Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28, 2009

Hey Mom,

It was great to talk to all of you too. It really made my day. Christmas was pretty good. We ended up just eating with the family that we were at there house doing the calls. We just had some sandwiches and some hot chocolate. In the spanish culture, the 25th isn't a very big day. Everything is done on the 24th, so every was already done.

That is cool that Karl is already home, it is weird for everyone to be coming home.

It is nice to know that eveyone is doing well, and that everyone had a good Christmas. I'm sorry everyone was mad at you for hogging the phone. This may sound weird, but it is not that bad, because, well, I will be home pretty soon, so I can just talk to everyone. Haha. Maybe if it was like my first call, it might have been worse, but I only have 1 more now. Weird. Anyways.

Haha, no it was not offensive to be called an office elder. Some of them are pretty cool, the ones right now are alright. Office Elders have always been English, so that should never happen to me, the AP's have changes back and forth, I think they will be english for a while though.

The work is going alright. A lot of people are having a lot of struggles that we are workign through right not, but I hope they will all work out.

The coat for $30 was sweet. it was exactly what I wanted too. A pretty "cool" looking coat.

ON New Years eve we have a 6 at night curfew. We are trying to find a fun game or something that we can play that night. Staying in is always hard. I would rather be out working. BUt oh well, I don't want to get killed by a drunk driver either.

I Spaced off the Rite Aid things, sorry. I know I need strips pretty soon. I think i ahve like 70 left. But just give me one more week I guess. haha. Sorry again for spacing it.

Well, I will get going now. Sorry if the email is short or lame, but I jsut barely talked to all of you. Haha. I love you all so much. Until next week.

-Elder MIller

Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21, 2009


Yep, Rego Park. I do absolutely no work out of the mission office. That is where I go to church on Sunday, but that is all I have to do with it. The only missionaries that do anything as far as "work" in the mission office are the Assistants to the President and 2 Elders that are fittingly called "Office Elders". And I am neither of those and so I don't do anything out of the mission office.

As far as packages go, so far I have recieved the 1 from Sandee, 1 from Kadee, and 1 from you that had a few things in it, including something from Heidee. So that is all I have recieved as of yet. So I guess I should be expecting 1 more. I haven't checked yet today, but I guess we will see. :)

Okay, as far as work goes, I guess I will just keep in brief. We are working really hard, and hopefully we see results from it. We should. You know how we have the time from 3-5 where we can go and get something to eat and take a little break, well, we haven't been taking that. We have been taking about 10 minutes to grab something to eat, and then going right back to work. It has been really good, and really really really tiring. It has been really hard. But really good at the same time. As far as the two Bolivian kids, they are doing really good. They want to get baptized, and are ready to. The older 19 year old one was interviewed last week, passed, and so can get baptized any time. But the mom now is very against it. I am not sure on all the details, but her mom, the grandma talked to her, and went on a "we are catholic" spill or something like that, and totally changed the mom's mind. So we are trying to deal with that right now. We can baptize the 19 year old, becuase past 18 you don't need anyone's permission, but under you need written permission from the parents. So we are going to wait on him and talk to the mom a lot, because we are worried if we go ahead and baptize the son while she is mad, then it will ruin all chanced for the younger sister until she is 18, which would be like 6 years. So it is a hard situation. But we are working on it.

We also have several other people we are workign with. Some really cool really good people. They all have their own personal obsticals that they are trying to get over. It is really hard when you start to try to tak on others problems and all. I love being a missionary, dont' get me wrong, but it will be nice when the day comes that I just have to worry about my own problems. A lot less stress on my back. :)

Okay, so total side note, but I went and got a new coat last monday, and I got a killer deal. I only ended up spending like $30 because it was on like triple clearance.

As far as the weather in NY, it is never clear. It is New York, haha. I like to call the sky in New York a New York Grey. It is pretty nasty most of the time. But you get used to it.

Okay, I haven't checked on the pharmacies yet, I will. I will try to get that done, and then I can just tell you on Christmas. I will also get counts on how much of everything I have, so I can tell you all of that on Christmas too.

We are not going to have a "party" but we are going to have a mission conference on the 24th, so that will be cool. Well maybe, sometime conferences are really boring, but we will see how it goes. I hope it is good.

Well, I probably have more to tell you, but I will just talk to you about it all in a couple days.

I love you.

-Elder Miller

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009

Hey All,

Okay, so I know you have been waiting like a whole freakin week to find out were I am, since now I have been here for about a week. And so instead of delaying like I always have, I will just tell you straight up. I am now in Rego Park. That is the area that the mission office is in. So back to Queens I am. My companion is Elder Oliva. He is from Guatemala. It is pretty sweet. I already new him because we served in Brooklyn at the same time. So I am pretty excited about everything. It is a little weird getting back used to only being around Spanish speaking people, because everyone here is hispanic. But I am enjoying it a lot, and I have already met a lot of people I am already getting along with really well.

We are already having incredible success too. We just started teaching a couple younger people from Bolivia, who already are having plans to be baptized. We have a lot of other good people too. I am still getting to know all of them. But I am really excited.

I am going to have to let you know about all of the rite aids and such, as I am not really sure. I know there is a Target really close. There is not a Wal Mart but there should be a lot of Rite Aids.

Okay, so you have to hear something funny. You know how I finally broke down and told you not to get me a new tree? Okay, so this is crazy. Guess where I live? In the same pad that I started my mission. Because we lived in Corona, and now Corona is my area that I work, so weird, rigth? I am using the same desk i used when I started my mission. Okay, and on top of that, my tree was still right where I left it. So I already set it up. Way weird. Both of my Christmass on the mission will be in the same pad. And then also weird, though it already passed, if I would have known, for the pizza, it is actualyl the exact same address as it was last year. Haha, crazy.

When would be best for everyone for me to call? i still need to get that all set up.

So i got the two packages, and I will admit, I broke down and already opened everything. Thank you so much. They were all very fun.

Okay, so in the last like 5 days the weather has changed dramastically. As such, I think I am going to go buy me a new coat so that I can be super warm this winter. Just so you are aware. I don't know if I will for sure, but we are going to look today.

So everythign is going pretty well around here. It is still weird trying to get used to the city again, and not having a car. They would put me somewhere without a car rigth when it started getting cold. haha. But everything is realyl good.

Thank you so much for doing that Bible thing for me. That is going to be so cool.

It sounds liek everyone is going really well. So that is really cool. It is always good to hear when things are going well.

Well, I love you all very much, I better get going. I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009


Can I honestly say that this week was so busy, that I honestly do not even remember everything that happened. But we will see how well I do at remembering good points on it.

I guess first off I should get to the real point, the biggest thing that happened. We found out about transfers this last week, and I am leaving Lynbrook. It has been pretty hard for me to accept. But that is how it has to go I guess. There is just so much stuff I don't want to leave behind. But I guess it is my time. So next week when you get an email, I will be in a new area, unknown to me at this time.

As part of my move, I will be sending a few packages home today. I am pretty sure one of them they are going to charge me my arm and leg for, because it weighs a ton. But so be expecting a couple.

So today awaits a day of packing for me. Which is never fun. Oh well.

Okay, before I get ahead of myself, I will get to your questions.

1. Sacarament meeting talk ideas, I'll talk about that later.
2. Pods, I think I have quite a few left, I will count today, but I think I have like 25ish.
3. Let's not get a Christmas see sent. I am still goign to see if I can get ahold of my old one. And if I can't, let's just save the money.
4. New pump is going well. It is really similar, jjust a couple things have been changed. Color screen, couple other recording options. It is way similar though.
5. Still goign to get ahold of the Doctor. Sorry.
6. I think the calling card still has minutes. I will double check.
7. I know. I love you too!
8. I don't know if i will be able to, because I probably wno't know until tomorrow, but I will try to get it to you if I can.

I did get to watch the Chirstmas Devotional. I really enjoyed it. It always makes me a little trunky, because a few years ago I was in the conference center. Haha. But oh well. I still enjoyed it.

Okay, I have something really cool I want to ask you to do for me. You asked if you could get anything for my companion. Yes, you can. Could you get him one of the new Bibles too, the Spanish one. That wuold be super sweet, because he still doesn't have one. If you wanted to get it engraved, his name is Landon Dodge Alverson. And if you could send it anonymous, I don't know if that is possible with packages, but if you can taht wuold be sweet. It would be the same address, the mission office. That would be cool, and by the time he gets it I won't be his companion anymore, so he will have no clue. If you would do that, oh man, yeah, coolness.

So yesterday we went to go say bye to Fernando and Claudia, and after we had been there for a while, they told us they loved us, Claudia said that their house is always open to us if we need a place or want to visit, and then they had gotten us ties. It was the coolest thign ever. Mine has penquins on it. I am pretty sure I am going to wear it every day until CHristmas. It was the nicest thing. I love them so much and I am going to miss them so much.

A few people have already invited you and Dad to come visit after I am done with the mission. I am excited for you to meet some of them. They really have become my best friends, and I love them so much.

For you talk, if it was all up to me, I would focus on the atonement. That is really what matters. Everythign else is important, but it woudl be nothing without the atonement at the center. You know a bunch of my experiences, and I am sure you have some favorites. My favorites are hwn eyou can see Christ helping people in times of need. Like with Fernando, the Andia family that we met in the hospital, Anythony in Flushing, all of those stories, when it was above and beyond. The normal amazing stories of finding somone, teaching them, having them being golden and baptizing them right away are great, but my personal favorites are hwne you can see exactly how it helped them, and how it was planned out. How Christ is our Friend, and as missionaires we get the chance to be somones friend and try to make a difference, no matter what it takes. I think missionary work in about love and about helping people, exactly how the atonement is about love and helping the children of God return to him. I know those thoughts are kind of scatter brained, but I hope it helps a little bit.

Well it sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. I love you all, and I will talk to you next week, because I have to go get packing, and I'll hear from you in a new area. :)

-Elder Miller

November 30, 2009


So another week up and gone. I will have to see how much of it I can contact to you. This morning we decided to take a road trip. Ok, so I know that sounds crazy, haha, but just a little one. For our P-Day we decided to drive out to Montauk, which is the very end of Long Island. There is a lighthouse there that was built I believe in 1798 under the order of George Washington. So a pretty cool place with really cool views and such. They call it Mantauk - The End. But anyways, we got up at like 3 so that we could get out there and be there for the sunrise. It was really fun. But needless to say, now I am really tired. Probably spend most of the rest of the P-Day sleeping.

I will give you an overview of my Thanksgiving. We started off the day at about 10 were we had a little Turkey Bowl that the Zone Leaders got approved from President to do. So all of the missionaries from our ZOne got together and played some football for a little bit. It was very fun. Then we started off at 12 at Sister Cynthia Jones house. She is a very nice lady, a recent convert of a few months, older, and from Jamaica. It was the normal Thankgiving meal but she had done everything organic. It was good. Then we went over to a different Jones. They are an older couple, and there son was there, who lives in the branch, his wife was in Utah. And they had invited a Senior MIsionary couple from new Jersey that they knew. It was excellent. Afterwhich we went over to the Andersons, but we were late on the food, no big deal though, I couldn't have ate more. We more so went over to visit and have some good times. There daughter was there back from school and BYU, and we got to watch her beat her 13 year oldr brother Spencer and arm wrestling. We told him we were going to make fun of him for it forever. Then we went over to President Scala's, he's the branch president. He is from Chili, and had his sister in law and two other Chilian friends there. Then also the Reynoso's, a family from the ward was there. And an older widow named Betty from the ward. It was fun because it was very Spanglish the whole time, and all the none member friends that were there were amazed taht we spoke Spanish. That rounded out the night. We were going to go to the Rothenberg's, but the canceled and we went over the next day to help them move some stuff. So it was a great day.

The weather seemed good for the Parade. I know part of the Anderson family went and saw it.

We went and saw Fernando yesterday, and he seemed to be doing realyl good. He is home except for when he has to go in for Chemo treatments. He is always fun to be around, and the house is great, because, again, it is Spanglish. But we are just hoping praying and waiting for him to get better so we can get him to church.

One kind of rough thing happened this week. I don't know if I have mentioned them before, but the Tessels, a really nice couple, who is actually the family that we went with Bro. Anderson to give some blessings, they are converts of a little under a year, and he had a stroke type of thing a few months ago, and left him not remembering anything, not even his wife. He had since recovered. But on Thankgiving the same thing happened again. Went into the hospital and was not remembering or recognizing anything. We went and visited him a couple times actaully already, and he is already doing great. he is remembering everyone and seems pretty back to normal. They did some tests and found cloggage in his artery to his brain, which was causign the problems, and are now doing tests to see how to go forward. So keep him in your prayers.

So on the way the first time to the hospital to see him something amazing happened. We actaully ended up going to the wrong hospital, because there are 2 literaly within minutes of each other. While we were looking for his room, which obviously turned out not to exist, we ran into 2 members from Brentwood, further out on Long Island. They said Hi Elders and asked us if we spoke Spanish. They were Bro and Sis Andia form Peru, who I had actually heard about from Elder Lee, on how cool they were, anyways, they needed help. They needed some translating done for them, which was fairly easy, got that all taken care of, and then had us give a blessing to their daughter who is in the hosptial with cancer, who is 15. It was great to talk them them, and great to help. I think it was amazing how the Lord put us in each others paths so perfectly, and it was even at the wrong hopsital.

On Sunday I think as I mentioned I had to speak in Sacrament Meeting. I spoke on unity with Church. I think it went fair.

Those were the main points of the week. It was good.

I did get with Brenda on tuesday and I am on the new pump. It uses the same pods, just the PDM is new. She gave me a sheet of things that if the falling of problem persists to try.

I coudl not get ahold of the mission doctor. I believe he was out of town for the holiday, but I will be getting ahold of him asap. I will call today and see.

Well, I better get going. I love you.

-Elder Miller

PS, Oh, about Stacy Jennings, I probably need to know when she is coming, because it is possible next tuesday I will be in a new area. So yet me know, and i will etl you know.

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, 2009

Hey All,

I called Brenda on Saturday, did not answer and left a message. I have not heard back from her as of yet. I will call again today, and hopefully meet with her this week.

I think we have close to final plans for Thanksgiving. It will be a long day, but I get to spend some time with some amazing people.

Our performence went pretty well. I don't think anyone got a recording of it, which was kind of sad. But oh well, it is how it goes.

The weather here is about the same. It won't get really cold until later on.

Had a pretty fun week. Started offf thw eek on Tuesday with some exchanges with Elder Jones, an Elder that is serving in Far Rock Away. He was really fun to spend some time with. Fernando, our investigator with Lupus is back in the hospital. It is always frustrating for me to hear how often he is in there, I wonder how he feels?

There was of course the Thanksgiving Party, the food was really good, and of course all of the leftovers were given to the missionaries. I think we will be eating turkey until the end of dawn. Our performance was alright, I think people enjoyed it, but I don't know. I can never tell the difference between true enjoyement and being nice because you are supposed to.

Yesterday went over and gave a family some blessings with Bro. Anderson, the husband of the lady who wrote you. It was a pretty cool experience. I have a lot of respect for him.

Other than that things are well. I did get the package. Thank you so much. What was the pain reliever for? Haha.

Well, I better get going. I will talk to you next week.

I love you.

-Elder Miller

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 16, 2009


Ok, before I forget, I need something. To renew my Driver's Liscense I need my Social Secuirty #, which I don't know. So if you can send that to me, that will be taken care of.

I will call Brenda ASAP, this should be a good week.

Ok, so I think that is all of technicalities. As far as if we have set plans for this Thanksgiving, the answer I guess is no. But not how you might think. It is because we have too many plans. We have been invited over to I think 9 different families, and we are trying to decide what to do, we want to say yes to all of them, but obviously we can't. So we will see what ends up happening. It will be great whatever ends up happening.

It is still weird to me to know that this time next year i will be home. But I guess I will get more used to it.

So this week was really good. We got a lot of good stuff done and had a lot of fun while doing it. We had some awesmoe appointments and some awesome lessons. Two kind of out of hte norm things I guess happened. Yesterday was the Primary program, and we were asked to sing with them during one of the songs. So we were part of the Primary. It was fun though, we got to practice with them and things like that, so it was great. People said we did a good job, but you know, people always have to be nice. We finally got a Branch Mission Leader called, so we are excited for that. He is from the Dominican Republic. He served a mission 4 years ago. He is great. Ok, and I guess the last thing is that we spoke in Sacrament meeting, but not in ours. We spoke in Hempstead branch. So it was kind of weird. I am still not very sure why we did, but we were aksed to, as well as the 2 missionaries that serve in that branch. It went pretty well. It was weird because it was the first time I had given a complete English talk in a long time.

Other than that things are going pretty well. The weather has stabalized a little bit, and I don't think that it will be really cold for a while, hopefully. Sister Anderson, the one that wrote you a note, called today and asked if there was anything I needed from Utah because she is going out there this weekend, and asked if I needed any Utah stuff or anything from home. I obviously couldn't think of anything, but I think it is amazing to see how willing to help people are.

This week we have something kind of fun going on. We are having a branch Thanksgiving dinner thingy, and as part of it, we as missionaries are going to put on a little Fireside. We are going to have little talk, and also we are preparing a musical number. We found an arrangment for Come Thou Fount for Piano, guitar, and voice, so Elder McGuire is going to play the piano, I will play guitar, and Elder Burk and Elder Alverson will be sining. Hopefully it turns out well. It will be really fun.

I think that is about it for what is going on for me, out of the norm. I got to get some P-Day stuff done, so I will talk to you all next week.

I love you.

-Elder Miller

P.S. Ok, so I had this idea that I thought you could help me out with. Here is what I want. I want as many people as are willing to, to email me there conversion story. Whether born in the church or not, we all have our conversion story. And I want to hear them. So anybody and everybody, you, Dad, the sisters, and anyone else you want to send this email to. I want to hear them. Easy enough, right?

So if you would do that for me Mom, forward this email to whoever you think would be willing to send me their story.

And in case when you get this email and you don't know mine, please email the story to

Thank you so much, and I love you all.

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009


I did get the teststrips. I will keep you posted on everything else.

That is cool that you got a letter from Sister Anderson, but also weird, because I have no clue how she got the address. She must have talked to the mission office or something. Anyways, that is nice to hear. She is very nice. Your stereotypical mormon mom. They both graduated from BYU, they have a million kids. They are great though. They just moved here from Chicago. They are a great family and are fun to be around. You should write her back. Maybe you could become cool little pen pals or something. At least for while I am here in Lynbrook. Maybe you could send here you e-mail address.

Mom, you know that that is not fair to tell me that you bought me a present, but then to tell me you won't tell. But I guess it is alright. I will just not think about it. And before I even know it Christmas will be here. Time just seems to be going that fast.

We have been invited to one family so far for Thanksgiving, but they told us that if we had somewhere else we needed to be, we should go there. But it is the Malinka family, the other stereotypical mormon family we have. She is the one that grew up in Layton. I am excited to go there though, I"m sure we will go. I love that family, and it will be American food. Don't get me wrong, I love hispanic food, but that's all I've been eating for over a year.

Ok, so here is the exciting news for the week. On Tuesday we met a man named Matt Hazen. He had been taught a little bit by other Elders, but turned out to live in our area, so he got handed over to us. We got to know him and taught him a little bit. The next day he texted us and asked us some questions. One thing led to another, and we ended up committing him to be baptized over text messages the day after we met him. And you used to say that all my texting was just a waste of time. Haha. But we are really excited for him. Just a couple days ago he texted us and told us that he ordered himself a leather LDS Bible and Book of Mormon, as well as some other mormon litterature. He is eating everything up like a kid in a candy store. His only down fall is coffee right now, which he is really working on. So pray for him that he can get over that.

Other than that it was just a long crazy week. Saturday night I layed down in bed, I went to bed early, at like 10, and was laying there, and I was so tired that I couldn't sleep. It took to much energy to fall asleep. It was a really weird feeling. So the long work has been taking it's toll, but it is all good. I am loving it.

This week we had interviews with President Nelson, which was good. He is always good to sit down and talk with, as long as joke around with.

Yesterday we were asked to teach Elders Quorum. It was on the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. It went pretty well. We are pretty booked for the rest of the month too. Next week we are singing in the Primary Program in our ward, as well as my companion and I will be speaking in another branch, I am not really sure why, but we were aksed to. They next week we are putting on a Fireside for the branch. And then the next week we will be speaking in our branch in Sacrament meeting. Quite a busy month. But busy is the best.

Well, I have to get going. Let me know if there is anything I can do for anyone.

I love you.

-Elder Miller

Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009


Ok, I will answer your questions first.

1. I haven't got it signed yet, have to get ahold of the mission Doctor, he has been in other states, he covers several missions.
2. Haven't got ahold of Brenda, it was another busy week. This week should be slower.
3. I haven't sent it yet, might actually be a few weeks.
4. I will tell you when I get it. :)

Anyways, I am really excited to be staying in Lynbrook. That means i will be here all the way until December, which is crazy. It is weird how fast time goes. Why do you feel the same way, that you want me to stay?

I may not be in Lynbrook for Christmas, probably not actually. We will see where I am at. I didn't bring my tree with me, but I just left it in Corona, which I could probably get a hold of depending on where I am, so we will just have to wait and see, and then I will let you know then.

Our Halloween Party was fun, nothing too exciting. It was mostly geared towards the youth, like primary, so that was about it. It was in the morning. We did a little trunk or treat, and do to there not being very many vehicles there, they had us use our car. So that was a little weird, but fun. We have a lot of really funny Primary age kids in the branch, so that was fun.

The night was pretty boring. We are not allowed to do missionary work on Halloween, kind of weird, everything I do every day, we can't do one day, so it is weird. But just like last year we had to be in out pad by 5 and stay in the whole night. So it was pretty boring. We played like Clue, and then we made some caramel apples with the caramel you sent me, but the carmel got a little burnt. Kind of tasted like burnt marshmellows. So that was about it.

Yes, the district presidency is our equivilant of a stake presidency. I live within a district, made up of branches.

I did get Sandee's package. It was so cool. It made me so happy.

I am sure you will do great with Thanksgiving. It will be interested to see what happenes this year for us. Last year I had like 3 hispanic Thanksgiving dinners. Now I am with hispanics, whites, everyone. So it will be wierd to see.

This week was pretty good. It went by really fast. With a bunch of meetings and such. We had a couple really good meetings with some people. The one investigator that i told you about hat has Lupus, he is finally starting to feel a little bit better, so that is really nice to see.

Well, I am off to go do some more P-Day activities. I love you all.

-Elder Miller

Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26, 2009


So it is a new transfer, I don't know if I told you. And I think you know what that means. . . Potentially moving to a new area. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! So are you ready for it. The transfer call came last night, and. . . . I am staying. 6 more weeks in Lynbrook. I am very excited about that. I was really worried that I was going to be moving, and I really wanted to stay for just a little while longer. So I am very happy. A couple of the members here required me to let them know as soon as I knew, and they were all very excited to hear I was staying. It is really cool to build those kind of relationships and friendships, and it is always hard to leave them behind when you move to a new area. So that is about it for that. That means I will be in Lynbrook until the beginning of December for sure. Then I will probably leave.

It was a pretty crazy week, and I have a few stories to tell, but first I'll respond to everything in your email.

New York. What a place. In response to if I would live here, take friends on a trip, feel safe, get lost, nice people, etc.

When I started my mission I like New York, but I never thought I would love it. I can honestly say now that New York hold a special place in my heart. It is truly amazing. There is no other place like it. It is amazing. As for living here. . . Maybe a summer place. I could not live here all the time. The weather number one, is not my favorite. Just way too hot and then way too cold, all in a couple weeks span. Secondy, the stress level is way too high. Living here for a year I feel like I have aged 30, so living here full time would be lethel. But if I had like a summer home or apartment or whatever, and another one somewhere else, I would be down for that.

Take trip with friends, of course. There is tons of cool places to go and see. It would be way fun.

Feel Safe. I have been in some of the worst parts of New York, and felt just fine. I don't know if that goes away when the name tag comes off. But even the bad parts aren't that bad during the day, but I would't be going there at night.

Get lost. Depends on if it is New Area or not. I can get myself around pretty well and know where I am.

People nicer. Honestly, overall, no, but there are incredible people in New York that I love. You get to meet all sorts of new cultures and people that you wouldn't anywhere else, and that is amazing.

There is a branch party going on on Halloween that we should be going too. It is going to be a trunk or treat. It should be fun. We haven't carved pumpkins yet. Probably today.

Okay, so as for crazy things that have been happening to me. So you know how we had the black boxes in our cars, well, we were like a test mission for those, see how they worked and such, and so now the test is over, and they are making the decision on whether to use them worldwide on missions or not, so for the time being, they have taken them out of our cars. But something unexpected happened. On the Malibu's, which is what I drive, the black boxes when they were installed had been screwn into the gas tank, so when they removed them, it left a whole in the gas tank. So we had to drive a long way away to the Chevy dealership so they can replace the gas tank. That was last monday that we brought it in, and they had to order the tank and such, and we still don't have our car back. So we have been walking for the whole week. No so fun, since it takes us an hour to walk to our area, and then if we want to go anywhere else, it is longer. We have been walking at least a few hours every day. Luckily, the other Elders have been really nice, and when it doesn't interfer with there stuff, they give us rides. It usually turns out that we go everwhere, and then when times comes, they will give us a ride home. But it has just been crazy, lots of walking. Hopefully we get our car back today.

So something super funny happened yesterday. We were walking (yep) and we were at a light, waiting to cross, and this really nice, probably 69 Camaro drives through the light, and we are looking at it, and then from the other side, like the cross street, we hear this slamming on of brakes, and we look and it is a mini van that had almost ran the red light and hit the camaro. Then while looking at it, they roll down the window, and it is President Malinka, he is in the district presidency, and in our branch, and he says to us, "Never drive and look at your blackberry" and holds up his phone. Then the light turns green and he drives off. He must have been so embarassed. Then just a couple hours later, he calls us to ask us about some home teaching stuff, and while we are talking to him, he drives past us, again, and he was like, what the heck I run into you everywhere. It was so funny. So he just pulled over and we talked. So that was crazy.

So yesterday I got this package, and in it was a Spanish Bible! Thank you so much. It is the coolest thing ever. I am pretty sure I am just getting rid of my english scriptures now. Haha. But really, thank you so much. I am sure it is going to be put to good use. I have already been marking it up and such, and it has only been a day.

I should be sending a package home soon. Just some stuff I don't want to carry around for the next year. So some time, if you get a package from me, that will probably be what it is.

Well, I love you so much. I should probably get going. I will talk to you all next week. I will be missing the tacos on Halloween. :( But I will get them next year. I love you.

-Elder Miller

Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 19, 2009


Yeah, it was super nice to be able to go to the temple and enjoy some cool new experiences. I look forward to being able to do it in the future more.

Well, so I realized something strange happened this last week. I actually didn't realize it, but had another missionary tell me. I have now officially been in New York for over a year now. That is pretty crazy. It is going by so fast.

The weather has really started to cool down, and stay cool. The other day the high was 43 or something like that. But oh well, you just have to deal with it I guess. But I am planning and buying some sweaters today, they will be nice, try to keep warm.

Thank you so much for sending the box. I don't get mail on Mondays, I actually get them on Sunday, because an office couple comes to church out here, and brings them with them, so I probably won't get it until this Sunday, but oh well. Thank you, and i am excited to get it.

That is crazy to me that the Hanson's are already home, because, well, I was in the MTC with them. Haha. But that is how it goes. Probably my best friend in the mission, Sister Heininge, who started at the same time as me, only has one transfer left before she goes home. That is really strange to me, because I have so much time left. But I love it, so it doesn't matter.

I believe I sent the little thing for Flavia a couple weeks ago, I will look and try to send it again.

The fire wasn't a big fire or anything, they will just have to replace the stove and and maybe the kitchen floor, it is tile, and it looks like some damage was done. But they are an awesome family, and really cared more about caring for us. It really was amazing.

So, what can I tell you about this week. One really fun thing we got to do this week. We were over at a members and they asked if we could help them tape up the cieling in a room they were going to paint. We said of course, but then we asked them if we could help them paint it. They said that would be awesome. The only time we could make it work was in the morning on Saturday, and the mom was going to be at work, the Dad would be home. But the mom was going to do all of the painting. So it was really cool, because we went and got basically the whole thing done, just a couple things because we ran out of time, had an appointment, but basically the room was done by the time she got home from work. So that was pretty cool.

It was District Conference, so we got to hear some good speaker and such. The temple president, the district presidency, and the mission president spoke. It was really nice. Also a new move in, Bro. Anderson spoke. He did an awesome job. I really enjoyed it.

We have one investigator right now who just got diagnosed with Lupus, and is starting Chemo treatments and the whole nine yards. He is taking it pretty well, getting a little depressed, but is doing well. But his mom is very stressed. I was wondering if you could think of anything we could do for her, since you have been through similar situations, maybe you would know what would help. Something beyond the typical answer of just be there for her, because we can and have bene doing that, but something above and beyond that would really help. If you could come up with something, that would be great.

This week while doing service in the park, one of the missionaries that I live with got Poisin Ivy, while none of the other of us did, which is weird, because we were in the exact same places. I guess he is just more prone to it. But it has got pretty bad, to the point he can't even cross his arms without it bugging him. He is taking it well though, but is having a hard time getting rid of it. He has tried creams, rubs, but he just got some soap the other day that guaranteed to get rid of it in less than a week, and it already looks like it is getting better. So that is good. But just something out of the norm that happened.

I am excited for Halloween coming up. We might be buying pumpkins today and carving them. I think that will be fun. Since I am now living somewhere where you can do that. Haha.

Well, I better get going. I love you very much. Until next week.

-Elder Miller

Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009


I was able to make it to the temple. It was the coolest experience ever. We got there a little early, so we went and walked to Central Park and took a couple quick pictures, I will send some I forgot my camera today. THen we went back to the temple and there were tons of people there. It was our District Temple day, and they had a lot of people show up. I actually didn't baptize or be baptized, because I wanted to let others have the chance, but I did get to do a couple other things that were awesome. I got to be a witness, and I also got to spend a long time as the recorder which I thought was awesome. In Utah it is always a temple worker who does the recording, I didn't even know just a normal memeber could do it. BUt so I got to be the one who put the name on the screen, and who marked off that the baptism was done and valid. It was so sweet. I enjoyed it so much.

The weather is starting to really cold down. The highs are still decent, but the lows are getting lower. I am really enjoying it right now, but This kind of weather doesn't last for very long in New York, it goes from this to really cold really fast, and I am not really excited for the really cold, because of the humidity, it is nothing like Utah cold.

I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the trailer.

I did not get with the pump lady, I will, and I will wait to contact the mission doctor until I have the license renewal. That way I know I am ready for him right then.

We had a pretty sweet week. On top of the temple, we had some good look ups, some good contacts, things just went pretty well.

We had an apointment last night with a man named Learie from Barbados I think he said, but he has lived in New York most of his life. He was a former investigator we looked up. He was amazing. Maybe the best I have ever felt in a lesson ever. It just felt good. He already calls us his family, after just knowing him for a couple hours. After we left the appointment my comp said, "That was great. You know, if they recorded that lesson and put it in the Preach My Gospel videos (the missionary training videos they show in the MTC) I would feel perfectly comfortable with that." It was sweet.

One other kind of crazy thing that happened, we were going over to a members that had invited us over for dinner, and when we got there they were all in the front yard playing. We went up, said Hi, and they said, well, we have some bad news. Turns out, while they were cooking dinner, there stove caught on fire, and the had to call the fire department and the whole bit. There wasn't much damage done, but mostly just a lot of sut. After all of that, they were just trying to figure out how to cook the rest of the food and such. Even after a fire in there own home they were trying to find a way to still feed us. I was taken aback. They are an awesome family.

Well, I better get going. I love you all very much.

-Elder Miller

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009


I am very exciting to be able to go to the temple more often. It looks like the rule is that we can go once a transfer, or once every 6 weeks. I am very excited. We might be going this week. I guess I will let you know next week.

I know I am a dork.

My companion is pretty competitive also, so we do try very hard when we are playing each other. It is always frustrating when it is a really close game and it comes down to losing by just one turn. That happened just the other day, he beat me, and if he wouldn't have that turn, I would have beat him the very next one, it was crazy. But we enjoy it a lot. We are both competetive, but we don't let it like heat us up.

I bought one sweater last week, it was about 30 bucks, and i might buy a couple more, but we will see.

I am still really good on supplies. Do I have to pick stuff up at the begining of the month from wal mart, or just when I need it, and that would be the soonest I can? Because I am still pretty good I think, let me know. I will send back the box soon.

As far as things I need go, I can't think of too much. Some foodish treats, other than that I don't know. You are the mom though, you always know whats best, so if you can think of anything, go ahead and send it, I won't complain. Haha.

Omni Pod rep will happen asap, I will let you know next monday how it went, or when it wil happen.

Send the form for sure and I will get it signed. My liscense doesn't expire for several years, but how it works is if I don't get that signed they will suspend it, and then if I do get pulled over, it says it isn't a valid liscense.

That is really exciting about the new trailer. I will be very excited to see pictures of it. I think that will be really fun.

Everything here is going well. The weather is starting to cool down a bit, hence the sweaters. The work is coming along, we have a lot of good things going on for us. So I hope it keeps going forward.

Conference was great to listen to. I have really grown in appreciation for it on my mission. My favorite talk was definately Tad R. Callister's. What an amazing man and an amazing spirit he brought.

Well, I have to get going soon, we are going to have a district BBQ today, and we have to go get ready for that. It should be really fun. We are going to play some tennis and handball, and have some hotdogs. It will be a nice little break, right before another week of great missionary work. I hope and pray all of you have a great week.

Love you all tons.

-Elder Miller

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 21, 2009


I am glad you enjoyed hearing about my temple experience. It was great. I don't know if I told you, but the mission president just made a new rule. We can now go to the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead with Recent Converts once a transfer, so I should be able to go back pretty soon. I am very excited for the new change. As for the glasses, I bought them in Jamaica. I have always thought glasses were cool, and I found some plastic lensed ones for like $2, so I couldn't pass them up. I wear them for special occasions, to look smart. Haha.

I have not met with Brenda yet, hopefully this week. I will let you know in the next email.

Again, I am really sorry about the whole Bible thing. The new one should have came out last Monday, so it should be available and everything. I have actually held one already, that the Branch President had. I sent the number and everything in an email last week. I will send it again if I can. I have already thought about giving the bible to someone. Maybe just keep it though, I still really like it.

Ok, so now that that is all done with, the real big news. As I told you transfers were this week, and you'll never guess what happened. Ok, now that you are all excited, nothing crazy happened. LIke I told you, I am staying in Lynbrook, which I am excited about. i really like it here, though I do really miss the city and all it entails. But I am excited to be here. So it is just a new companion this time around. His name is Elder Alverson. He is from Mesa, Arizona. He has been out 6 weeks less than I have. We are already getting along incredibly well. I am really excited for it. I hope, and he has already told me, that we stay together for two transfers. It would be really awesome. So we are doing great. He is a jock, so we enjoy talking about basketball and such. But yeah, i am really excited for this companionship, we will do great.

The work is going well. Things are really picking up. We have made some awesome plans and we have some awesome goals for this transfer. We are going to be working really hard, but enjoying ourselves while we do it. That really is the key. Missionaries that are not enjoying themselves are never successful, regardless of how hard they work. But we have a few really good people we are working with, and a few potentials. We are also trying to work with the members a lot, and get them to get excited about missionary work. If you have any ideas on how to get them excited, let me know.

Man, missionary work is so awesome.

It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. That is always nice to hear. On the Lilo situation, is there any way that you can have it amputated, and get like a wheel or something. I know that sounds weird, but I think I have seen it before. It might be cheaper, and then with the wheel leg, it would lower the risk of tearing the other tendon. It was just a thought I had a few nights ago when I couldn't sleep. I was just thinking that having the surgery and fixing it, it might be a pretty big risk of just tairing it again anyways.

Well, as you can see I am doing great. I don't really have any complaints right now at all, other than that I am tired a lot. Haha.

I think I will include a picture of a new game I have learned on the mission. It is called Xiangqi, or Chinese Chess. I learned how to play it when I was back in China Town, and have got a hold of board and started playing with my companions in the night before we go to bed. It is way fun, and I am excited to bring stuff like this home and show everyone. It just shows how true and awesome it is that I am surrounded by so many different cultures. I get to learn a little bit about everyone.

Anyways, until next Monday I guess.

I love you.

-Elder Miller

Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009


We should be going to the temple to do baptisms within the next few weeks, so I am very excited. I didn't even get to go to the font last time, so I have never even seen it, so it will be really exciting to go, and perform a few baptisms. I am stoked.

I have been tempted to save up a few pennies every month, and buy a nice pair of glasses instead of the plastic ones I have. They work fine, but they coudl be easily broken, but I don't know. I don't know if I can really justify buying glasses for a lot of money, when I don't really wear them. But we will see. But yes, I am a dork.

Things are still going awesome with my companion. We get along super well. It is really nice. He is really into the Chinese Chess too, so we play that when we get a bit when we are at home before we go to bed. I don't know a lot about his home life so far. Just bits and pieces. I know he has brothers, four, two of which served missions. He has step brothers and sisters, and his dad passed away when he was like 13. He lived basically just with his mom from 13 until now. BUt other than that I don't know the details. He does really like it warm. Him and you would probably get along pretty well. Haha. But he is super cool and a great missionairy.

I really don't know what to say in a few paragraphs. I will try to come up with something and send it in another email.

The weather is starting to cool down a little bit. Speaking of which, if I was to buy a few sweaters at the store with my card, would you cover it? That woudl be great. I have one sweater I bought last year, but a couple more would be awesome.

Oh yeah, I learned about Chinese Chess while I was serving in Flushing and Dyker Heights, those are the chinese areas, and I am realyl good friends with all of the Chinese Missionaries. So that is when I learned. I just got ahold of my own board this transfer, so we are having fun with it.

I am tired do to work, I am not getting sick, so I am good. You will be excited to hear, the mission is going to provide us with Flu Shots this year, so we don't have to pay for them or wait for a million years in lines. So I bet that makes you happy. I still haven't got with Brenda because we have been super busy, but this week shoudl be a little slower. Sorry. I think i am pretty good on supplies as for right now. Do you still need taht little box back? I knew I said I would send it forever ago, and I still haven't. I should be sending it this week, because I need to send some stuff home anyways.

Things going great though. I am really loving the branch that i am serving in, just some awesome members. A new family that just moved in from Chicago had us over for dinnner, cooked us baked potatoes and steaks, it was so good. They are a very stereotypical mormon family too, tons of kids, all love BYU, except one. It is really funny. It was kind of weird being at there house, because it was a totally different environment than what i have bene used to for the last year. But at home it would have felt totally normal.

Well, all is well in Lynbrook. I am looking forward to the fall, my favorite time of year. The only problem is in New York fal lasts about a week, and then it is winter. Haha. But it will be nice.

I love you all very much.

-Elder Miller

Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009


Ok, so sorry that I did not send an email a lot earlier, you were probably
freaking out like i was dead or something, but MyLdsMail was down, I don't
know why, and so we had to wait it out, and now it is up, so I am emailing
you now.

Okay, so obviously the high light of my week was the temple. Oh my
goodness, it was amazing. I want to go back so bad. But to answer your
question, we just went through and did a session. We met at the mission
office, then they gave us a little talk, gave those of us that needed metro
cards cards and we were off. You hopped on one train, right outside the
mission office, and then you transfered to another train at times square,
and get off and Lincoln, and you walk outside the station and the temple is
literally right there. You always hear that the temple is like a place to
get out of the world, that is cut off from wordly things, but it is no more
blatant anywhere else than the Manhattan temple. It is busy, noisy, all
sorts of stuff, and you walk in through the first set of doors, and it is
still noisy, then you walk through the second, and you are in the actual
temple, it is completely gone. Amazing gone. You can not hear anything
from outside. It is amazingly beautiful inside too. Very small, and very
amazing. That Temple very quickly became one of my favorite, if not my
favorite temple. The session was amazing. One of my really good friends on
the mission was there too, so that was awesome. After the session we went
outside, took a few pictures, and got back on the train. It depends on who
you go with, some missionaries go on a brief walk through Central Park, but
we didn't get to. Oh well. The city is crazy. Even though I was in it for
like 15 minutes total, you can just feel the difference. It is way
different than Queens or Brooklyn. I get the appeal of it now. It almost
felt cool. But yeah, so it was amazing. I can't wait until I get to go
back. I will include a few pictures, and I will send some more in the
coming weeks.

Okay, well I don't have much more time to write, but also tomorrow is
transfers. I will be staying in Lynbrook and getting a new companion, and
my comp will be leaving. He is going Zone Leader in a different Zone. And
from the rumors, my new companion will be older than me (mission wise is
what I mean) so we will wait and find out tomorrow, and I will let you know
next week I guess.

Other than that everything seems to be going well. I love you all very
much. I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7, 2009


The landlord is not up to my discretion to teach. That is the other Elders
area, we have mentioned to them to talk to her, but it is not up to us. We
aren't allowed to teach people outside our area. So we'll see.

I wear most of the ties. Some of them are pretty old and kind of falling
apart, so I don't wear them as much just so they don't fall apart.

It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. That is good. I hope that
you enjoyed your trip. I bet that was fun. I am jealous.

This week was about the same as the last week. It went by pretty fast, but
it was also really slow as far as work goes. Almost all of our
investigators were out of town, so we obviously couldn't meet with them, so
that is kind of frustrating, so we did a lot of finding. A lot of knocking
doors and such. It's not the most fun, but I guess it is what happens. We
also had tons of appointments that we had with liek recent converts and such
cancel on us, almost all of them. But this next week should be pretty good.
We already have quite a few set appointments with a bunch of people, and our
investigators should be back in town, so that is exciting.

I don't even know if I have told you let, but I get to go the temple this
Wednesday. I am so excited. It will be great. It has been so long since i
have been. I really miss it. It is a really big group going. They had to
combine the missionaries at there half way mark and the missionaries that
are at there 2 year mark because the temple was closed when we usually do
the year mark trip, so there will be like 29 missionaries going and then
President and Sister Nelson will be going with us, because they always go
with the departing missionaries. But it will be really fun. I am really

Well, I think that is about it for me. We have a Labor Day BBQ today, that
is district wide, so it will be most of Long Island, so that should be
really fun. I love you all, I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009

Hey Hey,

I am very pleased with the new living arangements. We even have a weight
bench. I haven't put it to much use, but I hope on doing so, if I stay here
longer I definately will. It is actually not a member that we live with.
It is just a normal person that was renting the top of there house
apparently. The missionaries have been living there for quite some time.
Kind of makes you wonder why she hasn't been taught much. But it is not our
area, so not in my jurisdiction. Oh well.

I will find out the exact missionaires that are in Babylon and see what I
can find out, see how he goes.

Uh, no picture with Elder Pace, that would have been kind of weird to ask.
As for writing it in my journal, I will be sure to get on that. . . .

That would be pretty funny if you could get Adams to come out to New York.
But we will talk next year, maybe at Christmas. It would be cool if you
came out, because I would like to make a trip up to Palmyra. That would be
a pretty sick way to end my mission. We could even do that if I wasn't
realeased, I'd just have to wear a tie and a name tag.

This week was pretty slow again. A bunch of our investigators were out of
town, so we couldn't meet with them. We knocked a lot of doors, not much
luck. We had a couple encounters with bashers. They were fun. Apparently
I'm not Christian, I believe in a 2nd Jesus, I'm just a "silly mormon kid",
and Jesus is the 2nd Adam. Strange. I like being in the true church (or as
some people like to call us, cult).

I think I will attach two pictures. One of my ties, because ties are cool.
Another, a funny one takin of me in the pad. Sometimes I do strange things.

Ok, as for my assignments.

1. Haven't yet, I will. Sorry.
2. I will. Sorry.
3. I think I'm pretty good. I will get exact counts for you. I will send
the box soon. Sorry.
4. Besides test strips, I need investigators with a Baptismal Date, could
you send me some of those? :) But I do need the garments I asked about.
Thank you.
5. Thank you.
6. I won't.
7. Thank you.

About driving safe, our cars have what are called "Black Boxes". Basically,
if you speed, it beeps at you. If you turn hard, it beeps at you. If you
hit a bump, it beeps at you. If you don't wear your seat belt, it beeps at
you. And after all of that, the information is sent to Salt Lake, so they
know everything. Bye Bye my agency. Well, I still have it, but I get
beeped at when I use it wrong. A black box in life might be nice, getting
the celestial kingdom would be easier, because that beeping is freaking
annoying. Plus, my comp usually drives. He's old and likes it.

Well, I think that is it. I love you all.

-Elder Miller

PS, oh yeah, I had to speak on sunday, but thanks to Elder Burk, it was
about 2 minutes. It went well. Elder Goodman's, went well. Elder
Hatch's, went well. Elder Burk's, kinda long and boring, not to be
judgemental. But come on, I had to translate it.

I love you all, again.

Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009


Yes, I do know my exact release date. It is August 18th. Obviously we will
talk about things in like a year, but whatever you want is ok with me,
picking me up or not. The one downside of picking me up is I would not be
released, so I would have to continue living the mission rules, no TV and no
swimming, among the others, haha, so that would be kind of weird, and I'd
have to wear my tie and name tag everywhere we went, but yeah, whatever you
guys want, and we will talk about it in a few months.

It is not farm lands, just kind of normal, I guess it would be kind of like
a city more crowded than Layton. It is still just a normal city, but busier
than Layton. I did meet the member from Layton. She said she grew up down
my Gentile. I didn't catch her maiden name, but she grew up in Layton, and
is now living in New York with her husband and like 9 million kids. They
are a stereotypical mormon family. He is in the district presidency.

That is pretty upsetting about the missionaries and Jon's Friend. I hope it
all works out. It is sad to think that people would do something like that.

Elder Pace was excellent. He gave us some really awesome talks and talked
about some really awesome things that you don't hear much about. Also one
other funny thing happened. We have a little lunch at our Zone Conferences,
and I sat down and was talking to some of my friends, and President Nelson
came and sat by us, along with Elder Pace. Elder Pace actually sat right
next to me. It was kind of strange, but we had some really cool
conversations. He is a really cool man.

The work and teaching are coming along slowly but surely. My companion has
been really upset on the situations that we came into, being blinded in and
all, and the pool used to be the ZL's pool, which should be an example pool,
and we came in to virtually nothing, and so he has been upset about it, and
has talked to President how he is struggling with it, since he is the
District leader,and it shoudl be an example pool, and it was left horribly
to us, but we are working hard to change that.

I have not got ahold of Brenda, I am getting kind of frustrated with it, and
am about to give up. I have called several times, and she has called back
once, which I missed because I was in the bathroom, and I called back right
when I got out and she didn't answer or call back. So I don't know. What
is the exact reasons why I need to meet with her? Just to work things out
to make sure the pods are working? It's just been very frustrating. I
think I have 3 tubes of strips, I honestly am not sure on insulin, I will
let you know next week.

Let me know when the money is in my account. That money I had just saved
up, saving money from month to month I didn't spend. If you eat really
ghetto brand food and nothing to fancy, you can usually carry over a few
dollars to save, just in case you need it. So that's where it came from.

The LIU thing sounds fun. It's lame I missed it. I think I would have
enjoyed it.

That is sad to hear about Lilo. I hope it all works out. It is hard
situation when such things happen, but let me know what happens and what you
decide to do with it.

I think everything is going pretty well for me. Time is going by really
quick this transfer. Oh yeah, I get to go to the temple here in a couple
weeks for my year mark. I am very excited. It is a realyl big group going,
like 30 missionaires. I am very happy. I have missed the temple a lot, so
that will be a great experience.

Well I better get going. I love you all.

-Elder Miller

Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009


Well, it is official. Over the hump. I will actually be home exactly a
week from tomorrow. Haha. Just to make you all excited about seeing me.

Lynbrook is really nice. I am enjoying it a lot. I am pretty used to it
now. I do really miss the city. It's like, you don't go to the New York
New York South mission to come home and tell stories about being in the
Island and driving your car around, you want to tell stories about tracting
in the Ghetto, but I am very excited to have the oppurtunity to try
something new, it really is almost a completely different mission. All of
your work is different. And it is also kind of hard, because we are only
allowed a certain amount of miles to drive each month, so you have to keep
track, and really plan out which areas you are going to work in each day so
you don't drive to much. But it is good. It really teaches you

There are some really good members. Two members of the district presidency
are from the branch, so it is pretty strong. There is a family that lived
in Ogden for a while, so I got to enjoy talking to them about that. I have
heard rumors that a Sister, Sister Malinka grew up in Layton, but that is
just rumors. And she does look kind of familiar. But luckily enough they
invited us over tonight for a Family Home Evening, so I will get to know
them and see if she really is. So the branch is good. Really strong,
really nice people. We had a BBQ last week, a branch one, they just started
doing them, to build some love within the branch and so everyone can get to
know everyone, and it was really good. It was fun getting to talk to

I probably wont' have to translate every week. One of the other Spanish
elders , who is in his 4th transfer said he wants to try it every once in a
while, so he can practice, so I am fine with that. There is also a member,
she is about 20, that likes to do it sometimes, she did it yesterday. I
translated up until the Sacrament Prayers, and then she took over. So it
will just have to be a week to week, we'll see who does it thing. Anyways.

In actualy Lynbrook there are 4 missionaries. The area of Lynbrook is split
in half, and we each work half. I really think they should make one
companionship all english, and one all spanish, and have the areas not
split,then you could focus more, but I am not in charge of such things, and
I guess they are the way they are for a reason. :) But so the other two
Elders are Elder Burk and Elder Hatch. Both really young missionaries.

I don't know if I got the shipment, I will see at Zone Conference this week.
Oh yeah, at Zone Conference Elder Pace from the presidency of the 70 is
going to be there, so I am excited for that. But that is when I will get
packages. I haven't got ahold of Brenda, I will be trying a lot today. I
think the Pods are going to work out. The problems aren't horrible, and
with the sticky tag thigns I think that will really help. And pluss it is
coolign down, so I won't have any of these problems until next summer at
all. I will send the box back soon. Sorry for it being so long. Now I do
live where there is a Wal-Mart, so maybe going that route might be better.
And I will figure out the doctor thing at everything.

This week was really good. We had a lot of success, and met some cool
people. We taught our first legit Spanish lesson, to a Dominican family we
found. There really are like not Spanish people in our area, but now we
know of at least one, and they seem pretty interested. We also taught an
awesome lesson to a man who actually is a Free Mason. he was very intrigued
by it, and I think he will be really good.

I am pretty sure that the throwing up was something I ate. I had eaten some
strange things that day, so i know that is why it happened. It is weird to
think that missionaries get sick too, but we do. Haha. It is something I
never really thought about before the mission. Just figured they would all
be fine always. But we are human too.

It sounds like everyone it doing well. I have a couple things you can help
me out with. First off . . . I am in need of new garments. Mine have seen
about the end of it. So that would be awesome if you could get me some and
send me some. It doesn't ahve to be a huge hurry though, just some time.
What I wear is cotton-poly mix, crew neck tops. My tops are Small, normal
length. And then I wear the cotton-poly brief style bottom. Normal length,
32 inch waiste. I would probabaly want about 8 of each. So let me know if
you can do that for me. Thanks.

Thank you for taking care of my line of credit. Also, this week I think I
will be purchasing a new suit, because I am in a need and want of a new one.
It will cost about $100, and I will use my home card, but I will send you
cash to cover it, so you would just have to put it in my account. So if you
could do that for me that would be great. So I will be sending the money
this week, should be there in a few days.

I think other than those things I am doing very well, and all. I need to
get going, but I love you very much, and I will talk to you all next week.

-Elder Miller

PS, tell everyone sorry i have been slacking on the BoM e-mails, but I will
send one next week, so get everyone to send me an email on where they are
Sunday night.

Love ya!

Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009

Hey Mom,

Yes I am online right now, but I will just make this my normal e-mail.

Sounds like you had a bit of fun. That would be really cool. I am glad you
all had fun.

I am serving in Lynbrook, which is just barely Island. It actualyl kind of
touches Jamaica, where I just was. It is pretty far away from the Hamptons.
Those are a lot further out. But it is really weird. It will take a while
to get used to. There are like houses and stuff. Guess what I did last
week? I went to a Wal-Mart. It was crazy. It was the first time I have
seen a Wal-Mart in like a year. It was crazy. It is also going to take
some getting used to not having a Metro Card, and having a car. We have a
like 2007 Chevy Malibu. It is pretty nice. It has been weird to drive a
little bit, since I hadn't in about a year. But it is nice. You always
know where your ride is, and no running for the bus.

We live in a house. It is super crazy. No more apartment. But we just
live on the second floor. The bottom is the owner, and they rent out the
top floor to us. It is really nice. It is kind of scary to me. My last
bathroom in Jamaica was nasty and like covered in mold, and the bathroom
here in Lynbrook is all tile and way nice. As nice as our bathrooms back
home. Just everything is nice and clean and fairly new. It is pretty

So I went to church yesterday, obviously, and the branch seems really good.
I like it. It has about 100 active members. It is split, it has both
spanish and english. For priesthood there aren't too many Spanish males
that don't know english, so they just kind of go with it, and those that
don't sit by people that know both and they kind of translate for them.
During Sunday school they have two classes, one english and one spanish, and
during Sacrament Meeting they have little headsets, and someone sits in the
back of the room and translates into a little mic-head set thing. Guess who
the person who gets to translate is? Me. Man it was pretty hard.
Translating so much so quick made my brain hurt really bad. There are 4
missionaries assigned to the branch, one being my companion, who is English
speaking, and the other two are Spanish, one in his 2nd Transfer, and one in
his 3rd. So I was the one that got elected to translate. It will be good
for my Spanish though, because there are not very many people that live in
our proselyting area that speak Spanish, so I don't think i will get to use
it a lot.

My companion is pretty good. His name is Elder Goodman. He is 25. So that
is a little weird. But he is cool. I already knew him pretty well, because
when I was in jamaica, he was in Richmond Hill, which are in the same Zone,
so I saw him pretty often and got to know him well.

I have tried a couple times for Brenda, I will keep trying. One of the
hastles is I changed phones, so I think she may have tried the Jamaica
phone, but I will be sure to get ahold of her as soon as I can.

Other than that things are going really well. We came into a not very good
pool, so we have been doing a lot of finding, but we have found some people
that I am very excited for.

Something else exciting happened this week. I threw up for the first time
in my mission. haha. It was really bad. I don't know what it was, but I
thought I was going to die. It was coming out of both ends and I was in so
much pain. But no problems since, so I am happy about that. And you are
welcome for all the details. haha.

Well, i love you so much, and I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009

Hey Mom,

The answer to the ASL question is it depends. ASL is obviously American Sign Language, and as Spanish people there is Spanish Sign Language which is very different from ASL. But most people also know another form of sign language that is called International Sign Language, so they can communicate with anyone that is deaf. So there is your answer. I have had the oppurtunity to learn quite a bit of Sign Language on my mission. We have classes with the ASL missionaries every once in a while, so that in case we meet one we can get there information and give it to them.

That very much is a Lamborghini. Pretty sweet. I will be sure to send lots of pictures. I will include some in this email, but I don't know which ones yet, I will talk about them later.

So guess what, tomorrow is transfer meeting. Another one down the ropes. And guess what? I am getting transfered. Crazy Huh? I am going to miss Jamaica a lot. Guess where I am going? A place called Lynbrook, it is out on Long Island. That is about all I know about it. My companion's name is Elder Goodman. Want to know something else kind of weird. I am going to be working in the Spanglish program. Elder Goodman is an English missionary, and in this specific area we work both. So if we meet a spanish person, we teach them, we meet an english person, we teach them. It will be interesting, because when we teach in Spanish I will have to do all the teaching. Or translate what my companion says. It will be weird. It is also a car area, the first time I will drive a car in almost a year. It is also Elder Goodman's first time in a car, and he has been out for like a year and 4 months. It will be interesting getting used to New York drive, let alone getting used to driving period. But I am really excited an nervous. We are getting "blinded in" as the mission lingo is, which means we are both new, going there for the first time, so it will be weird because we don't know the area, the people, anything. I'll get really good at using a map.

Brenda did call me, I missed it becaseu I was in a appointment. I have called her back a couple times and no answer, and have left a few messages. I will continue trying. I have 9 pods left I believe.

Juan is being kind of flakey, but he will be good. Robin from columbia is still doing well. We need to get with him again and see if he is still willing to work forward. But I only have today to do that. haha. I will be on Long Island tomorrow. I am spending my time today packing. It is always no fun.

Last week was pretty good. A lot of really hot weather. I would have to change shirts and g's half way through the day. It was pretty miserable. But oh well. One day there was a crazy Flee Market that covered all of Jamaica Ave, and we went and handed out 100's of pass a long cards. It was pretty fun.

Ok, I have included a picture of me with the Alarcon Family. They are the best. They are the ones that got me the birthday cakes. They are from El Salvador. Hma. Alarcon is the gospel principles teacher. Steven is the young men's president, and is hopefully going on a mission soon. Leda is Young Women's President, and has her mission papers all done and just has to turn them him. She is putting her availability date in January. They are beyond awesome. I am going to miss them so much. They invistigated the church for like 10 years before they joined.

Anways, I better get going. I love you all so much. I will talk to you all next week.

-Elder Miller

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Hello All,

Yes, my birthday turned out well. Still have a hard time thinking that I am
20. But, hey, one bonus, it is a lot easier to say 20 in Spanish than it is
to say 19. Haha. But yeah, I really enjoyed my Birthday.

So I attatched a picutre. I hope you haven't opened it yet. Before you
open it I want you to remember that I am serving in the Ghetto. So now that
you remember that, this picture was taken right outside my pad, just a few
steps down the street on the corner.

Yep, you got it. That is me standing next to a Lambo. That car is worth
more than my life. And it was just chillin on the street. I thought it
would be a good picture to send. Make you all laugh a little bit.

I got the card, and I got a present from Kadee and Jim. I also got a card
from Aunt Nannie. It was great. Everyone is so nice.

Okay I will wait on the pump situation and see if she contacts me. I
believe I have 12 pods left. I didn't count for sure, but based on last
time. I know I have at least 11.

Let's see, other things in the package. Anything you want would be great.
I think I am pretty good on most things. But anything you think I would

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention something I saw the other day I saw in the
store. It was an at home A1C test. You sucked the blood in, mailed it off,
and they send you back results within 3 days. It cost like $20. Maybe you
could do some research on these and see how well they work. It seemed like
a cool idea. Anyways.

Thank you for helping me out with the test strips.

Weather has been horrible. Yesterday it rained so much, everywhere was
floded. It was really fun to try to run home, even with umbrellas we all
got drenched. But oh well.

Juan is doing pretty well. We had a sad moment the other day with him
though. We went over to visit him and he was very drunk. Enough that his
family had left the apartment. So we will continue working with him and
praying for him.

We knocked into this kid last week. His name in Robin, he is 17 and from
Colombia. He has been here for about 7 years. He listened to a quick
message and we set up a return appointment. When we came back we took a
member with us, Leda Delao. It was an awesome lesson, and he totally felt
the spirit. We have another apointment with him, and are going to see if he
had read the BOM and if he had prayed about it. I am really excited for

Last week i got to have my first interview with Pres. Nelson. it was great.
He is an awesome man, and I think he will do great with this mission.

Well, I better get doing. Until next week. I love you.

-Elder Miller

PS, it was weird to not celebrate Pioneer's Day. Haha.

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009

Howdy Hey Hey,

Ok, so here are the updates to the points you really want.

1. How my birthday went.
It started out just kind of normal, not very fun. Just went and did my
normal P-Day stuff. I had to run to the mission office to give an English
Class packet thingy to Sister Heininge (she was in my district in Flushing)
and she had made me a cake and some cookies. That was so cool. Then in the
night we worked, and then we went over to this families house, the best
family ever, Alarcon, and they had got me a cake, and they got me a present,
a Rubik's Cube, haha, they had heard I liked them. Then on Saturday, they
had felt bad for my cake being a last second not fancy one, so they got me
another one. I felt so spoiled. I got them a way cool thank you card
though. But they are so awesome, so I really enjoyed my birthday, I am
including pictures of all my cakes. Haha. I bet I gained so much weight.

2. If I got my presents.
I am not sure all that was sent, but this is what I got. The shoes,
they fit awesome and look great. I am hoping to keep them in good shape and
wear them for mostly special occasiones, like transfer meeting and
interviews with the president. Package with lots of candy and the gifts
from Sandee and Heidee. All was great. You know my food taste so well.
The CD is awesome, and the books are great. I had been reading a copy of
Nuestra Busqueda de la felicidad, so I am really excited to have them and
read them. I haven't recieved the card from Grandpa and Grandma, but we
haven't got mail in a few days, because the store we live above has been
closed. Lame. But thank you so much to all for all the wonderful presents.

3. Supplies.
Yes!, the AP's were actually on exchanges with the ZL's that day, so
they just brough it to the church, put it in the fridge there, and I got it
out of the fridge and brought it home. Do you want me to send that package

4. I got the test strips at Rite Aid, but they couldn't find the
prescription for some reason, they might have been able to, but I didn't
have the time to wait, so I bought them at full price. I am sorry. So my
card is probably on overdraft, if you would look at that for me, and get it
worked out that would be awesome, you are the best.

5. Mission President.
he is really cool. I have actualyl ahd a lot of time to spend around
him, and I think he will be really good. he has the right attitude about a
lot of things. So it will be good.

The weather hasn't been too bad here. But you know what not too bad weather
in New York means? Horrible. It hasn't been that hot, but hte humidity
here is redonkulous. You come home soaked in your own sweat. Oh how happy
i am it is not hotter. I heard last year was pretty bad.

Just so you know I think I have about 14 pods left, I will count for sure,
and let you have the exact count next week.

Ok, so I have one story for ya this week. We came into contact with this
man named Juan this week. We met him through English Class. His main
interest was in English. He says he needs to learn how to read and write so
he can pass a test he needs to take, taht is only offered in English. We
said we could help. I was talking to him the other day, and he was telling
me what he needed to learn to pass the test, and I was just listening and
said we could help, then after he said, "But I know you guys also teach
about Christ, and I have always liked learning about him and the Bible, so I
would love to hear about that too." It was so cool. You could really tell
that he wants to learn about the gospel. We actually have an appointment
with him tonight, so next week I will let you know how it went.

That is super crazy about camp. Camp Browning is a fun place though. I am
sure it will all work out and be fine.

It sounds like everyone has been doing pretty well. That's great.

That is awesome about the shoes and them being cheaper.

Well, I had better get going, so I will talk to you next week.

Love you bunches.

-Elder Miller

Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13, 2009

Hey Mom,

How is everything going? Hope it is all good.

I have had the opporunity to spend quite a bit of time with the new mission
president. He seems like he will be good. He is a really friendly man, and
is all about getting the work going. It will be good. I mentioned to him
about Stacey Jennings.

It has been pretty hot. Not too bad. It could be worse. I am still having
struggles with my pods. If you could find out about those tagderms, or
whatever they are called, haha, that would be great. Today we have a Zone
activity and it is going to involve much playing and sweating, so I actually
decided to go on shots for the day, so I took some lantus. That way I don't
have to deal with falling off pods. But if you find out about the tagderms
taht would be great. I haven't had much problem with them falling off
except for on P-Days. Also, when you send insulin, if you could send a new
bottle of Lantus, it would be awesome, because I think the one I am have is
technically expired.

Also, test strips, I guess I miscounted, and I only had 1 bottle when I said
I had two. So i am down to like 5 strips, and you said you forgot to send
them, so my mistake for counting wrong, but I guess I will be going and
buying a vial today. I am pretty sure that will put me on my overdraft for
my card too, so you could take care of that for me. Sorry for the
struggles, but I know you are the best and always take care of them for me.
You are the best.

So, yes, it is my birthday, but I think it will just be a pretty regular day
mostly. I didn't tell too many people it was my birthday. I got a phone
call from Sister Nelson this morning wishing me a happy birthday. For today
we have a Zone activity, we are going to a park and having a BBQ and playing
handball, so it will be like most other P-Days, just with a BBQ, but it will
be fun. Two of the youth in the branch I am serving in found out it was my
birthday, and they said they were going to buy me presents, but we will see.
Haha. There is a family in the branch also that I know if I would have told
them it was my birthday, they would have made me a cake and had me over, but
I didn't want to put more stuff on their plate, so I didn't tell them. So
mostly today is probably just going to be another day in the mission field.

The work is going slowly but surely. We were able to find a few people that
hopefully will be really good. One cool thing that happened last week is we
were knocking this building, and not much luck, which is pretty typical with
knocking, it was actually less than luck, people were being pretty mean to
us. Then when we were on the last floor, with only like 3 doors left, we
knocked on a door, and as soon as it opened, I felt good about it. It was
an older hispanic man. We introduced ourselves, did a little door approach,
and he said, I really woudl have you, but my wife is sick. Pretty typical
excuse I thought for about a half a second, it is a normal one. But then he
said that he had met with missionaries before, and they stopped comign for
one reason or another, but that he had a Book of Mormon and loved it, and
wanted us to come back in a while, when his wife was better. It was sweet.
So i am really excited fo him.

So it was a pretty good week. It went by really fast. Not only today I am
20, I am also 11 months in my mission. Only 1 more month and it is over the
hill. It's gone so fast. I had this discussion the other day with some of
the other missionaries that right in the middle is a really weird feeling,
because you feel like you have been out forever, but you also feel like you
don't go home forever. It just causes cognative dissinance. You have been
a missionary forever, and you will be forever. I got a letter from a
missionary who has gone home that I met here saying they can't wait for me
to be home so we can hang out, and I responded, I am never coming home, the
second coming is happening first, and then I will be doing missionary work
through the milenium. Haha.

Well, I hope everything is going well. Let me know if there is anything I
can do for anybody. I love you so much. I will talk to you next monday.

-Elder Miller

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009

IMG_0141 - Welcome to Brooklyn! :)

DSCN7491 - Me in front of the Jamaica Chapel. The 2nd Floor of a Farmer's Market.

DSCN7494 - Me on the roof of the Chapel.

IMG_0036 - New York during 9/11. I wasn't there, I stole the picture.

Hey Mom,

Yeah, if situations happen where I can't e-mail you for some reason, I will try my best to let you know why.

It is not scary about the drunks. Don't worry about the drunks. If I had a dollar for everytime a drunk came up and talked to me I would be a millionare. Honestly. They are something that is not scary at all, they are more frustrating than anything.

The new mission president seems really good. We just had a short meet and greet with him on Wednesday. I think he will be really good. He seems really nice. He came up to me, looked at my name tag and said, "Elder Miller from Layton, UT. What was your A1C the last time you got it checked." He said he had been studying on the missionaries for like 3 months now, so he knew more about us, so we could bond.

This week was pretty good. Again, a lot of rain which was really frustrating, but oh well. Just a couple highlights of the week.

So on the 4th the ward was having a BBQ at the park, but in order to get a spot in the park, people had to go to the park and save a spot at like 5 in the morning. Some members voluntered, but slowly but surely came up with reasons why they couldn't. Like it usually the case, missionaries in New York do everything, so they asked us to go. So we were in the park at 5 inthe morning, and we all laid on the tables we were saving and tried to sleep. We looked like total bums. The party did not even start until 10, so we had like 5 hours before anybody was even there. We ended up being at the park for about 12 hours. It was crazy. It was really fun though. We have a pretty sweet branch.

Another funny story of the week. Yesterday before church, we had been out working, and we ran home to grab our suit coats to go to church. When we got to our pad we found an older lady at our door. She was the census lady. So we had to get interviewed for the census. It was pretty funny to explain to her that we had a 3 bedroom aprtament, no living room, 6 twenty year old males living there, How many hours we worked a week (like 70) and how much money we made in the last year ($0), it was pretty funny. She didn't know much about mormons, but it was interesting to tell her a bit. We were also asked our last place of residence, so on the US Census, Ellis Miller is listed as living in Jamaica New York, making no money, recieving no food stamps, and his last place of residence was in Brooklyn New York. We definately threw off the census.

I've included a few pictures. Some newer, some older. Here are some descriptions.

Well, I hope all is going well. I will talk to you next Monday. I love you so much.

-Elder Miller