Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009

Hey Mom,

So another week has gone and passed in Jamaica New York. I have already
been here for 3 weeks, it is pretty crazy. I am finally starting to kind of
like it though. I didn't like it at first. I just really missed Dyker
Heights. I was really looking forward to serving there for a while longer.
But Jamaica is growing on me.

Yesterday we had a lesson with a guy we found named Jorge. We taught him
about the Plan of Salvation, and we had already taught him the Restauration.
So it was our second lesson with him. He accepted it very well. At the end
we ask him if he would be baptized. He said yes, but he wanted to wait to
set an actual date. So pray for him that he will set an actual date. I am
very excited for him.

Transfers happen every 6 weeks, but you don't always get transfered. Here
is how my mission has gone.

12 weeks with Elder Wahl in Flushing
6 weeks with Elder Powell in Flushing
6 weeks with Elder Hernandez in Dyker Heights
6 weeks with Elder Heiner in Dyker Heights
3 weeks so far with Elder Zimmerman in Jamaica

That is sad to hear about Pres. Bankhead. He was a great man.

Last week was a pretty slow week. But we are continuing to work really hard
and try our best, and the Lord will take care of the rest.

So here are a couple interesting things that have happened in the last week.
On Sunday I had to give a talk. I spoke on the Restauration and the
Atonement. It went pretty well. Want to know something else really crazy.
I played the piano for the first two Hymns. Haha. I only played the top
hand, because I am only capable of playing both hands for like 2 hymns. But
I thought it was pretty funny that I played, since I don't play the Piano.

So just so you know a little bit more about everyone, in my district there
are just 4 Elders. Me, My comp, and then there is Elder Lee and Elder
Paulson. Elder Lee is the district leader and he has been out for about 15
months. He is Chinese, born in america, but it is really funny to watch him
talk to people with him, because they think it is really weird for a chinese
person to speaking spanish. I get along with him really well, probably the
best of everyone I leave with. Then there is his comp, Elder Paulson who is
a new greenie, Elder Lee is his trainer. He is pretty dull. Just a normal
person. He graduated in 08 which is really weird. It makes me feel old.
Then we live with the Zone leaders who are Elder Johnson and Elder Wiggins.
They are both pretty cool.

Our church is actually the second floor of food market. They have plans to
build a building, and they even already own the land and everything, but the
church says they won't build it until the percentage of members paying a
full tithe goes to a higher percentage.

I am going pretty good. No complaints right now. Today we are going to go
to Hunter's Point for a Zone Activity and have a little BBQ, so that should
be fun.

Well, I better get going, so I will talk to you later. I love you. I will
get the Rite Aid address ASAP.

I love you.

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