Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 16, 2009


Ok, before I forget, I need something. To renew my Driver's Liscense I need my Social Secuirty #, which I don't know. So if you can send that to me, that will be taken care of.

I will call Brenda ASAP, this should be a good week.

Ok, so I think that is all of technicalities. As far as if we have set plans for this Thanksgiving, the answer I guess is no. But not how you might think. It is because we have too many plans. We have been invited over to I think 9 different families, and we are trying to decide what to do, we want to say yes to all of them, but obviously we can't. So we will see what ends up happening. It will be great whatever ends up happening.

It is still weird to me to know that this time next year i will be home. But I guess I will get more used to it.

So this week was really good. We got a lot of good stuff done and had a lot of fun while doing it. We had some awesmoe appointments and some awesome lessons. Two kind of out of hte norm things I guess happened. Yesterday was the Primary program, and we were asked to sing with them during one of the songs. So we were part of the Primary. It was fun though, we got to practice with them and things like that, so it was great. People said we did a good job, but you know, people always have to be nice. We finally got a Branch Mission Leader called, so we are excited for that. He is from the Dominican Republic. He served a mission 4 years ago. He is great. Ok, and I guess the last thing is that we spoke in Sacrament meeting, but not in ours. We spoke in Hempstead branch. So it was kind of weird. I am still not very sure why we did, but we were aksed to, as well as the 2 missionaries that serve in that branch. It went pretty well. It was weird because it was the first time I had given a complete English talk in a long time.

Other than that things are going pretty well. The weather has stabalized a little bit, and I don't think that it will be really cold for a while, hopefully. Sister Anderson, the one that wrote you a note, called today and asked if there was anything I needed from Utah because she is going out there this weekend, and asked if I needed any Utah stuff or anything from home. I obviously couldn't think of anything, but I think it is amazing to see how willing to help people are.

This week we have something kind of fun going on. We are having a branch Thanksgiving dinner thingy, and as part of it, we as missionaries are going to put on a little Fireside. We are going to have little talk, and also we are preparing a musical number. We found an arrangment for Come Thou Fount for Piano, guitar, and voice, so Elder McGuire is going to play the piano, I will play guitar, and Elder Burk and Elder Alverson will be sining. Hopefully it turns out well. It will be really fun.

I think that is about it for what is going on for me, out of the norm. I got to get some P-Day stuff done, so I will talk to you all next week.

I love you.

-Elder Miller

P.S. Ok, so I had this idea that I thought you could help me out with. Here is what I want. I want as many people as are willing to, to email me there conversion story. Whether born in the church or not, we all have our conversion story. And I want to hear them. So anybody and everybody, you, Dad, the sisters, and anyone else you want to send this email to. I want to hear them. Easy enough, right?

So if you would do that for me Mom, forward this email to whoever you think would be willing to send me their story.

And in case when you get this email and you don't know mine, please email the story to elderellisbradonmiller@myldsmail.net.

Thank you so much, and I love you all.

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