Monday, December 8, 2008

December 8, 2008


Things are still going good. It is really starting to get cold here. Today
the high was like 19 or something like that. But that isn't the bad part.
The bad part is the humidity and the wind. With the wind chill the
temperature is definately in the negatives. Mail seems to take a long time
to get from here to Utah, a lot longer then I thought it would, but I guess
that is okay.

I took some pictures of my tree in my room that I will send you.

I got my Christmas presents today, which is the 8th. So I took it home with
me. I didn't know we would be opening them or anything like that at Zone
conference tomorrow. They told us taht we could pick up our packages at
conference, but I didn't know open them. But I have to tell you the truth,
I am very tempted to open them. Haha. If everyone else does tomorrow at
Zone conference I probable will, I don't know. I feel kind of like waiting
for Christmas, but not really, because our Christmas isn't really going to
be anyting special. I just get up and have to study and everything like
normal. I can't take time to do anything too special. BUt I guess we will
see what happens.

So are you sending me more christmas cards? I started writing on like 3 of
hte ones that you sent me already, should I not send those? Also, could you
send me a big list of addresses, because I looked and I only have like 13
addresses to send cards to. So let me know on that. I guess I will wait
until next week.

Okay, so I got two packages in the last two weeks. Both from
One was a box full of cereal, and one I got today was a box full of
pringles. Do you know who sent these? I need to know so I can thank them.
I have no clue who they are from they have no billing address or anyhting in
them. Please let me know.

I bet Christmas won't be that much difference. I'm not too loud or crazy or
anything. Mine will be difference, but won't. Because I won't even realize
it is Christmas. That is what happened with Halloween and Thanksgiving, it
didn't even seem like they were holidays, they just blew by.

So here is a cool story for ya. This week we were on exchanges with the
youth. I went to an investigator, and my comp went to another one. At my
investigator I went and taught him the Ten commandments and had a special
focus on keeping the Sabbath day holy, because he works on Sunday. He took
it all great and the spirit was very strong. He said that he would talk to
his boss right away to see what he could do about getting work off. At the
end of the lesson and told him he was the best investigator that I have had
yet and that I cared about him a lot. I then told him I thought that if he
started coming to chruch he was ready to be baptized, and I asked him to be
baptized on the 28th. He said of course he wanted to be baptized. So that
was amazing. My first commit. SO please pray for him and his boss to get
work worked out so he can come to church. That is the only thing that will
keep him, but I am super pumped.

while I was on the exchange my comp met with one of our other investigators
and asked him if he would want to be baptized too. And he said yes too. He
said he didn't want to set a stricked date yet until he had come to chruch,
but after he comes he wants to see if he likes it and to set a date.

Not a bad day, huh?

Lets see, what else.

Oh yeah,

55-10 103rd Street #2B
Corona, NY

That's our apartment address, I think. We are in the apartment in the
morning unitl about 10:30 every day, and then we normally aren't there until
about 9:30. So that is the deal-o on that. I just like pepperoni on my

It sounds like things are going pretty good at home. I hope they are. You
all deserve it. I hope these last few months have gone as fast for you as
they have for me. I miss you guys to, but not in a way that is distracting.
I think Heavenly Father has blessed me with that ability to not let things
from home bug me. It's been great.

So this week I taught English class for the first time. We offer a free
english class. We put up fliers and stuff. Little do people know that when
they come to English class we are going to teach them the gospel too. Haha.
But yeah, we had a bunch come last week, so I taught the advanced students.
and I will probably be teaching the beginners next week. So that will be

Entonces, ese es todal por este dia. No tengo mucho tiempo. Gracias a Dios
y gracis a tu por mi muchos bendiciones. Tenga un marvilloso dia.

I love you all so very much. Thank you for everything. I will talk to you
again next week. Love you tons.

-Elder Miller

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