Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009

So last week a few days it was up to the 70's, very hot when you are outside
all day walking around. And since every is all concrete, and humid, hot
here is a lot different then hot back home. Today it is back to pretty
cold. It is very breazy and is supposed to rain, so we will see how that
goes. If it was about 60 every day all day long I would be a happy fella,
but it just isn't that way in New York, there isn't a Spring, it goes from
Winter to Summer.

This week we started to see success coming, which is very exciting. We have
a few investigators that look very promising, so that is awesome.

We has one "miracle" happen this week. Well, obviously several miralces
happened this week, but one big one that stood out. There was a guy who got
baptized in January, before I was in this area obviously, that got baptized
on a Sunday, and after that he disappeared off the face of the earth
apparently, so he never got confirmed. He was completely gone, his phone
was disconnected, and he was never home. He also had a friend that got
baptized that same day as him, and is strong member now, that didn't know
where he went. Well anyways, we were at that members house the other day
teaching him a lesson and while we were there he got a phone call from the
guy who disappeared, Jose. Jose came over right then to visit and stuff.
He had been in like California or something, just kind of taking a break
from life I guess, but he is now back. We talked to him, had a lesson about
the gospel, and we invited him to church obviously, and asked him if he was
still interested in following the church and being confirmed. He said yes.
On Sunday, he came to church, which is amazing, because tons of people will
say yes, but when they come through, wow. So we are not working with him,
reteaching some stuff, and getting him ready to be confirmed. It has been
so awesome. It is such a miracle.

This last week we taught as many lessons as we had taught in the last 2
weeks combined. It is amazing how things are finally starting to happen. I
am very excited for them.

So another not so miracle story that happened the other day that I would
like to share. haha. The other day me and my comp were standing on the
subway platform waiting for the train, and a young man came up to my
companion, in his mid 20's probably, darker skinned, and he shook my
companions hand and said, "God Bless You, I am Jesus Christ." My companion
kinda laughed and said, "Great, want to come to church on Sunday?" At this
point "Christ" kind of got upset and said how dare you invite to Church, I
am Christ, then he explained how he was invisible and how only my companion
could see him, interesting, since I could see him, and stated that he was
back from the dead after 33 years, which is also intereseting, since I think
he died a lot longer ago then that. He then started trembling and said, "I
will destroy you and everything in you." Then he rain off yelling some
profanities and said, "Quit doing that Mormon &#%^, ok!" It was very
interesting. Just for your information, I was standing directly behind the
guy, ready to do what I had to in case he tried to get violent with my
companion. But luckily he didn't. So that was kind of interesting.

Other than that I am doing pretty good. I think I am putting on a few
pounds, so I have been working on trying to eat less. That is really hard.

Well, I guess i had better get going soon. I love you so much. Talk to you

-Elder Miller

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