Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009

Hey Mom,

Things are going pretty well for me. I hope you don't miss me too much,
because that is no good. But a little bit I guess isn't that bad. We have
9 full time missionaries? Who are they all? Me, Chris, Brian, The Hansens,
that's like all I can think of. It is still weird to me that I am gone, it
has been such a blur. The other day we were walking over this hilly area
and you can see the Manhattan Landspace, and I was like, Woe, I am in New
York City. I forget it sometimes. Haha.

Missionary Lingo is not important. It is just easier for me to use it
sometimes, because it is how my brain works now. There is a lot (and I mean
a lot) that I haven't even told you yet. And it is pretty weird and
confusing, so. Haha. Okay, I will be expecting the Phone Card, that will
be sweet. Okay, just let me know on the doctor thing.

Okay, update on my supplies, I have about 2 1/2 bottles of insulin left,
maybe more like 3, but 2 1/2, and I have 10 pods left I believe, the boxes
are of ten right? If they are, I have ten. One whole box left.

I heard about the Jazz, it does sound like they are going to lose, but that
is okay, I wouldn't want them to do to well while I am on my mission and
can't see it.

I will be sure to find out about the Babylon guy.

As far as the Christ guy, I am certain he was on some sort of drugs. You
can tell that he was. BUt it is nothing new. It is rare to go a day
without someone on drugs or a drunk come up and talk to you. It is usually
just drunks though. It is really sad to see how people live there lives.
It is hard too, because we would love to teach them, but it is almost
impossible to find them when they aren't drunk, and they can't except it
when drunk. They just can't feel the spirit.

Okay, normal day, I'm sorry I haven't told you this before.

6:30, wake up, pray, exercise for 30 minutes.
7:00, get ready for the day.
7:30, breakfast.
8:00, personal study.
9:00, companionship study.
10:00, language study.
11:00, leave and work.
3:00, dinner and prepare for the night.
5:00, work again.
9:00 or 9:30, come back to the appartment and plan the next day for 30
10:30 go to bed.

We do a little bit of everything, we plan every day and everyone is a little
different. We will tract, have set appointment, talk to people on the
street, all sorts of things, whatever we think wil lbe the most effective
use of our time.

My comp is Elder Matthew Heiner from Alpine, UT. He is a little bit of a
Peter Priesthood kind of guy. He is a golfer. We don't have too much in
common, but he is really nice and a really hard worker. It has been really
good being with him.

My pad is pretty ghetto. I will send you some pictures, and I am working on
seeing if I can get a video and give you a tour. I am going to see if I can
e-mail it to you, and if not i will just send you a memory card with it on
it. Then you can see me, hear my voice, and get a tour of my pad.

Last monday my companion had a sweater and a coat on, and yesterday it was
90 degrees. The weather in New York is beyond crazy.

It sounds like everyone is doing pretty good.

Jose is going to get confirmed this Sunday, as the plan goes. I am very
excited. It really was a miracle. He is really cool.

I haven't gone to Nathan's yet. I have bought some Nathan's hot dogs from
the grocery store, whenever they are on sale, but as far as getting one from
the actual original stand, I haven't yet. Proabably next monday.

Teach the Young Women to be member missionaries. I know people in Utah
already do a really good job at it, but it can always be better. The
importance of members is more than anyone can imagine until they become a
full time missionary. It is like in Elder Perry's talk in conference, the
missionaries should be full time teachers and members should be full time
finders. If I didn't have to spend time finding and got to spend it all
teaching, baptisims would explode. So start with that. I'll try to come up
with other stuff for you to share them.

Nothing too exciting happened this week. We had a lot of appointments
cancel and a lot of people not there when we showed up when they told us to.
But that is alright. That is how it goes. This week should be really good.
We are probably (depending on the spirit) going to invite a couple to be
baptized tonight, so keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Their names
are Ana and Arturo.

We have a really good plan going into this week, and it should go very well.

Okay, Mother's Day your will be home by 12:15, um that is 2:15 here, right?
I will let you know better next week when I can call. And I think I should
be able to call for like 5 minutes the day before to set up an appointment.
Anyways. That will be nice to talk to the family again. It seems like it
was just yesterday that I talked to all of you.

So I heard that a video put up by the church of Elder Holland's talk was the
highest viewed video on the internet on Easter. That is so awesome. That
made me very excited.

Espero que Dios te bendiga. Te amo muchisimo. Hasta Lunes.
(I hope that God blesses you. I love you, lets see, best way to translate
this. . . bunches. Until Monday.)

I love you.

-Elder Miller

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