Monday, February 9, 2009

February 9, 2009

Howdy Hey Hey,

How are things going? Things are going great for me.

I think I have about a month left of pods left. Insulin I have 4 vials left
or so, I forgot to get an exact count again, I will count and maybe send you
a letter. Sorry. But everything should be good for a while. While the
fridge was out I kept one vial in the cooler box with ice, and then the rest
I had the Sisters put it in their fridge, so yeah, that is what went down.
I don't think the pen will work, but you could send one and I could try.

I did get to perform the baptism. It was awesome. I might be performing
one this week too, one of the sisters people,that I have taught before too,
but we will see. I don't really care about doing the baptism, just that
they get baptized. We have a couple other people we are teachign that will
be ready in the next couple weeks, but I might not be here in the next
couple weeks. Transfers are next tuesday, so that means I will get transfer
calls on Sunday night, so I'll be able to tell you for sure if I am leaving
or staying next Sunday, I have a feeling like I am leaving.

President was just talking about loving your companion, and then he told a
story of and Elder that is in this room that during interviews had asked
about his MTC comp and how he was doing because of a few situations and how
he thought it was awesome how much love that Elder had for his MTC comp and
how we all should have that kind of love for our companions. So yeah, that
was it. Not very many people knew it was me, but a few did, so yeah.

Things sound crazy at home. But that is good. One thing I have learned on
the mission is crazy is a lot better than boring. Speaking of crazy here is
one funny story from the week. We were leaving an appointment we had with
one of our less actives, so we went down the stairs and opened the door, and
a drunk passed out guy was leaning against the door and feel right in. So
to shut the door my comp had to grab him by his coat, lift him up, and I
reached in and shut the door, and then he leaned him back against the door.
It didn't even phase him, he didn't wake up or anything. It was way funny
because I never thought I'd ever see something liek that happen, but also it
made me think about how crazy it is that people actually live their lives
that way. It is kinda sad.

This week was good, lots of hard work, we had a hard time finding new people
to teach, but as for our existing people that we have been teaching, they
are all progressing really well. It is exciting to see things go that well.

I love you lots, you are in my prayers. Got to go send a couple more
e-mails. :) Love ya.

Happy Valentines Day.

-Elder Miller

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