Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

Hey Mom,

Happy Mother's Day Again! It is weird that I just got to talk to you and
such. It was great. I was excited for it. I have heard the two middle
calls are the best because they are just relaxed and everyone is happy and
content, and it totally was. I loved it.

So are you ready to hear about what happened in the transfers calls. . . .
. . I am going to Bermuda!!!! Crazy, Huh?

Okay, just kidding, I am not going to Bermuda, sorry for yanking your chain.
What is really happening is I am staying with my comp, Elder Heiner, in
Dyker, and the sisters are also staying together. But there is one twist.
They are adding a companionship to the area, so there will be two more
Elders in the area and living in my apartment. So that will be weird to get
used to. Haha. So I finally get to serve in an area with more Elders then
my companion. My reign has ended of just serving in the Districts of 4.
BUt it should be really good, but it will be really interesting to see who
they bring in and what happens next transfer based on that. But anyways, I
am excited.

As for the serial number, I totally wrote it down and left it in my
aparment, but I promise I will send a little today with the information in
it, does that sound like a deal? I will see if there is any way I can get
on and send another e-mail, but I can't promise that, but I can promise to
send a letter, so that will get to you in a couple days.

Okay, one other cool thing that happened this week, that I realized I didn't
even mention in the phone call. On Saturday our ward had an activity for
Mother's Day, and they asked the missionaries to share some sort of talent
or something. We thought about it for a while, and what we ended up doing
was singing Love Is Spoken Here, in Spanish, and I played the guitar to
accompany. I think I know a couple people that have a recording of it, so I
will try to get it to you as a Happy Mother's Day present. It went pretty
well. Another one of the talents these two kids that were probably about 8
or 9 did a Peruvian ball room dance thing, and it was amazing. It was some
of the best dancing I have ever seen in real life, kid or adult. It was so
cool. Their footwork and stuff was amazing.

So that's about it, I talked to you about most everything I believe. Today
we are going go down and play volleyball on the beach of Coney Island, so
maybe I will stop and get a hotdog, but now it isn't a hurry anymore,
because I will probably be here for 3 more months. What I am really excited
for is the 4th of July, from the roof of our apartment building you can see
Manhattan perfect, so we will have to go up there and watch the fireworks.
It will be really exciting. But that is still pretty far away.

I have found out the area and Babalon is in, now it is just a matter of
finding out which missionaries work in that area, so I am working to find
that out.

Let's see what else. Elder Wahl, my trainer, will be training another
missionary this transfer, and Elder Powell, my second companion, is training
his second also this transfer, which is almost unheard of in this mission.
Other missions missionaries train more than once, but this one it is usually
just once, if that. So that just shows how blessed I really was with my
first two companions and how great they really are. I am excited for them.

I love you a lot. It was great to talk to you yesterday. Love you again.
Talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

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