Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009

Hey Mom,

The answer to the ASL question is it depends. ASL is obviously American Sign Language, and as Spanish people there is Spanish Sign Language which is very different from ASL. But most people also know another form of sign language that is called International Sign Language, so they can communicate with anyone that is deaf. So there is your answer. I have had the oppurtunity to learn quite a bit of Sign Language on my mission. We have classes with the ASL missionaries every once in a while, so that in case we meet one we can get there information and give it to them.

That very much is a Lamborghini. Pretty sweet. I will be sure to send lots of pictures. I will include some in this email, but I don't know which ones yet, I will talk about them later.

So guess what, tomorrow is transfer meeting. Another one down the ropes. And guess what? I am getting transfered. Crazy Huh? I am going to miss Jamaica a lot. Guess where I am going? A place called Lynbrook, it is out on Long Island. That is about all I know about it. My companion's name is Elder Goodman. Want to know something else kind of weird. I am going to be working in the Spanglish program. Elder Goodman is an English missionary, and in this specific area we work both. So if we meet a spanish person, we teach them, we meet an english person, we teach them. It will be interesting, because when we teach in Spanish I will have to do all the teaching. Or translate what my companion says. It will be weird. It is also a car area, the first time I will drive a car in almost a year. It is also Elder Goodman's first time in a car, and he has been out for like a year and 4 months. It will be interesting getting used to New York drive, let alone getting used to driving period. But I am really excited an nervous. We are getting "blinded in" as the mission lingo is, which means we are both new, going there for the first time, so it will be weird because we don't know the area, the people, anything. I'll get really good at using a map.

Brenda did call me, I missed it becaseu I was in a appointment. I have called her back a couple times and no answer, and have left a few messages. I will continue trying. I have 9 pods left I believe.

Juan is being kind of flakey, but he will be good. Robin from columbia is still doing well. We need to get with him again and see if he is still willing to work forward. But I only have today to do that. haha. I will be on Long Island tomorrow. I am spending my time today packing. It is always no fun.

Last week was pretty good. A lot of really hot weather. I would have to change shirts and g's half way through the day. It was pretty miserable. But oh well. One day there was a crazy Flee Market that covered all of Jamaica Ave, and we went and handed out 100's of pass a long cards. It was pretty fun.

Ok, I have included a picture of me with the Alarcon Family. They are the best. They are the ones that got me the birthday cakes. They are from El Salvador. Hma. Alarcon is the gospel principles teacher. Steven is the young men's president, and is hopefully going on a mission soon. Leda is Young Women's President, and has her mission papers all done and just has to turn them him. She is putting her availability date in January. They are beyond awesome. I am going to miss them so much. They invistigated the church for like 10 years before they joined.

Anways, I better get going. I love you all so much. I will talk to you all next week.

-Elder Miller

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