Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

Hey Mom,

That is cool that she lives in Manhattan. It is weird to tell people that I
have never been to Manhattan, but that I live in New York. It really
confuses people at first, and it still confuses them a bit after you explain
why you can't. I can see Manhattan from my appartment, and I'm no allowed
to go there. Haha. It is pretty funny.

I know it may not be possible, but if the Pods could be done in the next
week, that would be great, because I will probably get the chance to go to
the mission office next week, but just let me know. I am down to like 6
left, because I had a few duds. So taht it just about 2 weeks worth.
Insulin, I realized I still have the pens, I totally forgot about them.
Also, I have another favor to ask. You rememebr when I was first on the
pump, back when I was like 15, and I got those like, pads, that I put on
under the actuall pump site, could you look in to those. I am having a few
problems with when i get sweaty, the pump trying to fall off, and I think
those would help. For now I am just putting normal like ace bandage on to
hold it on, and it is working well, but I think those pads would work great.

I got the card and I will be calling in a few days. :) If for some reason
I can not call on Saturday, I will probably be calling around 1 there time,
hopefully. It will all work out.

I am still working on the Jon Thomas thing, there is actually limited
communication between missionaries and things, but I will find out for sure
next week, because I will probably be at the mission office for transfers.
Oh yeah, it is transfers. Haha. Crazy.

Just the other day we ran into a guy who talked to us a bit, was very nice,
in Spanish, he was homeless, and we gave him a pass a long card, and then we
asked him what his name was, and he said, "Leonardo DiVinci". Pretty good,
huh? Within two weeks I have met Christ and DiVinci. Crazy.

Well, it sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. It is always a relief
to me when you are all doing well. It is hard for me to no be able to help
first hand, you know? Anyways.

So some cool things that have been happening. After english class we have
been trying a new thing, we tell everyone that in 5 or 10 minutes we are
going to start a lesson on Christ and if they want to stay they can, but
they are not obligated. Usually only about 4 people stay, but this one guy
has been staying everytime, he took a book of mormon, has read most of 1st
nephi, came to church on Sunday, and we asked him if he would like to be
baptized, and he said yes, so we are going to set a specific date with him
on Tuesday. It is really interesting how the prepared people really convert
themselves. It is almost makes you feel worthless as a missionary. Haha.
Just kidding. But it is awesome how when they are ready, they are ready.

The weather has been horrible, it has been raining for litteraly 5 days
straight, and it is supposed to continue raining until Saturday. I really
love rain, as a normal person, back home, it is probably my favorite
weather, but as a missionary it is horrible. So i am hoping for it to stop,
but oh well.

Everything else is going pretty good. Work is always there. We have a
couple people that could be really good that we are working with. So we'll
see. But transfers are next week too, so I very well could be up and gone
in a new area, or not, we will just have to wait and see on Sunday night
when I get the call. It will be interesting. I am having a feeling that I
will be leaving.

I love you very much. Talk to you Sunday. :)

-Elder Miller

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