Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26, 2009

Hey Mom,

I know you were freaking out to not get an e-mail from me yesterday, but we
recieved permission to e-mail today so taht we could use a library, and not
have to pay for an internet cafe. So that is why you didn't get an email
until today.

Nothing is set in stone as far as transfers go. It is guided by the spirit.
I know of one change, it was several transfers ago, that was changed during
the transfer meeting. President had to grab the list and change the names
on it before the names were read out.

There are parts of New York that are bad, and there are parts that aren't.
You can choose not to go to those parts and you are fine. And like I've
said before, in broad day light nothing happens. And then is when
missionaries are out, so it is nothing to worry about.

I have got all the supplies that I am supposed to have been expecting I
believe. I have like 10 pods, insulin, got my strips, and my goodie
package. Thank you so much.

I know of a Rite Aid, I will get the address for you as soon as I can.

I have had a very interesting mission so far, Sister Heininge was talking to
me about it the other day when I saw her. I hadn't even really realized it
until she started talking about it. I am on my 6th transfer, 5th companion,
and 3rd area. I know a couple missionaries who have only had 3 areas their
whole mission. It will be interesting to see how it keeps going, but I am
enjoying it none the less. I just know all of this is happening because it
is supposed to be, and I am needed to be in these areas and with these

It was great to be able to play a guitar. I didn't realize how much I
really missed it until I had it back. But oh well, there are a lot of
things that I miss, that I have learned I can live with out. But that
doesn't mean I will live without them when I get back. :)

It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. That makes me happy. As for
the Heidee Quilter thing, her not competing this year probably hurt her a
lot, but also Quilter is a little different. It is sad to see how down hill
the HOSA program has gone since she has been the advisor. My sophmore year
we were 3 members off of the biggest HOSA group in America, and then up to
my senior year we only had like 15 or some joke like that. But what can you

Which Young Women do you work with again?

I hope that the missionaries in the area are good. It is almost weird to be
on a mission, I will never look at missionaries the same when I get home. I
know how they act, think, which ones are good, which are less good (didn't
want to call them bad haha.) and so on. It would be cool to find someone to
teach in our home with them though. That really is the best way to do
missionary work. Member referals are gold.

It was a little weird having President bring me my package. I usually only
see him a couple times a transfer, let alone have him bring something for
me, haha. But is was great, he didn't mind at all, he was going to be there

This week was pretty normal. Just working hard, still trying to get to know
the area and get used to the swing of things. I went to church for the
first time in this are, since last time was conference. Our church is
actually on the second floor of a food market. It is really different.
Very small. But it was good. There are some really cool members.

Well, I better get going pretty soon. Have a bunch of work to do. I love
you very much. Put the word out that I am always willing to have cute girls
write me. ;) So if anybody knows any, you have my address. Haha.

Well I love you bunches, and I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

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