Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009


Ok, so sorry that I did not send an email a lot earlier, you were probably
freaking out like i was dead or something, but MyLdsMail was down, I don't
know why, and so we had to wait it out, and now it is up, so I am emailing
you now.

Okay, so obviously the high light of my week was the temple. Oh my
goodness, it was amazing. I want to go back so bad. But to answer your
question, we just went through and did a session. We met at the mission
office, then they gave us a little talk, gave those of us that needed metro
cards cards and we were off. You hopped on one train, right outside the
mission office, and then you transfered to another train at times square,
and get off and Lincoln, and you walk outside the station and the temple is
literally right there. You always hear that the temple is like a place to
get out of the world, that is cut off from wordly things, but it is no more
blatant anywhere else than the Manhattan temple. It is busy, noisy, all
sorts of stuff, and you walk in through the first set of doors, and it is
still noisy, then you walk through the second, and you are in the actual
temple, it is completely gone. Amazing gone. You can not hear anything
from outside. It is amazingly beautiful inside too. Very small, and very
amazing. That Temple very quickly became one of my favorite, if not my
favorite temple. The session was amazing. One of my really good friends on
the mission was there too, so that was awesome. After the session we went
outside, took a few pictures, and got back on the train. It depends on who
you go with, some missionaries go on a brief walk through Central Park, but
we didn't get to. Oh well. The city is crazy. Even though I was in it for
like 15 minutes total, you can just feel the difference. It is way
different than Queens or Brooklyn. I get the appeal of it now. It almost
felt cool. But yeah, so it was amazing. I can't wait until I get to go
back. I will include a few pictures, and I will send some more in the
coming weeks.

Okay, well I don't have much more time to write, but also tomorrow is
transfers. I will be staying in Lynbrook and getting a new companion, and
my comp will be leaving. He is going Zone Leader in a different Zone. And
from the rumors, my new companion will be older than me (mission wise is
what I mean) so we will wait and find out tomorrow, and I will let you know
next week I guess.

Other than that everything seems to be going well. I love you all very
much. I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

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