Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

Hey All,
Yeah, last week was a weird one, but this week has been pretty normal getting back in the swing of things.
It is super weird to be back in Flushing. Getting to see a bunch of people I already know and love. I am sure it is going to continue to be strange. I will get used to it though. Well, I am already used to it, but it is just trippy to seem like I never left. My companions name is Elder Jacobs. He is from Idaho. I already knew him pretty well, because he was ina neighboring area when I was in Rego. He was also companions with Elder Call, so we share a companion. He is super cool and a good missionary. So I am back in an area that I already know, with a companion that I basically already know. So it is almost not like change, but still a change. And I will almost for sure finish my mission in Flushing, so the only possible other change that I could have is to get a new companion, but that might not happen either.
You will be happy to hear that I am now living in a very nice apartment. And by very nice I mean by far the nicest I have lived in so far. We have side by side beds, it came furnished when the church rented it, so we have very nice furnature, it is all hard wood floors, just everything. We have 3 couches. So it is way nice. It will be good to finish my mission living in a really ncie place.
The weather has been horrible. It has been like 80 degrees inside our bedroom at night. We need to talk to the office to see if we can get another air conditioner. I might die. But I am sure we can get another one. We already have 2 going full blast, and they just don't handle it.
So it was kind of a slower week. The work in Flushing, as it was before, is very hard, because there are very few hispanic people that live there, as you know, it is all Asians, but as you also know, I also enjoy really hard work. So most of the week was spent trying to find people and such. One kind of funny story, just yesterday I believe, I talked to this guy on the street. You'd never guess it, but he was a member, or so he said. He said he was El Salvador, and that he got baptized in Guatemala like 7 years ago. Now for the best part, guess who he said baptized him. . . Joseph Smith. He said Jospeh Smith baptized him. It was pretty interesting. I politely told him Jospeh Smith and been dead for some time, and that was not possible, but he persisted. Very interesting. The people you meet in New York City, no?
It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. That is good. It is always good to hear.
Just so you know, I will have to buy test strips soon. I was expecting the package to be sent last week and get it today or tomorrow, so I will buy those today or tomorrow, I will remember to try to use that card and see if they will take it. So yeah, just so you know.
Well, all is well. I love you all very much, and will talk to you all next week.
-Elder Miller

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