he said he couldn't even describe it. It was
awesome. So that was way exciting.

Work has been going really good. I really love my new companion. We work
great together, and it is just great. We found a bunch of new people this
week, we taught tons of lessons, and we have a few investigators who are
diffenately progressing towards baptism. So it has been great. Other than
that we have spent our time trying to work hard and stay warm.

So, what else can I tell you that I haven't yet. I always forget what I
have told you. I am still in Flushing as you know, which is still great.
Serving in China Town, Spanish speaking. Haha. Next monday is Chinese New
Year, and I get to spend it in China Town, how sweet is that. I don't know
if I told you about the district for this transfer. My district is two
elders and two sisters.

Okay, time out, the guy at the internet cafe is talking on the phone over
some online dating service thing, it is really funny, he is flirting with a
girl, it is really funnny, anways, I just had to say that.

So the district is Me, my Companion, Elder Powell, who is awesome, he is the
district leader. Then there are two sisters. Sister Heinginge, who has
been with me for the last two transfers, she came out with me, she is super
cool, and then Sister Richey, who has served with us for the last 3 weeks,
because they got emergency transfered here, i don't know if I told you that.
I know I told dad. But she is super cool too. She only has like 2 more
transfers in the mission. Elder Powell has 5 or so, he is about exactly a
year further than me in the mission. So it is the best district ever. We
all get along really well, and we all work really hard.

So that is about it. Things are going great. I am loving this week, thing
are going great, and fast. I love you. I will talk to you next week. Let
mek now if there is anything I need to do for you.

I love you.

-Elder Miller