Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3, 2008


Things are still going great. I made time today to write the family a letter, so that should be on it's way, so this e-mail will probably be a little shorter, because I already said a lot of stuff in my letter.

I hope I can keep up the good stories. This week was kind of a rough week, but I guess that's how it goes. Missionary work is hard stuff.

We can have a couple dinner appointments a week, but not many. We usually just eat when we have a minute to grab a bite. My blood sugars are doing good. I had to do some mega adjusting on my insulin though because of all the walking I do. I take very little insulin. My blood sugars for low for like the first week and I had to eat candy all the time. So if you could send me some bags of starbursts and stuff that would be great. I chow through it. But I am to the point where I don't get low unless we lots unexpected walking, which happens sometimes.

I included my supplies in the letter to the fam.

I see Shea stadium, not quite every day, but almost every day. I see a lot of crazy things taht I have only seen on TV before.

So here is a cool story, well not really, but it made me excited. The other day for lunch I got a sandwich, a Vitamin Water, and . . .. a black and white cookie. Haha. It made me so happy. I saw them and had to get one.

If you don't know why I think it is cool, there is an episode of Seinfield that is basically all about Black and WHite cookies. I felt really cool eating a black and white cookie in NY. It was really really good too.

I heard the Phillies won, so I guess you lost. Haha. It is so weird to be so out of the loop. A member told me that the Phillies won. I didn't even know who was in it. You will have to keep me posted on how the Jazz are doing, because I never heard.

Our Branch had a big Halloween party, but the missionaries couldn't go. We had a curfew of 5. We had to be in our apartments at 5. I guess they have had missionaries die from getting hit by drunk drivers and stuff, so on certain holidays, Halloween, new years, I think the 4th of july, and maybe some others, we have a curfew as the President sees fit. So I have no idea what Halloween in New York is like. I didn't see it. I sat in my apartment and did my weekly planning.

Welp, talk to you later. Expect a letter soon.

I love you so much.

-Elder Miller

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