Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

Hey All,

So here is the the weather talk, as that seems to be the first thing I always talk about. Haha. The weather this past week has been great. But there has been one downside. It has been a little bit on the hot side, like 70's, and we are still required to wear our suits. So with the suits and the weather, it has been really hot. But only 2 more weeks, and we only have to wear suits to Church. So I am super excited about that.

Next cool thing that happened. Leandro got baptized yesterday. I will try to include a picture or two. It was super cool. He is an amazing guy. He is proof of member missionary work. He had a member friend in Ecuador who talked to him about the gospel like 3 times, came to the US, met the missionaries, we got in contact with him, and got baptized 3 weeks later. So that was pretty exciting.

Other aspects of the work are all going well. Javier continues to be on fire. He is giving us referrals left and right. He is the bomb. He gave an awesome testimony during the baptism yesterday as well. As far as everyone we are teaching they are all doing pretty well. We also have a lot of really good potential people. So basically all is well with the work.

Saturday was Elder Call's birthday. It was fun. Elder Oakes and I got him some whitestrips for his teeth, because, well, I have become a little bit of tooth crazy on my mission, and have a lot of good tooth supplies, and it got him really excited about it, so we got it half as a joke, half as he would really like it. He really did. It was funny.

As far as how I am getting the fiber, a lot of different ways. I have tried a few of the fiber one cereals, I think the frosted shredded wheat is the best, but there are also other cereals that have just as much fiber and taste a lot better. The cereal that has the most fiber is All Bran, I haven't tried it yet, I think it will be horrible, but we will see. Also you can find bread that has upwards of 50% that tastes really good. And then just little things. I am eating lots of nuts. All fruit jam with added fiber. All sorts of stuff. So it is all going well. I need to work at getting more protein, and more fruit. I started buying fruit, but it is hard, and expensive.

It is sad to see Northridge HOSA going down. It used to be the best in the state. Mrs. Quilter just doesn't care. It is sad, but oh well.

Other than that I think things are all going pretty well here. Had interviews with the mission president last week. IT went well.

Anyways, I think I will include pictures of me at a place called Hunter's Point, the closest you can get to Manhattan that is still in our mission, and maybe a picture of me in front of PS 1, it is actually a school, but has a MoMA exhibit (Museum of Modern Art). We went last P-Day. It was way cool.

I love you all. Talk to you next week.

-Elder Miller

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