Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7, 2009


The landlord is not up to my discretion to teach. That is the other Elders
area, we have mentioned to them to talk to her, but it is not up to us. We
aren't allowed to teach people outside our area. So we'll see.

I wear most of the ties. Some of them are pretty old and kind of falling
apart, so I don't wear them as much just so they don't fall apart.

It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. That is good. I hope that
you enjoyed your trip. I bet that was fun. I am jealous.

This week was about the same as the last week. It went by pretty fast, but
it was also really slow as far as work goes. Almost all of our
investigators were out of town, so we obviously couldn't meet with them, so
that is kind of frustrating, so we did a lot of finding. A lot of knocking
doors and such. It's not the most fun, but I guess it is what happens. We
also had tons of appointments that we had with liek recent converts and such
cancel on us, almost all of them. But this next week should be pretty good.
We already have quite a few set appointments with a bunch of people, and our
investigators should be back in town, so that is exciting.

I don't even know if I have told you let, but I get to go the temple this
Wednesday. I am so excited. It will be great. It has been so long since i
have been. I really miss it. It is a really big group going. They had to
combine the missionaries at there half way mark and the missionaries that
are at there 2 year mark because the temple was closed when we usually do
the year mark trip, so there will be like 29 missionaries going and then
President and Sister Nelson will be going with us, because they always go
with the departing missionaries. But it will be really fun. I am really

Well, I think that is about it for me. We have a Labor Day BBQ today, that
is district wide, so it will be most of Long Island, so that should be
really fun. I love you all, I will talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

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