Monday, June 14, 2010

June 13, 2010

Hello All,
This week was an interesting one. Lots of meetings and stuff like that, which took up a lot of time. It was one of the biggest, what we call "juke" weeks ever. Juke would be when someone sets up an appointment, and then is not there when you come. When I got here in Flushing we had a pretty "dead pool" or not very many investigators. We've got that turned around. But so anyways, the first week we had like no set appointments, so just lots of finding. This last week we had like 10 set appointments, and out of those 10, 8 or them "juked". So that was very interesting. It's not really out of the norm I guess, juking happens a lot, but it was a very high pecentage and what not. So it made for a very interesting week.
One cool experience we had was during English class. We only had one person show up for English class, his name in Raul, he has been coming for a while. I am usually not in his English class, because I have been teaching the beginning, but anyways. So he gets taught English, and we always do a spiritual thought at the end, and the spiritual thought goes really deep, end up teaching all about the restoration and everything, and by the end he committed to be baptized on the 3rd of July. So that was really cool. Hope all keeps going well with him. He is 20 and from Guatemala. It is interesting how someone can go from seeming to have no interest to having tons in so little of time. It is amazing.
Other than that all things are going very well. One weird thing is happening today, which I am not really excited about. I live with Elder Nagaishi and Elder Pape (pronounced pop) and they are great. Well, today Elder Pape is going to be changed areas mid transfer, which is weird for him, because he only has 3 weeks left in his mission, so that will be a change for not very long. It is happening because there is another companionship that I guess is struggling quite a bit, so President thinks Elder Pape and Elder Naga can help both of them out, so one will be coming here with Naga, and Pape will go out and be with the other. It is sad to see Pape going, he is great, and only got 3 weeks with him. Hopefully the switch will help out the other companioship though.
Elder Hernandez left from California, I think he had been living there since he was like 10. Elder Oliva did come straight from Guatemala, had been to the states a couple times. His family is actually very well off. His Dad is a retired doctor, and now works for the church and an emergency response coordinator.
I will consider asking for something for my birthday, I will let you know next week, how does that sound?
I did get the other pakcage and it was great. Just what I needed.
So my eating went down the barrel last night as we were fed by a family, and they gave us what are called papusas, which have like 500 calories a piece, and they gave us both 9. That was enough calories for the week. Haha. So that was frustrating, but they were very good.
I do think I will be buying insulin this week, and so if you wouldn't mind checking my card, that would be great. I have been a little bit of a spender lately, sorry about that, but just getting some food things and what not, I really did spend a lot, sorry. I will not be spending much more for the rest of my mission though, so hopefully that will make up for that. Sorry again.
Well, taht is about all that is up with me. I will talk to you all again next week. I love you all so much.
-Elder Miller

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