Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16. 2010

Hey All,
So last week was the 2 year mark. How weird is that? I am now on overtime. I figure I should get paid double for that. Haha. Maybe just more hot-wife points. Anyways. It will be intersting to have sorts of meetings and stuff. But it will be nice to stay busy for this week, keep my minds off of things.
I had some fun adventures this last week. I will include some pics, get you all excited to see me.
1-The temple. It was a really good experience. It is always nice to go to the temple, and I have not been in about a year, so it was nice to be back. We also had the chance to walk though central park a little bit, and we got a Manhattan hot dog. It was pretty good. So it was a very fun trip. Manhattan is really nice and I always enjoy going there.
2- The Mets game. It was very fun. There were tons of missionaries there and we all had a good time. It was a quick game, nothing too exciting, but good. The Mets won 4-0, and ended the game on a double play. Santana, the pitcher, pitched an excellent game, with like 120 pitches, 12 stike outs I believes, and 75 of his pitches being strikes. So it was really fun to go and see. I am glad I had the chance.
3 - I finally got the chance to eat what is called Cui. It is something they eat in Ecuador. I have been trying to get some my whole mission, and right when I seem to find someone that is going to cook me some, I get transferred. But alas, a family here in Flushing, the Lopez family, got me some Cui. Ok, so now so you know, Cui is probably better known to all of you as Guinea Pig. It was alright, not bad, but way too much work for not enough meat.
I did really enjoy your card. It was one of the funnniest cards I had seen in a while.
So i gave President a hard time in my departing interview. I was joking I was mad that I never got the chance to serve in Riverhead, which is way out in Long Island. He said jokingly, well I can give you 2 more transfers out there. And then I said in a very serious tone, Ok. He was taken aback, he thought I was serious and was put in a tight spot. You could see him struggling trying to tell me he actually couldn't. It was funny.
Everything else is good. I'm going to keep this short, as I have no need to make it long. I am very excited to see you all, and I love you all very much.
-Elder Miller

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 8, 2010

Hey All,
This week was maybe the fastest yet. Fast enough that I really don't remember it that well. It is very hazy in my mind.
Oh yeah, sorry for this email being so late. We had a little bit of a different schedule today. I was with the Zone Leader running some errands and stuff. SO here is the email finally.
One of the errands was one I am very excited for. President Nelson approved it for us to go to a Mets game on Thursday. I am super excited. I was sad that I didn't get the chance, but in my last week, the chance came up. I am super excited. So today we went and bought our tickets. We are in the mega nose bleeds, keep the tickets cheap. Haha. But it will be a really good time.
Also this next week I have my departing temple trip coming up, on Wednesday, which I am really looking forward to. I have not been to the temple for over a year, and I really miss it. So that will be really good.
The feeling of leaving are still very weird. But they are not really noticable, as everything is still a surreal dream, so it makes the feelings not happen. I am sure I will have an onset of emotions when it becomes real. It will be hard to leave everyone here, but it is reassuring that I will be back a lot to visit. As long as money permits. Haha.
Diamond Bar is really close to Los Angeles. It should be really fun. We have already made some big plans. I am really looking forward to it. Elder Furlong and Nagaishi are great.
For the record, I do have my nametag on in my picture that is on the announcement thing, you just can't see it. It is attatched to my sweater, on my left hand side. Just so you know. And it does look super New York in the picture. It is actually one of my favorite. I think it turned out well.

I recieved your package. Thank you. It was great. It will be a nice little snack for the last week, though I better be watching what I eat for this last week, so I can make sure I go home looking good. Haha.
So one other interesting thing that happened this week is that I had my departing interview with President on Friday. You know like in the movie the RM where your mission president tells you to get a job, get and education, and get married, not necisaraily in that order. Haha. It was really nice though. He expresssed his appreciation for me and told me good job. I also asked him about getting a letter or recomendation for jobs, perhaps for the translator job at McKay Dee. He said he would be more than willing. He might be an alright recomender for McKay Dee, as he was its CEO a year ago. Haha. So it went really well.
Well, I don't have much time, but I love you all very much, and I will talk to you all next week.
-Elder Miller

Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

Hey All,
This week for sure went by way too fast. It is super weird. It seems like the weeks last a long time while I am actually going through them, but when I get here to this computer on Monday and it feels like I just barely emailed you it makes me a little scared.
The end of a mission feel is something else. It is something I don't think can be described. There is way too many flows of emotions. I am not sure what to feel, but oh well. You just have to go on with in though. It is also the first time I remember feeling nervous in a really long time. Nervous is not usually something that I feel. But I am feeling it right now. So we will see how it goes. It all should be well. But I am not enjoying this whole time. I was talking to some other missionaries the other day and they were asking me about going home and such, and I told them I really wish there was something I could tell them so they could prepare for when it happens to them, but I don't think there is anything. I don't think if anyone would have told me anything it would have made it any easier on me. I think you just have to do it. Everyone does and it is hard for everyone. But that said, it is super weird to know that the calendar will not turn again while I am in New York. Hope it doesn't go too fast, while at the same time, I hope it does, so I can see all of you. There are those mixed feelings again.
So here it is. I believe me and Elder Furlong are planning on going on the road trip to Diamond Bar, California on October 15th and coming back on like the 22nd. Obviously it is not set in stone yet, but I just wanted to give you a heads up about it all. It will be a blast. We have some super cool plans.
Yeah, we will wait and see what happens about the Luau, sounds interesting to say the least. Haha.
It is weird that everyone is so old. It will be crazy to see everyone all big and such.
I should be good on test strips, but just in case will be nice. Pods are good. Should be no problem.
Everything else is going well with me. Nothing too exciting happening I guess. We found a few new people to teach that live on the 2nd floor of a Subway, like the restaurant. It was funny. They should be alright.
Yesterday this lady named Maria got baptized. She is super cool. I had the chance to do her baptismal interview this last week, and it was totally the best one I have done. She is super strong, was super ready, but also is super cool and super funny. It was great. The interview was full of smiles and laughs. It was maybe the highlight of my week, getting to talk to her for a bit and find her ready to be baptized.
I have received my flight plans. You should be getting them in the mail soon. I am flying Delta, nonstop. That should be fun. I am glad it is nonstop though. I big layover would be no fun. But yeah, I think I get in a like 1or something like that. But you should be getting all of the specific details. I think I got mine on Saturday, so maybe you will get yours today. They should have been sent out together.
Well, enough about talking about that. Haha. Everything else is going well. I love you all, and I will talk to you again next week.
-Elder Miller