Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009


Well, it does seem the cold is back for today, it is supposed to be gone by
the end of the week though. So we'll see.

The insulin arrived nice and perfect. Thank you so much. You do not even
understand how excited I was for the girls scout cookies. Haha. And the
one was even spanish. Dulces de leche. Do you know what that means? It
means Milk Sweet. It was so cool. I am so excited to eat them, but I am
going to save them for a special occasion.

I will try out the syringes and see what I can do. ALso a reminder for when
you send the hyblicins, I want just a handfull of plain syringes, if you
could. Thanks so much.

So just clarifying, you don't want me to send back the boxes? Can you get
more? Just want to make sure.

As far as the scary areas, they are a normal part, but we don't go there too
often, just because it is far away and takes a lot of time. Just wait, in a
few transfer I will probably get transfered to East New York, and in that
area there is Brownsville, which is the most dangerous princinct in America,
or I could get transferred to Jamaica, which in that area is the place where
the rapper 50 Cent got shot like 7 times. SOrry, I will stop telling you
these things, I won't scare you anymore.

I still can't get over the fact that Sterling is already home, it really
seems like he just left, well, it still feels like I just left, so. . . .

It does sound like everyone is doing pretty good. I've been doing alright.
I got a little stomach virus the last few days which was no fun, but I
finally broke down and bought some antacid and was drinking it like soda
(exaggerating of course, I was taking the doses I was supposed to) and it
helped a lot, so I feel pretty normal and good now.

So things are going about as normal. I am still struggling with my
companion, but it is only one more week, so I just have to get through that
and move on to whatever the next stepping ston is.

So I came up with another thing to ask of you, go figure. Sorry for always
asking for things. But I got a good one. A yoga mat, and a book on Yoga
moves. It would be so nice for morning exercises. So anways, just a

Things are about the same as always, nothing really cool happened this week,
just the normal. I love you all so much.
I will talk to you later.

-Elder Miller

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