Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

Hello All,
Yes another week has passed, which is super weird to me. They seem to just be gonig faster and faster. I think I might be a little different in how I feel than you though. For you it seems like I just barely left, while for me it does feel like it went fast, it feels like life before was just a dream. Like it didn't really happen. I basically don't remember not being a misisonary. So it will be a weird day to have to do that again. You would have been married in 3 weeks, and I will be home from my mission in 3 weeks. Haha. Funny.
So within my Zone right now I have already told you, are Elder Furlong, who is Ambree's boyfriend, and then Elder Nagaishi who lives with me. Well the three of us have become really good friends and such, which the Elder Furlong thing is really funny, small world, weird connections. But yeah, me and Elder Furlong fly home together, and then Elder Nagaishi is coming home in 6 weeks. Elder Furlong and I are planning on taking a road trip to California, where Elder Nagaishi is from, and going to his homecoming, then maybe hitting Disneyland and stuff, and then bringing him back to Provo, because he goes to BYU. It should be a blast.
It sounds like your camping was fun. I am sad I missed it. We will have to see about the ward campout, because on the 21st I am going to the Something Corporate concert, so we would have to be back for that. Where are they having the ward campout?
Missionary work went really well this week. We found a couple really good people. One lady we looked up had met missionaries before, lost contact, and has been reading the Book of Mormon the whole time. How cool is that? So she is way ready it seems like. She has read most of the Book of Mormon by herself without the missionaries even being there. Really cool.
I am not for sure for sure, but the New York South mission I believe in geographical size may be the smallest mission in the world. And as far as population it is one of the biggest. Crazy. But yeah, the zones are pretty small, our zone just covers about a 4th of Queens. In our branch alone there are 5 missionaries. Obviously our branch is more like stake size back home, but still, pretty small areas and such.
Well, it seems like everyone is doing well. That makes me happy. I have 2 full vials of test strips left, and just started on the 3rd, so I have like 130 strips left I believe.
Well, I better run. I love you all. Talk to you next week.
-Elder Miller

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