Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009


So I totally just typed a lot and it all got deleted. No joke, it was lame.
Well to start again. Haha.

New transfers are tuesday. I will be moving to a new area and get a new
companion. I won't know where until Tuesday. My comp is also leaving, and
he is going to become a trainer, getting a fresh new missionary right out of
the MTC. When two Elders are moved out of and area at the same time, it is
called blinding out, and when two move in it is, well, blinding in. So we
got blinded out, my comp will be blinded in, and two Elders will be blinded
in to work Flushing. A lot of blinding in and out has been happening
lately, I think it is because of the AP's. They seem to like it. I don't
know why. I don't think it is effective. So it will be hard to give up all
the work me and my comp have done and hope that two Elders who don't know
the people can work well with them.

Um, nothing too exciting happened this week. We worked really hard and got
a lot of work done. We found tons of new people, worked really hard with
out progressing investigators, and stuff like that. We have 4 people
praying about baptisimal dates right now. I hope they all get their
answers. It will be sad to not see it go on though, but that part doesn't
matter, just the part of them entering the waters. So that will be cool.

So on Saturday I got the oppurtunity to baptize a girl named Ismeldy.
Remember Anthony who was baptized a while back? This is his younger sister.
It is awesome to see them both be baptized. And the coolest thing is that I
saw their mom get baptized like the second week I was here. So during my
stay here I have seen the whole family get baptized (they don't have a
father). So it has been way awesome to see all of them. I will try to
attatch some pictures. I'll have to see if my comp has his adapter. Ok, I
put some from Anthony's and Ismeldy's.

Well, I don't have much time to write. I got to pack. Bummer.

Well I love you all,

-Elder Miller

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