Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7. 2010

Hey All,
So it does sound like you had a very packed full week. That is good though. Slow boring ones are always the worst I guess. But then again, I guess as a missionary we count weeks a lot more intensely then the normal person does. Everything we do is either on a weekly or transferly basis.
It is pretty crazy to me that Heidee is now graduated. She is still just the little baby. Weird to think she is all grown up and such. You will have to tell her congrats for me.
Yeah, the place I live is very nice. And I am really enjoying the side by side beds. I definately prefer them over a bunk bed setting, but having slept in a bunk bed for almost 2 years you get accustomed to it. But still, going back was nice. So no worries about where I am living, it is very nice. The days of living in Ghetto places are done.
Here is where my companions have been from.
Elder Hatch - Greely, Colorado
Elder Wahl - St Johns Arizona
Elder Powell - Lehi, Utah
Elder Hernandez - San Salvador, El Salvador and Englewood, California
Elder Heiner - Alpine, Utah
Elder Zimmerman - West Valley, Utah
Elder Goodman - Phoenix, Arizona and somwhere in North Carolina
Elder Alverson - Mesa, Arizona
Elder Oliva - Guatemala City, Guatemala
Elder Oakes - Mesa, Arizona
Elder Call - Kaysville, Utah
Elder Jacobs - Montpeliar, Idaho
So not too many have been too close by. But that is just kind of how it goes, that is where the majority of the missionaries are from, so it is easy for me to have companions from there.
The work is going alright. It is of course, hard. But the hard areas are the best. Totally tackling a hard area makes you feel great. So I am excited to do it again.
Nothing too exciting happened this week. Lots of hard work trying to find new people to teach in very hot weather. So basically it was a week of sweating and thirst. Haha.
I went and got some test strips last week just so you know. It ended up working out for $15, but I eneded up having to have the pharmancist call Dr. Tensmeyer and get the prescription sent there. So yeah, it all worked out. I also will probably be getting insulin in the next week or so, just so you know.
As far as my birthday, this is what I want exactly. And you know how often I tell you exactly what I want, so you better make it happen. Haha. JK. So this is what I want. This year I want my birthday to be delayed until September 13th or so. That is what I want. Lets wait until I am home, since it is like a month away. So as far as other things I may want as like presents, we'll wait on that. :)
Well, I think that is about it for this week. All is well. I love you all very much, and will talk to you all next week.
-Elder Miller

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