Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010

Hey All,

Happy Valentines Day.

Everything with the new server is great. I am really glad they made the chagne. It is definately a lot better than it was before.

You have it straight, we ended up not moving again. We are just in the little place still. It is alright though. It turned out to be alright once we all got moved in and settled. It is still small, but it is alright. I don't think I will be there for much longer anyways though, I am pretty sure that I will be getting transfered here pretty soon, probably in the next couple weeks. But it is all good. I believe the actualy name of the city we live in is called Middle Village, i am not sure. It is on the border of Middle Village and Elmhurst. It is like 1 minute walking from the office.

I got the insulin and everything is good on that. Just keep me updated on what I need to do.

I do not know who the full time missionaries are. Chris and I are the only ones I know, are there others? Liz Love's BF? I have no clue.

So the work is going killer good. It was a really weird week this last week, because we had our Zone Conference, so that took away from out inthe field missionary work, then we had a snow storm that we were asked to stay in for, which ended up not being bad at all, and then we had to go get the staples taken out of Elder Call's head, and it took forever in the hospital. So it was a really interesting week. But it still ended up being good overall as far as the work went, and then it was all topped off in the end. . .

Javier got baptized on Sunday. It was great. He has really come a long way and is so pumped now. After he was baptized he gave the best testimony ever. he was talking about all of the other people he was going to bring into the church. He is so awesome. I will attach some pics of his baptism. But he is awesome. We will be baptizing one of his daughters probably next week. I am really excited.

All the other investigators are doing pretty well.

I am very jealous about the Jack's Mannequin concert just for the record.

So, I have something to ask. I know you asked me this just last week, and I said no, but I obviously was not thinking. I am actually in the need of some new shoes is that could be a possibility. Sorry. But yeah, if that could be worked out some how, that would be great. I'm 10 1/2, so, yeah. Again, sorry. But yeah.

So the excommunicated member that I told you about. He has a set baptismal date and time now. I am super excited for him. I really do love that guy, and it will be so cool to see him get baptized. It will be a funny thing, because his son is going to baptize him, and he baptized his on.

Well, I think that is about it for now. I will send another email with some pictures.

I love you all.

-Elder Miller

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