Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009

Hey Mom,

So transfer calls were last night. It was almost unexpected what happened.
But don't get scared. The whole district is staying the same. We figured
at least one was moving, but even possibly two. But no one is leaving, so
it staying the same. The Zone Leaders are changing. Elder Speirs is coming
to be Zone Leader in Jamaica, for his last transfer, so he will live with me
for 6 weeks.

It sounds like your trip was fun. I miss being able to do some of those
things, like camping. But oh well. No biggie.

So last week was as really ruff week. It rained almost every day, I think
it actually did every day for at least a little bit. Most days it was like
rain storms though, like you could almost go swimming. Haha. It is weird
how much things change being on a mission. Home, rain was by far my
favorite weather. As a missionary it is my least favorite, but oh well.

Yeah, it's hard to get rid of the bed bugs, it has been different to be
living somewhere, that is so "dirty". We always joke that when we go home
everything is going to be so nice we aren't going to know what to do with
ourselves. Even small houses will seem huge, everything will be so clean.
Houses the size of yours would have at least 6 families living in it,
probably more, depends on what part and how well off the families are.

I will get that box to you soon. I just keep forgetting, and the post
office isn't in my normal path, so it doesn't cross my mind, but I will make
sure to get it to you soon. :)

Today we are off to play some handball. I had never heard of it before me
mission, I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I am in love with
it. It is huge in New York, every park here has handball courts. It is
very similar to raquetball, but instead of a raquet, you use your hand.
Haha. There are a couple other different rules, but it is so fun. I will
try to get some pictures playing, and send them to you so you can see what
it is like. I play it most P-days.

We are looking forward to a really good week this week. We have a few
people who are looking good, and we recently got a couple member referals,
and those are always great. Members refs are golden. So I'm excited for

Well, I better get going pretty soon. I love you so much. I will talk to
you next monday. Love ya.

-Elder Miller

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