Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 26, 2010

Hey All,
Yeah, it really had been working without seeing much, but we are starting to see a bunch, and we will see some soon. I will talk about that a little later.
The weather has been great, unless of course you are a missionary. Haha. The last few days it had been raining tons, which as you know is exactly what I love, but when you are a missionary and you are required to be outside all the time it is about the worst weather. Kind of lame. But Ilove the temperature, so that it great.
It is crazy all of the natural disasters that have been going on lately. I heard someone say the other day that the 5 largest earthquakes in the history of the world have all been in the last like 10 years of something crazy like that. It is interesting how much it is going on, but I also believe that we need to not stress about it and just take it for what it is. Stressing is not good. Just be prepared and happy.
Okay, for a couple of stories I guess.
We have an investigator, his name is Pedro. He is from Guatemala. He is great man. He is about 45 I believe. We have been meeting with him a lot lately, and he has been progressing very well. The other day we had him over to Hno. Ovalle's house, who is also from Guatemala. It went very well. We watched the Restauration video and Pedro and Hno. Ovalle got a long very well, and Hno Ovalle did a great job teachign and testifiying. So it went very well. Keep Pedro in your prayers, we are hoping that he will be baptized in the next couple weeks.
Another investigator we have his name is Victor and he is from Ecuador. He is 21, so like our age. He has a wife and kid back in Ecaudor. He is doing great. He basically asked us what he needs to do to be baptized, and we talked about what he needs to change and what lessons he needs to be taught, and he made a check list in the front of his Book of Mormon, and had been checkign them off as we are doing them. The only thing that has been holding him back is he has had a class on Sundays, but it ends this sunday, and will be able to come after that. He also gave us the information of his wife to send to the missionaries in Ecaudor, so they can go visit and teach her. He said he wants her to be taught the same things he is, so when he calls, they can discuss it. He is great. So pray for him, we are hoping all goes well, he gets to come to church the week after he gets out of his course, and gets baptized 3 weeks later.
So a funny/cool story I guess. I was on a little exchange with and Elder named Elder Morales, and we were working in Astoria, an area in Queens, if I remember right, it is actually where Spiderman is from. Haha. Anyways, we were walking down the street and they were filming a film, we asked about it. It is going to be called Son of No One, and it is staring Al Pacino, Channing Tatum, and Katie Holmes. So if you hear about it, or it comes out before I get home, know I saw it being filmed. Haha.
As far as the box, just send whatever you want. I will be happy with whatever. As long as it involved dry fruit. haha.
Without talking about anything or making any plans, I would prefer the Jeep.
It sounds like all is well. I think that is about all that is up with me. I love you all and will talk to you all next week.
-Elder Miller

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