Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30, 2009

Hey Mom,

Sorry for having to wait for today, but the e-mail was not working. It was
very frustrating, there was like 12 misionaries here at the library, and all
of us were like, what is up, how come the server is down. Of all days for
it to be down, P-Day. Haha. Anyways.

That apartment is about he same as it has been the last 6 weeks. Since it
has been getting warmer it almost seems like more roaches are moving there
way in. We try our best to kill them off though. But most of the time it
is in vaine.

It has not rained for about 2 days now, so it has bene nice, but it is
supposed to start raining again i heard, and continue through the week. It
is weird how much it has been raining.

Yeah, crowded has become a whole new meaning for me. The apartment I am in
now has 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a small kitchen. In our bedroom we
have desks, so we can study, that take up more room. And there are 6 people
living there. No other rooms. No entry rooms, hallways, nothing. And it
is a little bit bigger than the first apartment I lived in when I was in
Flushing, which also had 6 people in it. We have an investigator that lives
in this house, they live on the first floor, so it is about the same size as
our main level, with the kitchen and stuff. In that area there are 3
families. It is crazy how different life is for them.

I will not send the box. It is really funny, because I was almost litteraly
just going to send it. As for supplies I think I am doing pretty well, I
will get and exact count for you next week. I think I still have 2 tubes of
test strips left, but I will get the exact for you. Insulin I believe I
have at least 3 vials.

Yesterday I played handball for about 5 hours. I was, and still am so
tired. My shoulder hurts so bad. I think some other misionaries got some
cool pictures, so I will see if I can get ahold of them, and send you them.

Last week was pretty good. A little slow at times, not too many people
wanted to here from us, but it still went pretty well. Talked to some
really nice people, and saw a little progress with people we are working

So just a quick kind of funny story. I was in the park last night, went
around talking to some people about the gospel, no one was interested in
listening to me. Finally I got one guy who said he could talk for a little
bit. I began to teach him about prophets, how Christ established his
church, the falling of the church, the basics, then I talked a little about
Joseph Smith, how he was confused, how he read Santiago 1:5, then he went to
the grove, prayed, and right when I was going to talk about the first
vision, we were surrounded by drunks and they started talking to us.
Offered me some food, turned them down (half eaten beef tortilla's from
drunk people, not my favorite food), the one drunk guy mentioned he hadn't
seen me in a while (we see him a lot, don't ever talk to him) and such. I
asked the guy I was teaching if he knew them, he said yeah. Kind of
finished up me teaching and ran away from the drunkards. haha. It was so
crazy. Understanding drunk people in spanish is kind of hard, they mumble a
lot, I mean, it is hard to understand drunk people in english for me, so
when you add spanish in, haha.

So today is Pres. Bennion's last day. It will be weird to have a different
one. The whole mission is going to the mission office tomorrow to meet
Pres. Nielson. It will be nice to get to meet him, and it will also be nice
to see some of the missionaries I haven't seen in forever.

Okay, so I have a proposal. I just started reading the Book of Mormon in
Spanish on Sunday, from cover to cover, because I have not read the Spanish
one cover to cover yet. So this is for all of the family, You, Dad, Sandee,
Heidee, Kadee and Jim, if you can tell all of them. I am proposing a race.
All the rest of you in English, unless you want to do Spanish, haha. But
whoever finishes first I will get a prize. If I win, well, I don't know, I
guess you all owe me a prize. Just kidding. But I think it will be fun, it
will get everyone motivated to be reading there BOMs. So if I finish first,
everyone will have 2 days to finish, since I started first, just to make it
fair. But if I finish more than 2 days earlier, I win. And I want all of
you to send me an e-mail every Sunday night, so I get it on Monday, saying
where you are at. I, en turn, will email where I am at on Monday. Okay.
Deal? So will you let everyone else know, ASAP? Ready, set, let the
reading begin.

Well, I better get going. I love you all so much. Talk to you next Monday,
and I am excited to see how far you get in the BOM.

Love ya bunches.
-Elder Miller

email Debbie if you are interested in participating in the challenge

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