Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hey All,
So my new companion is Elder Larson. He is from various parts of Utah, I believe his parents live in Draper now. He is kind of a goofy one, but he should be good. He definitely won't be bad or annoying, so that will be nice, a good companion to finish off. He has been out about 14 months I believe, the same amount of time as Elder Jacobs, my last companion. So he has been good. It will be interesting to see how it goes. It will be weird, knowing it will only be 6 weeks. 6 weeks isn't much time to get to know a companion to well. Anyways.
I was very excited to hear that Spain pulled off the World Cup, I was rooting for them. I was a little upset that Germany got 3rd. Not even one South American country in the top 3. Kind of lame, but oh well. At least Spain won, right?
Thanks for getting my room back in order, feel free to leave whatever you want in boxes and whatnot, I am more than willing to go through all of it. It will be interesting, I don't even remember anything that I have.
I am glad to hear that the camping went well. I heard from everyone that you all seemed to have a good time. That is really good. I am really excited to be there with all of you soon. It will be fun.
So in the mission right now there are a lot of big changes going on. They have started a completely new training program, that they are starting out in the fields, and will start teaching in the MTC in a year. They are doing that so that the missionaries that come out to the field go out to missionaries that already know the training. So it is pretty weird. We are spending a lot of time learning these new training programs and everything, and though it is really good and I am learning a lot, it is frustrating a little bit, because I won't get to use it and apply it much. I kind of wish that I had more time so that I could use it all. But alas, I don't. So I will just enjoy learning it and applying it for the short time I have left. Also they changed a little bit of the schedules, we used to have interviews with President every 6 weeks and something called a Zone conference every 6 weeks, but now we are having both every 12 weeks. So unexpectedly, now I will have one more interview, and I will not have a Zone conference. My last one was my last one, when I was expecting one more. But it should all be good, and I am excited for it. They also changed the boundaries a little bit within the mission and added 1 zone. So yeah, lots of changes right before I leave.
This week we found a new investigator to teach, her name is Rosa and she is from Colombia. She is about 70. When we knocked on her door she let us right in. She was very talkative, but very nice. She also fed us flan. The Spanish culture is cool, but so different. I am pretty sure she would have offered us her whole apartment if I would have asked for it, and it was the first time I met her.
In the district where I am serving they changed it a bit. There used to be my companion and I, and 2 companionships of sisters. Now there is my companion and I and a trio of sisters. So one less sister, but we are still outnumbered. I think Flushing might be the only area outside of Temple Square that has more Sisters than Elders. haha.
Well, I have to get going. I love you all very much.
-Elder Miller

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