Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010


So about the whole weather being really hot. Well, that changed really quickly. The last few days have been freezing cold. But really not that bad for me, because you know me, I enjoy the cool more than the warm, so it has been alright, but the changing back and forth without warning is kind of hard and weird, but so is life I guess. Today it is raining pretty good, but the rest of the week is supposed to be sunny and warm. I don't know how I feel about that, but only like 6 more days of having to wear a suit coat, so I am excited about that.

Leandro got confirmed yesterday, so that was good. Everyone is still doing well. Javier is still good, Brother Ovalle is doing great, basically everyone is going good, so that is good. We are working with a bunch of really good people. We are hoping things go well, and maybe a few more baptisms in the next few weeks. But we will have to see. Our best prospect is this 20 year old-ish Dominican boy named Lenny. He is very intelligent, and is almost testing the church with his questions, which I love, I think more people should do that, because after testing you will be truly converted. He is doing great though.

Interviews were good, they are always about the same. He asks the normal questions that he has to. The are very unexciting actually. But I understand, he only has to do like 180 of them every 6 weeks. It would get old.

This week was another not very exciting as far as stories go week. But that is how it goes. On Saturday we had what is called a Zone Street Sweep, which is something when a bunch of missionaries from the Zone get together and go and talk to as many people as possible in an area. We did it in a train stop, and made a bunch of signs and stuff. It was pretty fun. There was a J-Dub that set up camp right next to us, and I actually went and talked to her for a good period of time. She was from Colombia and was really nice.

Okay, so here is the deal. I think I am still good on pods, I will check to make sure, I am not sure. But I am basically out of strips. I totally wasn't paying attention, but I am almost out, like 40 strips, maybe less left. Sorry for not paying attention, I will do better. So if you could try to get them in maybe the package you are sending tomorrow, that would be awesome. If i run out before I get some, I will just go buy some. I think I will be getting 2 more vials of insulin this week also, just so you know.

Well, other than that everything is going well. I love you all so much.

-Elder Miller

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