Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

Hey Mom,

Zone Leaders are just missionaries assigned to be leaders over the zone.
There are districts, and several districts make up a zone, and all the zones
make up the mission. So each district has a District leader, each Zone has
a Zone Leader, and then there are the Assistants to the President.

That is wonderful that she got the letter. It was a wonderful package from
her. It was all sorts of food that I love, but would never spend the money
on, with my limited budget. So it was awesome.

I did get your and Sandee's packages. Thank you so much. They were great.

How was Easter without me? It is weird having holidays here, because they
basically feel like normal days. The Herrera Family did have us over for
dinner. He is the 2nd counseler in the stake presidency. They are the same
ones that made us the crazy tacos. They made vegetables, potatoes and ham.
It was so good. I felt like i was eating right at home. It was so nice. I
love hispanic food, but my body has been craving some normal american food,
and they made us some, and it was great. So easter was pretty good.

Conference was great for me too. The emphasis on the temple was kind of
weird for all of us missionaries, because we all love the temple, but we
only get to go twice in two years. When it was mentioned about people that
haven't been in a long time, Elder Baker, a chinese missionary, went, oh
man, I haven't been in almost a year. It was pretty funny.

Having someone telling me I was going to hell just makes me laugh. It is
the attitude you have to have, or else you would get so broke down. I have
had much worse things said to me, so you just have to learn to laugh.

I do not believe I need anything else right now. Anything that pops in your
mind is fine by me though. :) Maybe some vienna sasuages??? :)

That is awesome that you get to go to the Jazz game. Are you using Dan's
tickets? You are so lucky. But oh well, I'll get to enjoy all of that
stuff in a couple years.

So this week me and my companion worked so hard. I have been exhausted all
week, to the point where I just go home and can't even move. We aren't
seeing too much success right now, but we are seeing progress, which is all
that matters, because success will come. So I am very excited to see things

So yesterday I realized that today was going to be the 13th. (I rarely know
what day it is) And realized also that that is a month mark for me. I
commented on it, and my companion added it up and said it was 8 months.
That seemed like a lot longer than it has been, but I was still okay with
it, but then he said, hey, that means you are a third of the way done with
your mission. Can you believe that? That really freaked me out. A third
it a lot. It has gone by so fast. It almost scared me. Oh well.

So this is a story that happens a lot, but it happened again, and i think it
is funny, so I will share. We knocked a door and they said, Quien? (Who?)
And we said, "Los Elderes de la Iglesia" (The elders of the church) again
Quien?, "Los Elderes de la Iglesia, estamos en el edificio compartiendo un
mensaje acerca de Jesucristo (we are in the building sharing a message about
Jesus Christ.) "I dont speak English" (In english) Pero, estamos hablando
en espanol (But we are speaking in spanish) "I dont speak English!!!!" And
she wouldn't answer after that. People will use anything as an excuse not
to talk to us.

Well, I better get going. I love you so much. You are in my prayers.

-Elder Miller

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