Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009


Well, it is official. Over the hump. I will actually be home exactly a
week from tomorrow. Haha. Just to make you all excited about seeing me.

Lynbrook is really nice. I am enjoying it a lot. I am pretty used to it
now. I do really miss the city. It's like, you don't go to the New York
New York South mission to come home and tell stories about being in the
Island and driving your car around, you want to tell stories about tracting
in the Ghetto, but I am very excited to have the oppurtunity to try
something new, it really is almost a completely different mission. All of
your work is different. And it is also kind of hard, because we are only
allowed a certain amount of miles to drive each month, so you have to keep
track, and really plan out which areas you are going to work in each day so
you don't drive to much. But it is good. It really teaches you

There are some really good members. Two members of the district presidency
are from the branch, so it is pretty strong. There is a family that lived
in Ogden for a while, so I got to enjoy talking to them about that. I have
heard rumors that a Sister, Sister Malinka grew up in Layton, but that is
just rumors. And she does look kind of familiar. But luckily enough they
invited us over tonight for a Family Home Evening, so I will get to know
them and see if she really is. So the branch is good. Really strong,
really nice people. We had a BBQ last week, a branch one, they just started
doing them, to build some love within the branch and so everyone can get to
know everyone, and it was really good. It was fun getting to talk to

I probably wont' have to translate every week. One of the other Spanish
elders , who is in his 4th transfer said he wants to try it every once in a
while, so he can practice, so I am fine with that. There is also a member,
she is about 20, that likes to do it sometimes, she did it yesterday. I
translated up until the Sacrament Prayers, and then she took over. So it
will just have to be a week to week, we'll see who does it thing. Anyways.

In actualy Lynbrook there are 4 missionaries. The area of Lynbrook is split
in half, and we each work half. I really think they should make one
companionship all english, and one all spanish, and have the areas not
split,then you could focus more, but I am not in charge of such things, and
I guess they are the way they are for a reason. :) But so the other two
Elders are Elder Burk and Elder Hatch. Both really young missionaries.

I don't know if I got the shipment, I will see at Zone Conference this week.
Oh yeah, at Zone Conference Elder Pace from the presidency of the 70 is
going to be there, so I am excited for that. But that is when I will get
packages. I haven't got ahold of Brenda, I will be trying a lot today. I
think the Pods are going to work out. The problems aren't horrible, and
with the sticky tag thigns I think that will really help. And pluss it is
coolign down, so I won't have any of these problems until next summer at
all. I will send the box back soon. Sorry for it being so long. Now I do
live where there is a Wal-Mart, so maybe going that route might be better.
And I will figure out the doctor thing at everything.

This week was really good. We had a lot of success, and met some cool
people. We taught our first legit Spanish lesson, to a Dominican family we
found. There really are like not Spanish people in our area, but now we
know of at least one, and they seem pretty interested. We also taught an
awesome lesson to a man who actually is a Free Mason. he was very intrigued
by it, and I think he will be really good.

I am pretty sure that the throwing up was something I ate. I had eaten some
strange things that day, so i know that is why it happened. It is weird to
think that missionaries get sick too, but we do. Haha. It is something I
never really thought about before the mission. Just figured they would all
be fine always. But we are human too.

It sounds like everyone it doing well. I have a couple things you can help
me out with. First off . . . I am in need of new garments. Mine have seen
about the end of it. So that would be awesome if you could get me some and
send me some. It doesn't ahve to be a huge hurry though, just some time.
What I wear is cotton-poly mix, crew neck tops. My tops are Small, normal
length. And then I wear the cotton-poly brief style bottom. Normal length,
32 inch waiste. I would probabaly want about 8 of each. So let me know if
you can do that for me. Thanks.

Thank you for taking care of my line of credit. Also, this week I think I
will be purchasing a new suit, because I am in a need and want of a new one.
It will cost about $100, and I will use my home card, but I will send you
cash to cover it, so you would just have to put it in my account. So if you
could do that for me that would be great. So I will be sending the money
this week, should be there in a few days.

I think other than those things I am doing very well, and all. I need to
get going, but I love you very much, and I will talk to you all next week.

-Elder Miller

PS, tell everyone sorry i have been slacking on the BoM e-mails, but I will
send one next week, so get everyone to send me an email on where they are
Sunday night.

Love ya!

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