Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 23, 2010

Hey All,

Wow, that is pretty amazing. 30 years. I have not even been alive for 30 years yet. Haha. That is pretty weird. Being with someone 10 years longer than I have lived. But that is super awesome. Congratulations.

The pad has not been too bad. I don't know if this really makes you feel better or worse, but for the record, it is a lot better than the Jamaica pad was. So just for your information. Last week we mopped the floor in by our study room, and it looks a lot better. It was realyl nasty, and we put a little elbow grease into it, and it still isn't great, but it is looking pretty good.

That is interesting to hear about the Blietchau kid. You should tell Heidee to try to talk to him. It is great missionary oppurtunity. He is a great kid, and the teenage years are really when you are going to be making the decisions that will affect how you spend the rest of your life. SO that would be great for her to find out the deal.

As far as the work, everything is going really well. Javier got confirmed yesterday, so that is really good. His daughter Rachel was supposed to be baptized yesterday, but wasn't able to do it, because we could not get her taught everything, due to her living with her mother and such, but we taught her yeasterday, and only need one more visit, and she will be baptized this Sunday. Out investigator Norma also has a baptismal date for this Sunday, but we are not sure if it will happen. She is living with her boyfriend, so obviously has to move out to be baptized, and the boyfriend is now saying you can stay living with me and we can get married, or you can move out and I will never see you ever again. She does not want to get married, but wants to stay as boyfriend and girlfriend. So we are working with that. She is realyl stuggling and he is realyl giving her a hard time. But she will get baptized, it is just a matter of when. This sunday can still happen. As far as the ex communicated member he is doing great and is getter baptized this Saturday, his family is flying in this week, and his son is going to baptize him. It is super exciting.

I will call for the insulin this week then, and I will let you know what is up.

So something really cool happened this week. On Friday the ward had a Valentine's day party (a little late) and they asked the missionaries to provide some entertainment. We had a couple things we had come up to do, but we had a better plan, and it ended up working. We got Javier, the guy who had been baptized for about 5 days, to bring some karaoke cds and sing at the party. He used to sing as a professional in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. It was totally amazing. Everyone loved him. It was so good. It was way exciting. He said it was the first time he had sang in 4 years. He did a great job. Then my companion played and sang a couple Elton John songs and did a great job.

On tueday there was a Fireside put on by the Young Women on missionary work, and the asked to the oldest missionaries to bear their testimonies, and weirdly enough, it touched me to be one of the two. It was really interesting. It made me feel really old. Anyways.

I think other than that that is about all that is new with me. Things are still going pretty well. Transfers will be next week. We will see what happens.

Here are the answers to your questions.

1. Whatever kind is fine, something really good looking, maybe a square toe. Haha. Just kidding, whateveer is fine. I want them black. :)

2. Box yes, check still no, I will let you know.

3. Already told you. We met a ne great guy yesterday named Herman, that I think will be good. Our pool is really big right now though, there are tons of people I haven't even told you about yet. THings are going great in the work.

4. Test strips good.

5. I should be good.

Well, I love you tons, and I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010

Hey All,

Happy Valentines Day.

Everything with the new server is great. I am really glad they made the chagne. It is definately a lot better than it was before.

You have it straight, we ended up not moving again. We are just in the little place still. It is alright though. It turned out to be alright once we all got moved in and settled. It is still small, but it is alright. I don't think I will be there for much longer anyways though, I am pretty sure that I will be getting transfered here pretty soon, probably in the next couple weeks. But it is all good. I believe the actualy name of the city we live in is called Middle Village, i am not sure. It is on the border of Middle Village and Elmhurst. It is like 1 minute walking from the office.

I got the insulin and everything is good on that. Just keep me updated on what I need to do.

I do not know who the full time missionaries are. Chris and I are the only ones I know, are there others? Liz Love's BF? I have no clue.

So the work is going killer good. It was a really weird week this last week, because we had our Zone Conference, so that took away from out inthe field missionary work, then we had a snow storm that we were asked to stay in for, which ended up not being bad at all, and then we had to go get the staples taken out of Elder Call's head, and it took forever in the hospital. So it was a really interesting week. But it still ended up being good overall as far as the work went, and then it was all topped off in the end. . .

Javier got baptized on Sunday. It was great. He has really come a long way and is so pumped now. After he was baptized he gave the best testimony ever. he was talking about all of the other people he was going to bring into the church. He is so awesome. I will attach some pics of his baptism. But he is awesome. We will be baptizing one of his daughters probably next week. I am really excited.

All the other investigators are doing pretty well.

I am very jealous about the Jack's Mannequin concert just for the record.

So, I have something to ask. I know you asked me this just last week, and I said no, but I obviously was not thinking. I am actually in the need of some new shoes is that could be a possibility. Sorry. But yeah, if that could be worked out some how, that would be great. I'm 10 1/2, so, yeah. Again, sorry. But yeah.

So the excommunicated member that I told you about. He has a set baptismal date and time now. I am super excited for him. I really do love that guy, and it will be so cool to see him get baptized. It will be a funny thing, because his son is going to baptize him, and he baptized his on.

Well, I think that is about it for now. I will send another email with some pictures.

I love you all.

-Elder Miller

Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Hey All,

Well, can I say that the new email server is really nice and it makes me really happy. It is now G-Mail based so it basically looks exactly like you are using Gmail, which is of course really nice. So anyways.

The crazy week is now over, and we are back in the normal swing of things. I am glad you ended up getting my email and everything went well. It was a weird surprise when we went to the mission office and Sister Adolphson grabbed me and told me, but I am glad it got worked out.

We are now a little not packed in like sardines. It turns out we are not moving again, we will be staying in the same pad, which is ok, since we have known that and got unpacked from our suitcases and getting things organized it ahs been a lot better. It is still pretty small, since there are 5 of us in the pad, and it really is like maybe the size for 3 or so, but it is working out alright, and we shouldn't have any problems, we aren't really in the pad that much anyways. We now have a bunk bed, and I offered to keep my matress on the floor since we have 3, we could have got another single bed frame, but they didn't have any box springs, so it wouldn't have changed anything, and the mattress might have sooped. We do have a shower, so that is nice.

OUr investigators are all doing pretty well. Norma is doing great. Right now we are in some interesting situations with her and her boyfriend, I am pretty sure she is leaving him pretty soon (they are leaving together) and he is very not happy about that. Apparently he yelled at her for reading the Book of Mormon, so it is hard. Otto and Steffy are doing good, still working to get on their mothers good side. We have a few other things to work over with with Javier, but if all goes well he will get baptized next week.

I ahve not picked up the rest of the insulin, do I have to call them before, or what? I am still not sure how it is supposed to work. If you want to call again or whatever for this time, and call the mission office and have them tell me when to go pick it up, that woudl be great, and then just let me know when I need to call them from now on that woudl be awesome.

Yes it is a LDS church with the storage in it, it is like the basement of the church.

I am glad that the Saints won, I am not a Colts, also, I don't know if he still is, but there used to be a guy on the Saints who went to Northridge, so that is cool.

I think I am good on pods for a while, but I will let you know, I stil need to get the insulin like I said, alcohol and lancents I am good on for right now, I think most things I am alright on. The purchases on my debit card were some unexpectd things, like some cold medicine, because I have got a pretty bad cold, and so that was for that. A little extra money would be nice, if you could, but if you can't, that is fine too, I can live. Anything you want to send I am more than willing to take also.

I think everything else is going really well. Everything is going well. Let me know if there is anythign I can do for you.

Happy Valentines Day,

I love you.

-Elder Miller

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 1, 2010

Howdy Hey Hey,

Okay, so just to start this off, let's just say, what a crazy week. I can say it has been one of the weirdest weeks of the mission. Let's see what happened.

Well on top of the normal crazy like trio things, well first on a good note we got a super sweet new investigator this week, her name is Norma, she is a member ref and I would be willing to bet she is going to be baptized in the next few weeks. She is so amazing and so ready. We got things going better with Otto and Steffy's Mom, we are having the Sister missionaries helping with her. She seems to like them, we will see how it goes. So we had a pretty good week as far as missionary work goes.

Okay, first off, we moved. It took a long time, becaseu well we had to leave the old pad completely empty you know, so there wasn't much missionary work going on, we just moved.

Okay side note on the moving thing. Part of the moving we had to put some stuff into storage, and well, our storage is in Manhattan. So I got to go to Manhattan last week. It was pretty cool. The storage is i na church, and the church was really pretty. But yeah, so I drove over the Queens Boro Bridge, drove past the Metro Museum of Art, and stuff like that. Not too much though, because it was mostly go and come back. But it was fun.

Ok, our new pad, it is horrible. There is room for maybe 2 people to live in there, and, well, there are 5 of us. So it is very cramped. And this is what tops it off, we found out that we are moving again this week probably, that this is just putting us here temperarily, so on top of no room, we are leaving out of our suitcases, so that is fun. We also have what has become known as our "superbed" because there is not enough floor space for much, so all of our mattresses are like right next to each other, because we don't have out bedframes, because we aren't goign to move them in, just to move them out. So the whole moving thing is still in works, and it is not very fun.

Ok, so for the last of the crazy stories, on Sunday we were studying in our pad, and we don't have desks because of the moving situation, but Elder Call was sitting in a like computer chair with wheels, and he was leaning on it, and then he shifted his weight, and the wheels popped out from underneath him, and he fell backwards and hit his head on the corner of a wall. Well, long story short, he starts bleading everywhere, like a lot, and we clean in up, wrap his head, call the office elders, they come and get us, we go to the emergency room, and they do there stuff, and now Elder Call has 4 staples int he back of his head. And then on top of that, we went to church a couple hours later. Crazy, huh? He is goign to be fine, we just have to go back in like 10 days and have them taken out. Same situation as when I had mine. HIs cut was like really deep though. It was carzy, I didn't 'think it was too deap, but hten they cleaned it out before stapling it, and it surprised me.

Ok, so last thing. We have this excommunicated member that we have been asked to work with, and we have been for a long time, and I have grown really close to him, he is from Guatemala, anyways, he found out yesterday that he is all ready to go, get baptized whenever he watns. I am so excited. he is just going to find out when his wife can fly out and he will get batpized. I am stoked.

So that is my crazy life.

Well I think that is it, and I better get going. I love you all so much.


-Elder Miller