Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 21, 2009


I am glad you enjoyed hearing about my temple experience. It was great. I don't know if I told you, but the mission president just made a new rule. We can now go to the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead with Recent Converts once a transfer, so I should be able to go back pretty soon. I am very excited for the new change. As for the glasses, I bought them in Jamaica. I have always thought glasses were cool, and I found some plastic lensed ones for like $2, so I couldn't pass them up. I wear them for special occasions, to look smart. Haha.

I have not met with Brenda yet, hopefully this week. I will let you know in the next email.

Again, I am really sorry about the whole Bible thing. The new one should have came out last Monday, so it should be available and everything. I have actually held one already, that the Branch President had. I sent the number and everything in an email last week. I will send it again if I can. I have already thought about giving the bible to someone. Maybe just keep it though, I still really like it.

Ok, so now that that is all done with, the real big news. As I told you transfers were this week, and you'll never guess what happened. Ok, now that you are all excited, nothing crazy happened. LIke I told you, I am staying in Lynbrook, which I am excited about. i really like it here, though I do really miss the city and all it entails. But I am excited to be here. So it is just a new companion this time around. His name is Elder Alverson. He is from Mesa, Arizona. He has been out 6 weeks less than I have. We are already getting along incredibly well. I am really excited for it. I hope, and he has already told me, that we stay together for two transfers. It would be really awesome. So we are doing great. He is a jock, so we enjoy talking about basketball and such. But yeah, i am really excited for this companionship, we will do great.

The work is going well. Things are really picking up. We have made some awesome plans and we have some awesome goals for this transfer. We are going to be working really hard, but enjoying ourselves while we do it. That really is the key. Missionaries that are not enjoying themselves are never successful, regardless of how hard they work. But we have a few really good people we are working with, and a few potentials. We are also trying to work with the members a lot, and get them to get excited about missionary work. If you have any ideas on how to get them excited, let me know.

Man, missionary work is so awesome.

It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. That is always nice to hear. On the Lilo situation, is there any way that you can have it amputated, and get like a wheel or something. I know that sounds weird, but I think I have seen it before. It might be cheaper, and then with the wheel leg, it would lower the risk of tearing the other tendon. It was just a thought I had a few nights ago when I couldn't sleep. I was just thinking that having the surgery and fixing it, it might be a pretty big risk of just tairing it again anyways.

Well, as you can see I am doing great. I don't really have any complaints right now at all, other than that I am tired a lot. Haha.

I think I will include a picture of a new game I have learned on the mission. It is called Xiangqi, or Chinese Chess. I learned how to play it when I was back in China Town, and have got a hold of board and started playing with my companions in the night before we go to bed. It is way fun, and I am excited to bring stuff like this home and show everyone. It just shows how true and awesome it is that I am surrounded by so many different cultures. I get to learn a little bit about everyone.

Anyways, until next Monday I guess.

I love you.

-Elder Miller

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