Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009

Hey Hey,

I am very pleased with the new living arangements. We even have a weight
bench. I haven't put it to much use, but I hope on doing so, if I stay here
longer I definately will. It is actually not a member that we live with.
It is just a normal person that was renting the top of there house
apparently. The missionaries have been living there for quite some time.
Kind of makes you wonder why she hasn't been taught much. But it is not our
area, so not in my jurisdiction. Oh well.

I will find out the exact missionaires that are in Babylon and see what I
can find out, see how he goes.

Uh, no picture with Elder Pace, that would have been kind of weird to ask.
As for writing it in my journal, I will be sure to get on that. . . .

That would be pretty funny if you could get Adams to come out to New York.
But we will talk next year, maybe at Christmas. It would be cool if you
came out, because I would like to make a trip up to Palmyra. That would be
a pretty sick way to end my mission. We could even do that if I wasn't
realeased, I'd just have to wear a tie and a name tag.

This week was pretty slow again. A bunch of our investigators were out of
town, so we couldn't meet with them. We knocked a lot of doors, not much
luck. We had a couple encounters with bashers. They were fun. Apparently
I'm not Christian, I believe in a 2nd Jesus, I'm just a "silly mormon kid",
and Jesus is the 2nd Adam. Strange. I like being in the true church (or as
some people like to call us, cult).

I think I will attach two pictures. One of my ties, because ties are cool.
Another, a funny one takin of me in the pad. Sometimes I do strange things.

Ok, as for my assignments.

1. Haven't yet, I will. Sorry.
2. I will. Sorry.
3. I think I'm pretty good. I will get exact counts for you. I will send
the box soon. Sorry.
4. Besides test strips, I need investigators with a Baptismal Date, could
you send me some of those? :) But I do need the garments I asked about.
Thank you.
5. Thank you.
6. I won't.
7. Thank you.

About driving safe, our cars have what are called "Black Boxes". Basically,
if you speed, it beeps at you. If you turn hard, it beeps at you. If you
hit a bump, it beeps at you. If you don't wear your seat belt, it beeps at
you. And after all of that, the information is sent to Salt Lake, so they
know everything. Bye Bye my agency. Well, I still have it, but I get
beeped at when I use it wrong. A black box in life might be nice, getting
the celestial kingdom would be easier, because that beeping is freaking
annoying. Plus, my comp usually drives. He's old and likes it.

Well, I think that is it. I love you all.

-Elder Miller

PS, oh yeah, I had to speak on sunday, but thanks to Elder Burk, it was
about 2 minutes. It went well. Elder Goodman's, went well. Elder
Hatch's, went well. Elder Burk's, kinda long and boring, not to be
judgemental. But come on, I had to translate it.

I love you all, again.

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