Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009

Hello All,

Yes, my birthday turned out well. Still have a hard time thinking that I am
20. But, hey, one bonus, it is a lot easier to say 20 in Spanish than it is
to say 19. Haha. But yeah, I really enjoyed my Birthday.

So I attatched a picutre. I hope you haven't opened it yet. Before you
open it I want you to remember that I am serving in the Ghetto. So now that
you remember that, this picture was taken right outside my pad, just a few
steps down the street on the corner.

Yep, you got it. That is me standing next to a Lambo. That car is worth
more than my life. And it was just chillin on the street. I thought it
would be a good picture to send. Make you all laugh a little bit.

I got the card, and I got a present from Kadee and Jim. I also got a card
from Aunt Nannie. It was great. Everyone is so nice.

Okay I will wait on the pump situation and see if she contacts me. I
believe I have 12 pods left. I didn't count for sure, but based on last
time. I know I have at least 11.

Let's see, other things in the package. Anything you want would be great.
I think I am pretty good on most things. But anything you think I would

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention something I saw the other day I saw in the
store. It was an at home A1C test. You sucked the blood in, mailed it off,
and they send you back results within 3 days. It cost like $20. Maybe you
could do some research on these and see how well they work. It seemed like
a cool idea. Anyways.

Thank you for helping me out with the test strips.

Weather has been horrible. Yesterday it rained so much, everywhere was
floded. It was really fun to try to run home, even with umbrellas we all
got drenched. But oh well.

Juan is doing pretty well. We had a sad moment the other day with him
though. We went over to visit him and he was very drunk. Enough that his
family had left the apartment. So we will continue working with him and
praying for him.

We knocked into this kid last week. His name in Robin, he is 17 and from
Colombia. He has been here for about 7 years. He listened to a quick
message and we set up a return appointment. When we came back we took a
member with us, Leda Delao. It was an awesome lesson, and he totally felt
the spirit. We have another apointment with him, and are going to see if he
had read the BOM and if he had prayed about it. I am really excited for

Last week i got to have my first interview with Pres. Nelson. it was great.
He is an awesome man, and I think he will do great with this mission.

Well, I better get doing. Until next week. I love you.

-Elder Miller

PS, it was weird to not celebrate Pioneer's Day. Haha.

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