Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13, 2009

Hey Mom,

How is everything going? Hope it is all good.

I have had the opporunity to spend quite a bit of time with the new mission
president. He seems like he will be good. He is a really friendly man, and
is all about getting the work going. It will be good. I mentioned to him
about Stacey Jennings.

It has been pretty hot. Not too bad. It could be worse. I am still having
struggles with my pods. If you could find out about those tagderms, or
whatever they are called, haha, that would be great. Today we have a Zone
activity and it is going to involve much playing and sweating, so I actually
decided to go on shots for the day, so I took some lantus. That way I don't
have to deal with falling off pods. But if you find out about the tagderms
taht would be great. I haven't had much problem with them falling off
except for on P-Days. Also, when you send insulin, if you could send a new
bottle of Lantus, it would be awesome, because I think the one I am have is
technically expired.

Also, test strips, I guess I miscounted, and I only had 1 bottle when I said
I had two. So i am down to like 5 strips, and you said you forgot to send
them, so my mistake for counting wrong, but I guess I will be going and
buying a vial today. I am pretty sure that will put me on my overdraft for
my card too, so you could take care of that for me. Sorry for the
struggles, but I know you are the best and always take care of them for me.
You are the best.

So, yes, it is my birthday, but I think it will just be a pretty regular day
mostly. I didn't tell too many people it was my birthday. I got a phone
call from Sister Nelson this morning wishing me a happy birthday. For today
we have a Zone activity, we are going to a park and having a BBQ and playing
handball, so it will be like most other P-Days, just with a BBQ, but it will
be fun. Two of the youth in the branch I am serving in found out it was my
birthday, and they said they were going to buy me presents, but we will see.
Haha. There is a family in the branch also that I know if I would have told
them it was my birthday, they would have made me a cake and had me over, but
I didn't want to put more stuff on their plate, so I didn't tell them. So
mostly today is probably just going to be another day in the mission field.

The work is going slowly but surely. We were able to find a few people that
hopefully will be really good. One cool thing that happened last week is we
were knocking this building, and not much luck, which is pretty typical with
knocking, it was actually less than luck, people were being pretty mean to
us. Then when we were on the last floor, with only like 3 doors left, we
knocked on a door, and as soon as it opened, I felt good about it. It was
an older hispanic man. We introduced ourselves, did a little door approach,
and he said, I really woudl have you, but my wife is sick. Pretty typical
excuse I thought for about a half a second, it is a normal one. But then he
said that he had met with missionaries before, and they stopped comign for
one reason or another, but that he had a Book of Mormon and loved it, and
wanted us to come back in a while, when his wife was better. It was sweet.
So i am really excited fo him.

So it was a pretty good week. It went by really fast. Not only today I am
20, I am also 11 months in my mission. Only 1 more month and it is over the
hill. It's gone so fast. I had this discussion the other day with some of
the other missionaries that right in the middle is a really weird feeling,
because you feel like you have been out forever, but you also feel like you
don't go home forever. It just causes cognative dissinance. You have been
a missionary forever, and you will be forever. I got a letter from a
missionary who has gone home that I met here saying they can't wait for me
to be home so we can hang out, and I responded, I am never coming home, the
second coming is happening first, and then I will be doing missionary work
through the milenium. Haha.

Well, I hope everything is going well. Let me know if there is anything I
can do for anybody. I love you so much. I will talk to you next monday.

-Elder Miller

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