Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16, 2009

Howdy Hey Hey,

So today the weather is like 55 I think, really humid, really hot feeling.
The weather is so crazy. I actually have already put my short sleaves to
use, there has been some hot days, where you just have to put a short sleeve
on under my suit. Starting the week after General Conference we don't have
to wear our suits every day, only on Sundays and for big meetings, so that
will be really nice, my suits have already about had it, haha, I am getting
really good at stitch work, so it will be good on them not having to be worn
every day.

Okay, so the insulin we be here on Wednesday or Thursday then, right? I
hope that is the case, because that will be perfect, if the office doesn't
call me (I told them to) I will call them on Wednesday or Thursday, and make
some arrangements to get them, whether that be them bringing it down to me,
or me going and getting it, we'll see. But that sounds great. :) You are
the best.

I have got one package from Amazon, well 2 if you incluyde the hair
clippers. You are again, the best.

I am not sure exactly how the A1C is going to work out, I am working on it,
but I do know one thing, Missionary Medical will not cover these, because
they are preexiting conditions, but our insurance should, I think, so maybe
when you find some referalls, you could find out if they take our insurance,
and then I don't have our insurance card, so, I would assume you will need
to send me one??? I don't know, I am new to all of this stuff. Anyways, let
me know, you are the expert.

So far I have just used the hair clippers once for myself, I think I am
going to try to keep in mostly that way, because when you use them a lot,
they wear out, and I want to keep them nice to cut my hair nice. Not all
missionaries cut their own, actually only a small percentage cut their own,
some go to barbers shops, which i don't like because it costs money, and
then a lot of missionaries have other missionaries cut there hair, or
something get members to. I have cut like 8 missionaires hair so far.

I got the pods on Monday. Thanks so much again.

Haha, I knew the stories would make you a little edgy. Even though I am in
a lot of questionable places, I would never do anything to cause problems,
and as long as you are smart, nothing will happen. When you are being dumb,
like being in scary places when it is dark, or stuff like that, that is when
problems happen, and I don't get in those situations.

I am not sure if Wai Pan ended up going, I know it was close, then a yes,
then a no, then I didn't hear, so I am not sure.

Wow, Chris is enjoying his early days, those first few weeks are so weird.
Maybe if you get me his address I could send him a letter, in spanish, haha,
it would be cool.

Sterling is already back? That is crazy, it was just barely his farewell,
wow. Time goes by way too fast. On Friday I was sitting in District
Meeting and thinking, and I was like, wow it is Friday the 13th, that is
cool, and then I was like, wait, 13th, I know that date, and then it hit me
I had been out for 7 months. I don't know how that happened. It feels like
I have been out for a day, not 7 months. It freaks me out.

Okay, so cool story for the week. On, um, I think it was Thursday, we
something play some basketball with people from the area, get some
fellowshipping, with members and non-members, well the members and
non-members always play, something we play as missionaries, once every
couple weeks, anyways, we were playing three on three, our time was me, my
companion, who is a bigger, shorter, hispanic, so not too great at
basketball, and then a member kid who is 18, and very clumsy. The other
team was 3 20ish year old Brooklyn kids, I don't know if you can picutre
brooklyn kids, but tougher looking kids, and me and my companion were in our
tie and all, and we were playing, and then a bunch of other people came, and
they were getting kind of impatient, they wanted to play, we were playing to
15, and they asked the score and they said, It is 8 to 10, and so the people
waiting were like, just go to 11 so we can play, and then they responded,
not it is 10 them, and everyone freaked, haha, and we kept playing, and we
ended up beating them 15 to 12, it was so funny, all of the hard core
brooklyn people were freaking out that they lost to two guys in ties and a
small kid. It was so funny.

So I found out yesterday that 2 people that we were working with in Flushing
are getting baptized this Sunday, it is so cool. And then the converts
Anthony and Ismeldy, they are getting interviewed for temple recommends to
do baptisms for the dead this week. It is so crazy. It makes me so happy.

Well I think that is about it for this week, I can't think of too much else
really exciting. Things are still hard with my comp, but oh well, all I can
do it try to work and keep a smile on, so. I love you so much and
everything you do. You really are the best.

-Elder Miller

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