Monday, November 24, 2008

November 24, 2008

Hola Todos,

HOw are things going for everyone. I am going to have to write this e-mail quick, something weird happened witht he computer and I only have like 8 minutes. I will try to get on again though.

So I got all the packages great. Thank you so much for everything. It really has been so wonderful. The thanksgivign stuff was so cute. We still don't really know what is going on for Thanksgiving, but I guess we will find out soon.

So here is one cool thing that happened this week. We had a special stake conference and Elder Perry was coming to speak at it. Awesome. So we were heading to the conference, it is pretty far away, took a couple trains and such. So we get there and right when we walk into the parking lot Elder Perry gets out of President Bennion's car. We were busy greating some of the members of our ward and such, and when we were done talking to all of them, Elder Perry said, "Hey Elders" and so me and my comp got to go over and talk to him for a little bit and shake his hand and such. He asked where we were from and how the work was coming and a few other things. It was pretty sweet to get to have like and actualy conversation face to face with an apostle. So taht was one really cool thing that happened this week.

So, guess what today is? It is the first official day of the second transfer. Isn't it crazy that I have been out that long? So the transfer calls came out last night and everyone in my district is staying, so we got the same district for at least one more transfer. It should be good.

So not much else exciting went on this week. Lots of tracting, lots of lessons, lots of good stuff. This week we met our goal with members with a lesson present, so that was sweet.

So on Tuesday we were passing out Hand along cards and stuff on the street. We has four people on four corners handing them out. Anyways, a lady came up to me and yelled as loud as she could, "YOu are a bigot!" It was pretty funny.

Anyways, got to go. Love you all so much. Keep in touch. Sorry for the short e-mail. I will try to write if I have time.

Much love, you are in my prayers.

-Elder Miller

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