Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 3, 2010

Hey All,
So I actually just heard about the car today. How interesting that was. I guess from the details I heard that it was all set up ready to explode, but for some reason it didn't go off, and the only reason that they caught it is because it was smoking. Crazy. It is weird to be right here where everything is happening.
Weather was pretty miserable this week. It was either way way way hot and humid or it was pouring buckets, which is not fun as a missionary either. You know that as a non missionary I would take that all day every day, or even if I was back in the island and had my car again. Haha. But not when I am on foot. But oh well. I will probably have to deal with the rain until i am back in Utah.
I most certainly got the box. Thank you so much. It was great. I am pretty sure you sent enough toothpaste to last for a year, haha, so I might end up giving some to companions or whatever. I started the white strips, I'll see if they give me the pearly whites I will need when I get home to drive all the girls crazy. Haha. Just kidding. The dried fruit is great. It will be a good little mid morning snack to keep me going without making me fat. Last week I purchased a scale. I am currently at 160 pounds. Not too bad. I think I have a goal of going home at about 153. That would be sweet. Anyways. I think my favorite part was the slinky. It is great. It is gorgeous too. It has like a very retro look to it, and it is black. It is the coolest looking thing ever. It is also a great unwinder. So thank you so much, it was great.
That is crazy that the film doesn't come out until 2011. It will be fun if we can go see, than I can tell you all about where it is filmed and such. Haha.
Pedro and Victor are both doing very well. We just purchased a Large Print edition of the Book of Mormon for Pedro, because he has vision problems. So he is loving it. We are currently teaching him the Gospel out of the BoM. It is going pretty well.
Victor is still doing good. He had his last class on Sunday last Sunday, so he will be able to go to church this Sunday, so just pray that all goes well and he can come without problems.
So let's see, one cool thing that happened this week. Yesterday we go in to go to gospel principles, and the teacher had just been released a few weeks ago, and they still haven't called a new one, so they have been having mostly the missionaries teach since then. But we walk in and they say and the teacher for today is going to be Javier. He is the one for got baptized not too long ago. So that was a special treat. He did a really good job, taught a little lesson on the atonement. It was cool to hear him and see how he has grown since he got batpized.
You can send the disk and i will see what I can do.
Okay so the calling should work perfectly, because you will get home at like 2:15, which will be like 4:15 here. We have church from 1 to 4. So we will probably be calling around 4:30 or 5. I will be calling from Brother Ovalle's cell phone. So yeah, that should work out great. It will be great to be able to talk to all of you. I have been looking forward to it forever. It is weird to think that it has come so quick. It seems like I just barely talked to you all. Come to think of it, it was actually in Rego Park, I haven't even changed areas since the last call. So that is kind of funny.
Okay, one last thing. I think I will be getting some insulin this week. So I don't know how much or whatever it will be, but will you check maybe on Friday or Saturday what is up with my card and where I am at and such. Thank you so much.
So I don't know if you will think this is funny or not, but I found it funny, so I will tell you. This morning for the first time in a long time I felt like sitting down and writing maybe, I don't know, poem/song lyrics? anyways, one of those 2. I haven't felt like that in a long time. So I sit down and open a notebook and get maybe 4 lines down. Stop. Then I write in my notebook, "Wow, well I think I am going to come back to this later, because those sounded very emo-cutter like." haha. It was funny. I had a great idea, and when I sat down and tried to get it out, it sounded horrible. Anways, I don't know if that story was funny to anyone but me, but it was funny.
Well, I love you all. I will talk to you all next week, wait, this Sunday!
-Elder Miller

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