Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30, 2009

Hey Mom,

Health is fine again, so I am all good. The weather is getting a little
better too.

Haha, Mom, you are the best. I can't believe you already got me a yoga mat.
You rock.

I ate all of the Dulce de Leche, they were really good. I enjoyed them so
much. I am about half way done with the thin mints. Haha. Having food
around usually isn't a good thing, I'm always hungry.

Oh, I thought I told you about the new mission president, whoops, must have
not. Yeah I found out a few weeks ago. He was the CEO or something of IHC.
He seems like he should be good. It will be weird to have a new mission

Not Jamaica the island, there is a place in New York City called Jamaica,
like right now I am in Dyker Heights, earlier I was in Flushing, Jamaica is
another part of the city. So not the island. Just Bermuda. We do have a
missionary serving here that is from Jamaica though, the island, and he has
the cool accent.

So tomorrow are transfers. We got our transfer calls yesterday though.
Obviously, my companion is going home, haha, and then both of the sisters
are leaving, and a sister is coming in and is going to be training a new
missionary. And as for me, we will find out tomorrow. SO it will be weird,
out of the whole district, I will be the only one that isn't new. Crazy.

I don't want to be mean towards my companion or anything, but it is going to
be a big relief tomorrow getting a new one. I hope I really get a hard
worker, someone to get me back in the zone. There actually is a chance that
an old AP will come down, that would be really nice, it would be his last
transfer too, but he vowed to work his hardest his last transfer, it would
be so nice to have him, but obviously there are hundreds of possibilities on
who my companion could be, and that is just one, so I will let you know next
week who my companion is.

Okay, lets see, what cool stories. So yesterday, guess what I had for
dinner? Taco Salad, haha. It was so cool, because it is like your
favorite, and then it was a real hispanic taco salad. It made me think a
lot about you. They don't call it taco salad though, they called it
tortilla loca. Haha. Crazy tortilla. So maybe you will have to start
calling yours that.

Not too much exciting has gone on. I am excited for the next couple weeks,
because the 2nd Counsel in the Bishopric asked me if I had any ties I didn't
use that I could donate, so people in the ward that don't have any could
have one, and I gave him like 10 I grabbed real quick, and told him I could
get him more, anyways, I am really excited to start seeing the ward members
walking around with my ugly ties. Haha. It will be great.

Anways, I think things are going to start going really good. I am really
excited for the spring/summer. Coney Island I have heard is crazy in the
summer. It will be cool. Heck, maybe I will be here until the hot dog
eating contest, I'll just enter and win. Haha. JK.

Well, I better get going. I miss you a lot, not too much, just enough. I
love you all so much, and I will talk to you next week. There will be a lot
of new news next week.

Les amo mucho, y te amo mama.

-Elder Miller

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