Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009


Ok, I will answer your questions first.

1. I haven't got it signed yet, have to get ahold of the mission Doctor, he has been in other states, he covers several missions.
2. Haven't got ahold of Brenda, it was another busy week. This week should be slower.
3. I haven't sent it yet, might actually be a few weeks.
4. I will tell you when I get it. :)

Anyways, I am really excited to be staying in Lynbrook. That means i will be here all the way until December, which is crazy. It is weird how fast time goes. Why do you feel the same way, that you want me to stay?

I may not be in Lynbrook for Christmas, probably not actually. We will see where I am at. I didn't bring my tree with me, but I just left it in Corona, which I could probably get a hold of depending on where I am, so we will just have to wait and see, and then I will let you know then.

Our Halloween Party was fun, nothing too exciting. It was mostly geared towards the youth, like primary, so that was about it. It was in the morning. We did a little trunk or treat, and do to there not being very many vehicles there, they had us use our car. So that was a little weird, but fun. We have a lot of really funny Primary age kids in the branch, so that was fun.

The night was pretty boring. We are not allowed to do missionary work on Halloween, kind of weird, everything I do every day, we can't do one day, so it is weird. But just like last year we had to be in out pad by 5 and stay in the whole night. So it was pretty boring. We played like Clue, and then we made some caramel apples with the caramel you sent me, but the carmel got a little burnt. Kind of tasted like burnt marshmellows. So that was about it.

Yes, the district presidency is our equivilant of a stake presidency. I live within a district, made up of branches.

I did get Sandee's package. It was so cool. It made me so happy.

I am sure you will do great with Thanksgiving. It will be interested to see what happenes this year for us. Last year I had like 3 hispanic Thanksgiving dinners. Now I am with hispanics, whites, everyone. So it will be wierd to see.

This week was pretty good. It went by really fast. With a bunch of meetings and such. We had a couple really good meetings with some people. The one investigator that i told you about hat has Lupus, he is finally starting to feel a little bit better, so that is really nice to see.

Well, I am off to go do some more P-Day activities. I love you all.

-Elder Miller

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