Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3, 2009

Hey Mom,

So another week is up and gone. It is crazy how quick they go by. You know
what else is really crazy? It is March. I'm not really sure when that
happened, but time is going by way too fast. It still feels like last
August, anyways.

Things are going good. We are in a storm right now. It snowed about a foot
last night, so that is pretty lame. I like snow, when I am not a
missionary, I get to sit at home, maybe watch a movie, maybe with a girl,
just kidding, but as a missionary, there are few things worse than snow. It
is not so fun to truck through. The high is supposed to be like 20 today,
but by Sunday it is suppose to be 58. Crazy New York weather. It doesn't
make any sense. You need 8 coats one day, and you want to be in shorts the

So this week nothing too exciting happened. We just taught normal lessons
and such. I am still trying to get used to the area and find our where I am
all the time. The other day we were out on Coney Island, and I saw the
Nathan's Stand, I'll have to make it a point to go on a P-Day or something
and get a hotdog, so I can say I've had one from the original stand.

Oh yeah, you asked if I knew any Chinese. I know enough to do a street
contact, and bare a brief testimony, it is a very strange language. Haha.
It is kind of funny, all of the time I will get people on the street walk up
to me and start talking to me in Chinese, because I am a white teenager with
a suit and a nametag, and sense most of the missionaries in the area speak
chinese, they think I do too. It is funny.

One thing I really realized this week, English is a very hard language, not
that I didn't know it before, but I was teaching English class about the
past tense. As far as how the verbs conjugate, about half of English verbs
are irregulars in the past tense. That is a joke. That is half of the
verbs that you just have to memorize, there is not other way to learn them,
they don't follow any rules. What a pain. It was fun to try to explain it
to all the students. Haha.

The economy is making things hard right now. We have one investigator who
is ready to be baptized, but he works on Sundays, and he can not find a job.
It is just impossible. It makes things so hard. He actually had me write a
letter in English to give to his boss to see if there was any way he could
at least have a few hours off on Sundays to go to church, he has asked
before, but he just wants to give it one last try. So I wrote a letter out,
and he should have given it to his boss yesterday, so pray for him that that
will work out.

Lets see, other than that, nothing too exciting happened, just normal stuff.
We got flipped off, had a couple crazy people run up to us and talk to us,
things like that. Nothing exciting.

Well, that is my week, things are going pretty well, still working to keep
my companion going, it is hard, but I'll do my best, if worse comes to
worse, it is just one more month. So, I'll just keep it going. I love you
all. Talk to you later.

-Elder Miller

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