Monday, March 9, 2009

March 8, 2009

So you know how it was freezing and snowing last week? This week it is hot and raining. Haha. Yesterday it was like 68 degrees or something crazy like that. What a crazy place New York is.

Ok, let's see, some things before I forget. If you could send me some hybiklins sometime, that would be sweet. Also a few syringes. I realized I only have 2 or so, and thought that is probably not a good idea for 2 years. Haha. Also, see about this. You know how you said if there are any big big emergencies that I could go and get stuff at Wal-Mart, and they could probably look up my prescription? Well, abou that, there is like one Wal-Mart in all of New York, and it is all the way out on the Island, like way out there. New York is not a Wal-Mart place at all. So if you could maybe get the prescriptions sent to a Walgreens, Rite Aid, or a Target, just for emergencies, that would be sweet. I don't know how that works, but if they could have it on file, those are the places that there are a lot of in New York.

Okay, as far as an appointment. I talked with the mission doctor, I got a prescription for an A1C test, so now we are just looking for a doctor, maybe you could talk to Jon and Brett or something and get some names I could give to the office to arrange one. That is where I am at. Thanks.

Okay, also, I know this is random, but if you could get me the Hamilton's Address, like Matt's family, that would be sweet. It should be in Heidee's school directory, look under Julie Hamilton. Thank you.

I got the hair clippers and used them already. :) Thanks so much. I am going up to the mission office today to get the pods, hopefully they are there, because if not it will suck, because it is like a 1:30 trip. But oh well. As far as insulin goes, I assume you are doing it over night. Please send it as soon as you can. It makes me nervous only having a vial and a half. And when you send it, you can call the mission office, you will want to talk to Elder Rencher. Tell him that you are Elder Miller's mom, you are sending insulin, and he will expect it, and when it comes, he said he will bring it down to me. So that's the deal on that. Awesome, you are the best.

Okay, for some good stories.

So on Wednesday I was on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders. We were down in Coney Island in one of the Projects (government housing) because we got a media referal from down there. The media turned us down, saying she didn't ask for any video. Anyways, when we walked into the building, I looked around for a bit, turned to Elder Checketts, and said, "If my Mom knew I was in places like this, she would make me come home." Elder Checketts said back, "My Mom would too." And laughed. There was not a wall in the building that didn't have graffiti on it, it reaked of all sorts of smells, and was just a bad place. Pretty scary place. So just so you know, I am in scary places somtimes trying to teach the gospel. We knocked quite a few doors in the building, since we were already there, got swore at a lot, saw a lot of scary big gang type people, it was really fun.

I right now can say a bit in Chinese, Korean, and ASL, and I am going to try to learn a little Russian. It is crazy how many people are from so many different places. I have learned how to say hi in about 20 languages.

Lets see, any other cool stories for the week. It was a pretty good week. Things are going alright with my comp, it is really hard, and I am sure it will be until the end, but it is only 3 more weeks.

Well, I will let you go for the time being. I love you so much. Thanks for everything you do. Until next week. I love you.

-Elder Miller

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