Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010


So that is really weird that people are talking about me coming home. I am pretty sure that it still feels like I have forever. So people thinking about me coming home makes me feel kind of weird, because it still feels like I am never coming home. But oh well. I'm sure it will be soon enough. But we will wait and see.

Alverson hasn't said anything.

Okay, so I got the package of the pods. But I haven't got the other one with the strips. I will probably go look today, at the office, and see if they have shown up. I'm sure they'll be in soon. I should be good on insulin for a little bit, if a big emergency happens, I will work it out. There isn't a train that goes to Lynbrook, trains don't go out in the island. But I am sure that whatever needs to happen could happen. Worst comes to worse I could even have the mission office call you. Anyways, just let me know what is up and it will all be good. I should be good on insulin though.

The cold is doing alright. I am ready for it to be done, but what can you do right? I am about ready for the cold to be over, but it won't be for a long time. So oh well.

Well, as far as things that are going around here. Transfers are coming up, so I will probably only have 1 more week with Elder Oliva, unless something crazy happens. It is just his time to leave. But you never know, right? Crazier things have happened. But I will find out this week, so my next email I will let you know.

Work is going well. We shoud be having at least one baptism this sunday, maybe more. And a couple more coming up in the next couple weeks. We have some good people right now. One is this lady named Matilde, she is so awesome. So she came to church last week, and afterward in our next appointment we met with her and she told us how much she enjoyed it, and she said Relief Society is what really put it over the top. That was so awesome, especially because I have had people say that they didn't like RS, due to drama. haha. But that is awesome. Then our next appintment she broke down and told us how excited she was and ready to change her life and get baptized. So that should be sick. She will be baptized on Sunday.

Everybody else is doing really good. We are still having struggles with Oto and Steffi's mom, so we could use some prayers for her.

So we had one super funny thing happened I thought I would let you know. I don't 'know if I told you this, I told Dad, but we have this member that has this taco stand that is like kind of in a bar, but kind of not, hard to explain, but anyways, if the bar isn't open and we are there, we go in the bar to eat, anyways, we were there teaching a lesson to this guy name Javier, and it went well, and he left, then we were just eating same gorditas, and then these other people came in, anways, they like asked us if they could use the bathroom and stuff, because they thought we were the owners of the bar. It was pretty funny. I guess that's what we get for wearing ties while in a bar.

Oh yeah, so Karen sent me this quilt that you guys apparently had started making while on the family reunion. It was super cool. like one of the best presents ever.

Well, I better get going. I love you all so much. Talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

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