Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26, 2009

Hey Mom,

I know you were freaking out to not get an e-mail from me yesterday, but we
recieved permission to e-mail today so taht we could use a library, and not
have to pay for an internet cafe. So that is why you didn't get an email
until today.

Nothing is set in stone as far as transfers go. It is guided by the spirit.
I know of one change, it was several transfers ago, that was changed during
the transfer meeting. President had to grab the list and change the names
on it before the names were read out.

There are parts of New York that are bad, and there are parts that aren't.
You can choose not to go to those parts and you are fine. And like I've
said before, in broad day light nothing happens. And then is when
missionaries are out, so it is nothing to worry about.

I have got all the supplies that I am supposed to have been expecting I
believe. I have like 10 pods, insulin, got my strips, and my goodie
package. Thank you so much.

I know of a Rite Aid, I will get the address for you as soon as I can.

I have had a very interesting mission so far, Sister Heininge was talking to
me about it the other day when I saw her. I hadn't even really realized it
until she started talking about it. I am on my 6th transfer, 5th companion,
and 3rd area. I know a couple missionaries who have only had 3 areas their
whole mission. It will be interesting to see how it keeps going, but I am
enjoying it none the less. I just know all of this is happening because it
is supposed to be, and I am needed to be in these areas and with these

It was great to be able to play a guitar. I didn't realize how much I
really missed it until I had it back. But oh well, there are a lot of
things that I miss, that I have learned I can live with out. But that
doesn't mean I will live without them when I get back. :)

It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. That makes me happy. As for
the Heidee Quilter thing, her not competing this year probably hurt her a
lot, but also Quilter is a little different. It is sad to see how down hill
the HOSA program has gone since she has been the advisor. My sophmore year
we were 3 members off of the biggest HOSA group in America, and then up to
my senior year we only had like 15 or some joke like that. But what can you

Which Young Women do you work with again?

I hope that the missionaries in the area are good. It is almost weird to be
on a mission, I will never look at missionaries the same when I get home. I
know how they act, think, which ones are good, which are less good (didn't
want to call them bad haha.) and so on. It would be cool to find someone to
teach in our home with them though. That really is the best way to do
missionary work. Member referals are gold.

It was a little weird having President bring me my package. I usually only
see him a couple times a transfer, let alone have him bring something for
me, haha. But is was great, he didn't mind at all, he was going to be there

This week was pretty normal. Just working hard, still trying to get to know
the area and get used to the swing of things. I went to church for the
first time in this are, since last time was conference. Our church is
actually on the second floor of a food market. It is really different.
Very small. But it was good. There are some really cool members.

Well, I better get going pretty soon. Have a bunch of work to do. I love
you very much. Put the word out that I am always willing to have cute girls
write me. ;) So if anybody knows any, you have my address. Haha.

Well I love you bunches, and I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18, 2009

Hey Mom,

Okay, so this will really be interesting since it has been a week since I
have talked to you last, but I have a crazy story that you will not

On Monday I enjoyed Coney, and yes, I did grab a hot dog, we just got it to
go. It was really good, but very expensive. Haha. But that's how it goes.
Volleyball and soccer and the beach were great, it was maybe my favorite
P-Day so far, I really enjoyed it.

Okay, so now for the story. Tuesday morning we are in the apartment, moving
things around to get ready for the new comers. We are going to leave in
about 30 minutes to take the train to the mission office to go to transfer
meeting. Then we get a phone call from the AP's (assistants to the
president). Elder Heiner answers it, and all I hear is Elder McLean say,
"We made a horrible mistake." At this point both me and Elder Heiner are
thinking that we are both splitting and that we will just both get a new
companion, that is how they are going to add a companionship. But that was
not it. So Elder Heiner finishes the phone call, and gets off, and turns to
me and says, "Elder Miller, you are getting transfered. You are going to be
step-poppsing (mission lingo, explain later) in Jamaica." It took me a
couple seconds to realize what he said, and then it was off to packing. I
had to pack all of my stuff in about 20 minutes, and then off to the mission
office for the meeting. So I did get transferred, to Jamaica. Oh yeah, and
step poppsing just means that I am my companions second companion, so he
just had his trainer, and now me. So I am senior companion and such now, it
is really weird. So that is my crazy story. I heard from the AP's that
what happened is when they made transfer calls on Sunday, the were looking
at the list from Thursday, but a few changes were made by Sunday, but they
didn't have the updated list with them. So remember how you said you were
scared I would go to Jamaica at one point in my mission, well, it just
happened, and I have been here for about a week.

My new companion's name is Elder Zimmerman, he is from West Valley. He is
pretty cool, we actually share a lot of the same interests, so that is nice.
He is in his 3rd transfer, actaully just hit his 5 month mark yesterday. So
it has been a weird adjustment for me having to be the senior companion,
when he doesn't understand what somebody is saying on the phone he hands it
to me, as in a lesson. It is really weird. I guess it has been nice
knowing I am capable of it though. His spanish is not very good yet, but it
is progressing. So taht is all that matters.

This week I have just been getting used to the area and trying to work hard.
We met a guy on Wednesday that the English sisters had found, and we
commited him to be baptized on the 31st, so it will be great to keep working
with him. There was also an existing commit when I came for the 31st, the
husband of member, and we went over this week and had a lesson with him and
talked about temples. We set a plan for them to get sealed in the temple in
a year. It is awesome that he isn't even baptized yet and he already has
the goal of going to the temple. Other than those two there aren't many
investigators that I came in to. It will be fun to try to build it up. It
will be hard though, Jamaica is all black, there are about 5 white people in
Jamaica, and they are all missionaries.

It was weird to not be able to say bye to anybody down in Dyker. Even the
Sister Missionaires didn't even know I was leaving unitl after I was gone.
One funny thing is that I was going to be giving a talk down there on the
31st. Guess I am not doing that anymore. Haha.

I am sorry I have not got you the serial number yet, this week has been a
little crazy, as you can see, but I will send it today, as well as find a
Rite Aid or somethign that you can get my perscription to.

I am going to see if Pods came today. If not I will be on shots until they
do, because my last Pod expires tonight. But that will be fine, I had to go
on shots in the MTC too. I could use some more syringes. You can talk to
anybody in the office about contacting me, I am not sure who the office
elders are right now, but one of the office couples should answer the phone,
and then will contact me if you ask them.

The guitar belongs to a member, her name is Catherine Tolentino, she is like
21 I think. It was fun to play. A lot of people told me how cool they
thought it was that I played, that they had never had anyone play the guitar
as part of a talent before. I might get to play a sax or clarinet if a
member has one and if the situation arise, but we will see.

I will start taking more pictures, i have set a goal.

Yesterday was stake conference, it was actually a regional conference, so it
was telecast from Salt Lake. Elder Hales and Elder Eyring spoke, so it was
way good. It was weird being back in Queens, at a Queens stake conference,
because I saw a lot of members from Flushing. It was cool.

So you are going to find out soon enough, so I might as well tell you, don't
get scared or freaked out, but you know how 50 Cent got shot in Jamaica? He
got shot on the corner of Parsons and Hillside. You want to know where my
pad is? The corner of Parsons and Hillside. The exact same place. I sleep
seconds away from where he got shot. It is kind of crazy. I will take a
picture of the corner and send it to you. hey, you said you wanted
picutres. :)

Well, I love you mom. It has been a crazy week, but good. I will talk to
you next week. Try not to freak out too much that I am in Jamaica.

I love you.

-Elder Miller

PS for everyone that does not know. Jamaica is a city in new york that is
umm kind of tough, Keep Bradon in your prayers. I am his mommy and worry!

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

Hey Mom,

Happy Mother's Day Again! It is weird that I just got to talk to you and
such. It was great. I was excited for it. I have heard the two middle
calls are the best because they are just relaxed and everyone is happy and
content, and it totally was. I loved it.

So are you ready to hear about what happened in the transfers calls. . . .
. . I am going to Bermuda!!!! Crazy, Huh?

Okay, just kidding, I am not going to Bermuda, sorry for yanking your chain.
What is really happening is I am staying with my comp, Elder Heiner, in
Dyker, and the sisters are also staying together. But there is one twist.
They are adding a companionship to the area, so there will be two more
Elders in the area and living in my apartment. So that will be weird to get
used to. Haha. So I finally get to serve in an area with more Elders then
my companion. My reign has ended of just serving in the Districts of 4.
BUt it should be really good, but it will be really interesting to see who
they bring in and what happens next transfer based on that. But anyways, I
am excited.

As for the serial number, I totally wrote it down and left it in my
aparment, but I promise I will send a little today with the information in
it, does that sound like a deal? I will see if there is any way I can get
on and send another e-mail, but I can't promise that, but I can promise to
send a letter, so that will get to you in a couple days.

Okay, one other cool thing that happened this week, that I realized I didn't
even mention in the phone call. On Saturday our ward had an activity for
Mother's Day, and they asked the missionaries to share some sort of talent
or something. We thought about it for a while, and what we ended up doing
was singing Love Is Spoken Here, in Spanish, and I played the guitar to
accompany. I think I know a couple people that have a recording of it, so I
will try to get it to you as a Happy Mother's Day present. It went pretty
well. Another one of the talents these two kids that were probably about 8
or 9 did a Peruvian ball room dance thing, and it was amazing. It was some
of the best dancing I have ever seen in real life, kid or adult. It was so
cool. Their footwork and stuff was amazing.

So that's about it, I talked to you about most everything I believe. Today
we are going go down and play volleyball on the beach of Coney Island, so
maybe I will stop and get a hotdog, but now it isn't a hurry anymore,
because I will probably be here for 3 more months. What I am really excited
for is the 4th of July, from the roof of our apartment building you can see
Manhattan perfect, so we will have to go up there and watch the fireworks.
It will be really exciting. But that is still pretty far away.

I have found out the area and Babalon is in, now it is just a matter of
finding out which missionaries work in that area, so I am working to find
that out.

Let's see what else. Elder Wahl, my trainer, will be training another
missionary this transfer, and Elder Powell, my second companion, is training
his second also this transfer, which is almost unheard of in this mission.
Other missions missionaries train more than once, but this one it is usually
just once, if that. So that just shows how blessed I really was with my
first two companions and how great they really are. I am excited for them.

I love you a lot. It was great to talk to you yesterday. Love you again.
Talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

Hey Mom,

That is cool that she lives in Manhattan. It is weird to tell people that I
have never been to Manhattan, but that I live in New York. It really
confuses people at first, and it still confuses them a bit after you explain
why you can't. I can see Manhattan from my appartment, and I'm no allowed
to go there. Haha. It is pretty funny.

I know it may not be possible, but if the Pods could be done in the next
week, that would be great, because I will probably get the chance to go to
the mission office next week, but just let me know. I am down to like 6
left, because I had a few duds. So taht it just about 2 weeks worth.
Insulin, I realized I still have the pens, I totally forgot about them.
Also, I have another favor to ask. You rememebr when I was first on the
pump, back when I was like 15, and I got those like, pads, that I put on
under the actuall pump site, could you look in to those. I am having a few
problems with when i get sweaty, the pump trying to fall off, and I think
those would help. For now I am just putting normal like ace bandage on to
hold it on, and it is working well, but I think those pads would work great.

I got the card and I will be calling in a few days. :) If for some reason
I can not call on Saturday, I will probably be calling around 1 there time,
hopefully. It will all work out.

I am still working on the Jon Thomas thing, there is actually limited
communication between missionaries and things, but I will find out for sure
next week, because I will probably be at the mission office for transfers.
Oh yeah, it is transfers. Haha. Crazy.

Just the other day we ran into a guy who talked to us a bit, was very nice,
in Spanish, he was homeless, and we gave him a pass a long card, and then we
asked him what his name was, and he said, "Leonardo DiVinci". Pretty good,
huh? Within two weeks I have met Christ and DiVinci. Crazy.

Well, it sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. It is always a relief
to me when you are all doing well. It is hard for me to no be able to help
first hand, you know? Anyways.

So some cool things that have been happening. After english class we have
been trying a new thing, we tell everyone that in 5 or 10 minutes we are
going to start a lesson on Christ and if they want to stay they can, but
they are not obligated. Usually only about 4 people stay, but this one guy
has been staying everytime, he took a book of mormon, has read most of 1st
nephi, came to church on Sunday, and we asked him if he would like to be
baptized, and he said yes, so we are going to set a specific date with him
on Tuesday. It is really interesting how the prepared people really convert
themselves. It is almost makes you feel worthless as a missionary. Haha.
Just kidding. But it is awesome how when they are ready, they are ready.

The weather has been horrible, it has been raining for litteraly 5 days
straight, and it is supposed to continue raining until Saturday. I really
love rain, as a normal person, back home, it is probably my favorite
weather, but as a missionary it is horrible. So i am hoping for it to stop,
but oh well.

Everything else is going pretty good. Work is always there. We have a
couple people that could be really good that we are working with. So we'll
see. But transfers are next week too, so I very well could be up and gone
in a new area, or not, we will just have to wait and see on Sunday night
when I get the call. It will be interesting. I am having a feeling that I
will be leaving.

I love you very much. Talk to you Sunday. :)

-Elder Miller