Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hey All,
So the interenet is going really slow. I just thought I would mention that. It has taken me like 10 minutes just to get my email up and read all of them. Now I am short on time to email. Oh well. Haha. It doesn't matter.
So another week gone, and what an interesting week it has been. It seemed to have gone really fast, but on the other side it seems to have lasted for an eternity. To think that my birthday was last week is really weird. It seems like it was ages ago. But oh well. So time goes I guess.
Things are still good with the new comp. He will be fun. A little socially awkward, but he keeps things interesting.
I have been pretty updated on what is going on in the NBA world, and it sounds pretty nuts. The Heat will certainly be a force to be reconed with. I am so excited to be able to finally watch it this year. How weird.
Yeah, I will just be sleeping outside. That is how I will like it. You all already know. :)
As far as the new missionary training program Preach My Gospel will stay exactly how it is. INterestingly enough, Matt will not even be taught this program in the MTC, they will still be teaching the old curiculum, and he will be taught it in the field. They will start teaching it in the MTC in about a year. They are doing that so that when the missionaries leave the MTC they go out to a field where all the missionaries already know it. I think that is ingenious. But yeah, the program is pretty basic, which is always good, going back to the basics. Focussing on how we can help investigators and such. So it will be really good.
I think this will probably be a pretty short boring email, because not much happened this week. I actually spent most of my week sitting in meetings being trained on these new programs. They have have been good, but man have they been long. And on top of that now I am in charge of going back and teaching all of them to the district. So that means in District Meetings it is a whole lot of Elder Miller talking, which I totally hate. I get bored, and I am the one teaching. Haha. I wonder how all the others in the district feel. But oh well. Just a few more weeks of District meetings, then I never have to talk in one ever again.
The new Zone actually doesn't affect me at all. It just divided one of the existing zones, one in Long Island, into 2 smaller zones. It is just weird because it has been the same my whole mission, and is now changing.
Investigators are still doing pretty good, but like I mentioned, I had limited time to actually do missionary work this week. I went on exchagnes with Elder Nagaishi and then my companion stayed with him, while we went to the meetings. And our companions spent most of the time working in the English Pool. So yeah, it was a pretty slow week for work. This week will be really nice though. The meetings are done for a few weeks, and so I get to just go and work. So happy.
They have actually now started calling Elders to Time Square, there used to be none. It was probably just beacuse tourists don't want to talk to stupid 19 year old boys. Haha. Just kidding. I am not sure exactly why it was that way. But it is for sure that they don't send sisters to places like Jamaica. We actually have entire zones in the mission that have no sister missionaries.
Well, I better run. I love you all so much. I will talk to you again next week.
-Elder Miller

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