Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6, 2009

IMG_0141 - Welcome to Brooklyn! :)

DSCN7491 - Me in front of the Jamaica Chapel. The 2nd Floor of a Farmer's Market.

DSCN7494 - Me on the roof of the Chapel.

IMG_0036 - New York during 9/11. I wasn't there, I stole the picture.

Hey Mom,

Yeah, if situations happen where I can't e-mail you for some reason, I will try my best to let you know why.

It is not scary about the drunks. Don't worry about the drunks. If I had a dollar for everytime a drunk came up and talked to me I would be a millionare. Honestly. They are something that is not scary at all, they are more frustrating than anything.

The new mission president seems really good. We just had a short meet and greet with him on Wednesday. I think he will be really good. He seems really nice. He came up to me, looked at my name tag and said, "Elder Miller from Layton, UT. What was your A1C the last time you got it checked." He said he had been studying on the missionaries for like 3 months now, so he knew more about us, so we could bond.

This week was pretty good. Again, a lot of rain which was really frustrating, but oh well. Just a couple highlights of the week.

So on the 4th the ward was having a BBQ at the park, but in order to get a spot in the park, people had to go to the park and save a spot at like 5 in the morning. Some members voluntered, but slowly but surely came up with reasons why they couldn't. Like it usually the case, missionaries in New York do everything, so they asked us to go. So we were in the park at 5 inthe morning, and we all laid on the tables we were saving and tried to sleep. We looked like total bums. The party did not even start until 10, so we had like 5 hours before anybody was even there. We ended up being at the park for about 12 hours. It was crazy. It was really fun though. We have a pretty sweet branch.

Another funny story of the week. Yesterday before church, we had been out working, and we ran home to grab our suit coats to go to church. When we got to our pad we found an older lady at our door. She was the census lady. So we had to get interviewed for the census. It was pretty funny to explain to her that we had a 3 bedroom aprtament, no living room, 6 twenty year old males living there, How many hours we worked a week (like 70) and how much money we made in the last year ($0), it was pretty funny. She didn't know much about mormons, but it was interesting to tell her a bit. We were also asked our last place of residence, so on the US Census, Ellis Miller is listed as living in Jamaica New York, making no money, recieving no food stamps, and his last place of residence was in Brooklyn New York. We definately threw off the census.

I've included a few pictures. Some newer, some older. Here are some descriptions.

Well, I hope all is going well. I will talk to you next Monday. I love you so much.

-Elder Miller

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