Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009

Hey Mom,

What is up? So guess what? It is raining again. Haha. The weather is so
bad. But I guess that doesn't really matter.

Okay, so . . . . .. . I am still in Dyker Heights, that I was almost
positive about. And my new companions name is Elder Heiner. He is from
Alpine, UT. He is pretty cool, and he is a really good hard working
missionary. So that is really nice. He is a little bit nerdy, but I can
deal with that. He only has two transfers left, or 3 months, so there is a
fifty fifty chance I will be his last companion too. But we will worry
about thinking about that in 6 weeks. He was just a Zone Leader. He is
more than willing to work really hard, so I am very excited about that.
Things in the area are already changing rapidly. We are going to work
really hard and get a lot done.

Last Friday I had my Presidents Interview, which are always nice, to get to
see President and talk to him for a bit. He always brings up that fact that
he has a friend named Ellis Miller. It is so crazy that there is another
one out there that isn't me, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandpa.

I did get Grandma's box. I sent her a thank you letter today.

I am in need of Starbursts pretty soon again, just an FYI.

I have not met the new mission President, as I won't until he gets here to
take over. He is not even in the MTC yet. His MTC time is the same as
Spanish missionaries, 2 months, so he won't even be in the MTC for another

I will see if I can find out where Babylon is and find out who is teaching
him. Do you have any idea where it is? Is it on Long Island, Queens,
Brooklyn? I will try to keep in touch.

You don't need to ask for any donations on ties, I gave the ward about 25,
and they only asked for about 10, so I am sure they are fine.

Things sound like they are doing really great. I did do the half year
English, and I highly suggest that. AP only gets you a few credits more,
and they are not guaranteed, as you must past the test, which is very hard.
CE is guaranteed credit, and you get a full year of high school credit for a
half year class. It is great. I really liked that class.

Did you enjoy conference? It was great I thought. It was really wierd to
not be able to watch it at home, I had to go to church. And at the church I
go to there isn't an English ward, just Spanish and chinese, so wehre they
had the english TV set up, there were only like 5 people in the room, mostly
misisonaries. It was really funny. But it was great.

I had a crazy guy stop me on the street the other day and talk to me for a
while, and he basically told me i was going to hell, which is a bummer,
because I don't want to go to hell. Haha.

Anyways, things are going great. I better get going pretty soon. I am sure
i will have some good stories for you next week. I love you all very much.

-Elder Miller

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